Explore Bakirkoy, Istanbul: Best Things to Do, See, Dine Guide

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Discover the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul with our local guide. We’ll explore the secrets of this beautiful district along the costal road to Yesilkoy, including the best things to do, attractions, historical sites, museums, places to see, eat, drink, stay, restaurants, shops, transportation information and give you all the info you need to plan your visit.

About Bakırkoy

Bakirkoy is a vibrant district known for its lively life, culture, and commerce. Located on the European side of Istanbul and along with neighborhoods like Yeşilköy, Florya, and Ataköy, Bakirkoy is one of Istanbul’s valuable regions.

Bakırkoy stands out as a district that combines historical and modern elements. Situated on the coast of the Marmara Sea, Bakirkoy boasts a highly advantageous location in terms of transportation. This district, easily accessible by metro, metrobus, and sea transportation, offers an ideal escape for those looking to get away from Istanbul’s heavy traffic.

Dating back to the Byzantine period, Bakirkoy was known as Hebdomon in those times. During the Ottoman era, Bakirkoy was a historic district where Sultan Abdülhamit II was deposed. Today, Bakirkoy is one of Istanbul’s important meeting points with its beautiful coastline, vibrant life, high living standards, charming streets, cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers.

Bakirkoyis also full of shopping centers, parks, and cultural venues. Özgürlük Meydanı (Freedom Square) in the center of the district is a frequently preferred area for social events and festivals. The old buildings reflecting the historical texture and modern structures of Bakırkoy give the district a unique character. In short, Bakirkoy offers attractive options for both history enthusiasts and those who want to enjoy modern city life.

Things to Do, Places to See

Istanbul Bakirkoy offers many places to visit and activities with its historical and cultural richness. Özgürlük Square, a symbol of Bakirkoy and lively at all hours of the day, is a meeting point for those who come to Bakirkoy. Ebuzziya Street, a pedestrianized street that descends to the coast from in front of the Bakirkoy Municipality, is worth seeing with its cafes, dining venues, and shops offering various shopping opportunities.

Özgürlük and Cumhuriyet Square

Located in the heart of Bakirkoy, Özgürlük and Cumhuriyet Square (Freedom and Republic Square) is one of the district’s most important meeting points. The square, named after the founding values of the Republic of Turkey, symbolizes social unity and independence. Especially on weekends and special occasions, events, concerts, and festivals held here bring the square to life with a vibrant atmosphere.

With its spacious area and seating areas, Özgürlük and Cumhuriyet Square provide a place for both locals and visitors to relax and enjoy themselves. The cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers around the square offer various amenities to visitors. The square, which also has playgrounds and walking paths for children, is a pleasant stop for people of all ages.

Ebuzziya Street

One of Bakirkoy’s busiest and most lively streets, Ebuzziya Street is a popular spot for shopping enthusiasts and travelers. The street is lined with shops of local and international brands, boutique stores, and various cafes and restaurants. Ebuzziya Street, which offers a wide range of products for those who want to shop, also stands out with its historical and cultural texture.

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The historical buildings and modern structures along the street showcase the connection between Bakırkoy’s past and present. As you walk along the street, you encounter a different atmosphere and vibrant lifestyle at every corner. Ebuzziya Street offers a delightful and rich route for those seeking both shopping and cultural experiences.

Bakırkoy Botanic Park

Known as Bakirkoy’s green paradise, the Botanic Park is a unique escape for nature lovers. With its extensive green areas, colorful flower gardens, and various plant species, the park provides visitors with a peaceful and relaxing environment. Especially in the summer, the pond and waterfall in the park offer a refreshing atmosphere.

The Botanic Park is not only ideal for relaxation but also for those who want to learn about nature and plants. The park, with its playgrounds and walking paths for children, is also a place where families can have a pleasant time. The park features statues themed around Atatürk and children, 11 thematic gardens, children’s play areas, and social facilities.

Yeşilköy Coast Park

Yeşilköy Coast Park is a perfect place for those who want to relax and spend time with the magnificent view of the Marmara Sea. With its extensive green areas, walking and cycling paths, playgrounds, and sports areas, the park caters to visitors of all ages. The soothing sound of the sea and clean air provide visitors with a chance to escape the stress of city life.

The cafes and restaurants within the park offer delicious meals with a sea view. Additionally, walking along the coast, watching the seagulls, and enjoying the sunset is quite delightful.

Yeşilköy Market

Yeşilköy Market stands out as one of the most colorful and lively markets in Bakırköy. This market, set up every week, is filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, organic products, clothes, and handmade items.

The market’s friendly atmosphere and variety offer visitors an enjoyable shopping experience. Talking with the vendors and bargaining while learning about the products is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the market. Yeşilköy Market is an ideal place for those looking for local flavors and cultural experiences in addition to shopping in Bakirkoy.

Istanbul Street

Bakirkoy Istanbul Street is one of the busiest and most popular streets in the Bakırköy district. It attracts shoppers and travelers alike. Along Istanbul Street, various shops, boutique stores, cafes, and restaurants are lined up. The stores offer products in categories such as fashion, accessories, electronics, and more, catering to all tastes and budgets. The street is ideal not only for shopping but also for socializing and having a good time.

Meryem Ana Rosario Church

Meryem Ana Rosario Church is one of Istanbul’s most important Catholic churches in Bakirkoy. Built at the end of the 19th century, this church impresses visitors with its architecture and interior decoration. The church, designed in the Gothic style, is notable for its stained-glass windows and detailed craftsmanship.

Bakırkoy İncirli Society Market

Incirli Society Market is one of Istanbul’s most popular and crowded markets. This market, set up every week, is especially a favorite spot for those looking for affordable and quality products. In the market, you can find a wide range of products, including clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. The Society Market offers end-of-season products and factory outlets of famous brands at reasonable prices. While shopping at the market, you can also enjoy various street foods and chat with the vendors.

Istanbul Air Force Museum

The Istanbul Air Force Museum is a must-visit place for aviation enthusiasts. The museum showcases the history of aviation in Turkey and the development of the Turkish Air Force. Its rich collection includes airplanes, helicopters, weapons, and aviation equipment, providing visitors with a comprehensive view of aviation history.

The museum is captivating not only for the objects on display but also for the interactive activities and educational programs it organizes. Workshops and simulations, especially designed for children and young people, allow them to gain a closer understanding of aviation.

Aqua Florya Shopping Mall

Aqua Florya Shopping Mall is a modern complex located on the coast of Florya, offering extensive shopping opportunities. Combining a sea view with shopping, the mall houses many options, from famous brand stores to various restaurants and cafes. Aqua Florya is also a popular venue for social and cultural events.

The Istanbul Aquarium, located within Aqua Florya, offers visitors an enjoyable and educational experience. Additionally, the shopping mall’s cinema halls allow visitors to watch the latest movies. The seaside restaurants provide a delightful dining experience with delicious food and stunning views. Aqua Florya is an ideal destination for those who want to combine shopping and entertainment.

Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion

The Atatürk Marine Mansion is one of the iconic buildings in Florya. Built in 1935 for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the mansion captivates visitors with its historical texture. The area where the mansion is located was Atatürk’s preferred place for resting and working during the summer months.

The mansion’s architectural design and interior decoration reflect Atatürk’s simple and elegant taste. Today, serving as a museum, the Atatürk Marine Mansion provides visitors with significant insights into Atatürk’s life.

Istanbul Aquarium

The Istanbul Aquarium is a massive aquarium housing marine creatures from around the world. With 17 thematic sections, the aquarium offers visitors the chance to explore different ecosystems and underwater life. The Istanbul Aquarium provides an educational and entertaining experience for both children and adults.

The aquarium features large marine creatures such as sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles, as well as various underwater life forms like colorful tropical fish and coral reefs. Additionally, the cinema halls and interactive exhibits within the aquarium offer visitors an unforgettable day. The Istanbul Aquarium is an ideal destination for marine enthusiasts and families.

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Florya Atatürk Forest & Park

Florya Atatürk Forest is a perfect escape for those who want to get away from Istanbul’s chaos and be close to nature. Known for its extensive green areas, walking trails, and picnic spots, the forest offers visitors a peaceful and tranquil environment. Florya Atatürk Forest is an ideal place for activities that people of all ages can enjoy.

The walking and jogging paths within the forest provide excellent opportunities for those who enjoy sports. Florya Atatürk Forest is a popular spot for Istanbul residents, especially on weekends and holidays. Spending a day here amidst nature will refresh both your mind and body.

Florya Coast

Florya Coast is a coastal strip on the Marmara Sea in Istanbul, famous for its stunning views. The Florya Coast offers visitors a relaxing and enjoyable environment with walking paths, cycling tracks, and extensive green areas. Especially at sunset, the views the coast offers are enchanting and an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts.

The cafes and restaurants around the coast are perfect places to dine and relax with a sea view. Additionally, the children’s playgrounds and sports facilities on the coast offer various activities for families and young people.

İBB Florya Social Facilities

Istanbul Municipality IBB Florya Social Facilities are located in one of the most beautiful spots in Florya, providing quality services to Istanbul residents. The facilities, spread over a wide area by the sea, offer various amenities such as a restaurant, cafe, swimming pool, and sports areas. The social facilities are an ideal place for both individual visitors and families to relax and have fun.

The restaurant at the facility offers delicious dishes from Turkish and international cuisine, while the sea-view cafe section provides a pleasant coffee break. Additionally, the swimming pool and sports areas provide excellent opportunities for those who want to have an active day.

Florya Leroz Entertainment Center

Florya Leroz Entertainment Center, located in the heart of Florya, is an entertainment center that appeals to visitors of all ages. Leroz, which includes various game areas, cinema halls, and event spaces, is especially popular among families and young people.

The Leroz Entertainment Center features specially designed play areas and activities for children. Additionally, the center offers various entertainment options for adults, making it an ideal place for anyone looking to have a good time.

Atakoy Coast

The Atakoy Coast is a region that offers a magnificent view of the Marmara Sea and is known for its wide walking paths. You can take a walk by the sea, ride a bicycle, or sit on the benches and watch the sunset in Atakoy’s calm and peaceful atmosphere. The green spaces and parks along the coast are ideal resting and activity areas for families and sports enthusiasts.

Atakoy Coast is also a popular venue for social and outdoor events. Concerts, festivals, and sports events held in the summer months create a lively and dynamic atmosphere along the coast.

The cafes and restaurants along the coast offer great options for dining and relaxation with a sea view. You can have breakfast with the fresh sea air in the morning and enjoy your dinner with the enchanting view of the sunset in the evening.

Atakoy Marina

Ataköy Marina is one of the most prestigious marinas in Istanbul. Located on Ataköy’s coastline, the marina stands out with its modern facilities and high-quality services. The serene and peaceful atmosphere of the marina is an ideal spot for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the sea.

The marina, with its luxury yachts and boats, offers an elegant atmosphere. The restaurants, cafes, and shops in Ataköy Marina provide various options for visitors. You can enjoy fresh seafood and international cuisine at the seaside restaurants or sip your coffee while taking in the calming sea view.

The Most Beautiful Neighborhoods of Bakirkoy


Florya stands out as one of Bakırköy’s most prestigious and popular neighborhoods. Located on the coast of the Marmara Sea, Florya is notable for its stunning coastal views and luxurious living amenities. The neighborhood, with its extensive green areas, modern housing projects, and renowned restaurants, is one of Istanbul’s most exclusive regions. Florya Beach, with its walking paths, bike trails, and children’s playgrounds, offers an ideal setting for families and nature lovers.

Florya also enchants its visitors with historical and natural beauties such as the Atatürk Marine Mansion and Florya Atatürk Forest.

Explore Florya


Atakoy, with its modern and comfortable living, is one of Bakırköy’s most favored neighborhoods. With its wide streets, green spaces, and modern housing projects, Ataköy is an ideal option for those seeking a peaceful and serene lifestyle. The neighborhood is also notable for its shopping centers, sports facilities, and social amenities. Particularly, Galleria Shopping Mall, Turkey’s first shopping mall, is a must-visit for shopping enthusiasts.

Ataköy Marina offers a fantastic venue for sea lovers. You can enjoy a pleasant walk among luxury yachts and boats or savor delicious meals at the seaside cafes and restaurants. Additionally, Ataköy’s parks and walking paths provide perfect areas for sports and outdoor activities.

Explore Atakoy


Yesilkoy stands out as one of Bakırkoy’s most beautiful neighborhoods with its historical texture and tranquil atmosphere. Once a small fishing village, Yeşilköy today is known for its charming cafes, boutique shops, and historical houses. One of Yeşilköy’s most famous spots is Yeşilköy Market, an ideal shopping destination for those looking for local products and handmade items.

Yeşilköy Coast Park offers a wonderful place for those who want to relax and enjoy their time with the magnificent view of the Marmara Sea. The walking and cycling paths in the park provide excellent opportunities for those who enjoy sports.

Dining in Bakırköy – Popular Spots

Bakirkoy satisfies its visitors with a wide range of dining options. Restaurants, cafes, and fast food places suitable for every budget can be easily found here. The fish restaurants along the coast, with their fresh seafood and stunning views, are especially popular for dinner.

The cafes and pastry shops in the center of Bakırköy are ideal places for breakfast or an afternoon coffee break. Particularly, the restaurants along İncirli Street offer examples from various world cuisines, catering to all tastes.

Additionally, the traditional Turkish cuisine restaurants in Bakirkoy’s famous market provide both delicious and satisfying options. In short, Bakirkoy meets the expectations of every visitor with its rich dining alternatives.

Shopping in Bakirkoy – What to Buy?

Bakirkoy offers a wide range of options for shopping enthusiasts. Some of Istanbul’s most popular shopping centers, such as Capacity and Carousel, are filled with stores of local and international brands. In these centers, you can find products in various categories such as fashion, electronics, cosmetics, and home goods. Additionally, you can enjoy a pleasant time taking a break in various cafes and restaurants while shopping.

Bakirkoy Market, attracting both locals and tourists, is another notable shopping destination. This market is known for its stalls selling fresh fruits, vegetables, clothes, and handmade products. It is possible to find fresh and organic products here.

Additionally, the small boutique shops in Bakırköy Market offer ideal options for those looking for jewelry, gifts, and handmade items.

Entertainment and Nightlife in Bakirkoy

Bakirkoy stands out as one of the neighborhoods contributing to Istanbul’s lively and colorful nightlife. Bars, cafes, and restaurants that become bustling in the evening offer various entertainment options. Visitors can enjoy live music in different venues or sip their drinks with a sea view at bars along the coast.

The cinema and theater halls in Bakırköy provide ideal venues for those seeking cultural activities. Especially the Bakirkoy Municipal Theater Yunus Emre Cultural Center attracts art enthusiasts throughout the year with various plays and performances.

Additionally, the cinema halls in shopping malls offer the opportunity to watch the latest movies. Nightclubs and pubs are among the places where the fun continues until late at night.

Accommodation in Bakirkoy – Where to Stay?

Bakirkoy offers various accommodation options, providing a comfortable stay for its visitors. The hotels in the neighborhood offer alternatives suitable for every budget and need. Luxury hotels provide service with their comfortable and modern rooms, while boutique hotels offer a more intimate and personalized accommodation experience.

Bakırköy’s central location allows those staying here easy access to other parts of Istanbul. Hotels close to public transportation options such as metro, metrobus, and sea bus make getting around very convenient. Additionally, hotels located along the coast offer a peaceful stay with their sea-view rooms.

How to Get to Bakirkoy?

Bakirkoy stands out as one of the most easily accessible neighborhoods in Istanbul. There are various public transportation and private transportation options to reach Bakırköy from different parts of the city.

The metro and metrobus provide fast and comfortable transportation to Bakırköy. The M1A Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport metro line connects Bakırköy to the city center and the airport. Additionally, the metrobus line makes it easy to reach Bakırköy from many points on the European side. It is possible to reach Bakırköy with a short minibus or bus ride from the Zeytinburnu metrobus stop.

Sea transportation is also an ideal option for those who want to travel to Bakırköy from Istanbul’s coastal neighborhoods. Sea buses departing from Kadıköy and Bostancı arrive at Bakırköy IDO Pier with a fast and pleasant journey. Additionally, the Marmaray line is another public transportation option that facilitates access to Bakırköy. With Marmaray, it is possible to reach Bakırköy from the Asian side seamlessly.

For those who prefer to use a private car, Bakirkoy is very accessible due to its location on the E-5 highway. It is possible to reach Bakirkoy comfortably without entering city traffic.

You may see the public bus routes and timetables as well as make a route/station search from the Istanbul Municipality Public Busses website. Also check the Istanbul Railway Network Map for the Tram stops and Istanbul Ferry Lines Map for ferries.

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