Top Best Bars in Istanbul (2020 Insider Guide Advice)

Last Updated on September 26, 2020

The lively night time scene of Istanbul with variety of great bars, complements the city’s rich history, cultural heritage and financial capacity.

Most of the popular bars of Istanbul are located on the European side. Istiklal Street between Taksim and Tunel offers the liveliest nightlife in Istanbul as it caters to college students and the younger crowd. The region is commonly alive with numerous bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants, as well as parties every night during the summer months and the locals are extremely friendly.

Another region for a great evening out is Kadikoy, located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. With its numerous little bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants, you can easily spend the night bouncing from one venue to the next.

Below, we gathered the best bars in Istanbul that you may spend great times with your family or friends.

Top Istanbul Bars

1. Lucca Bar – in Bebek

Top Best Bars in Istanbul (2020 Insider Guide Advice)

Located in the seaside neighborhood of Bebek along Bosphorus, the Lucca Bar serves as cafe during day, and as a lively bar in the evenings. The bar has a modern bar and bistro concept. Open btwn 10:00 (12:00 on Mondays) to 02:00.
Address: Bebek Mah. Cevdet Pasa Caddesi No:51 Bebek
Tel: +90 212 257 12 55, Web:

2. 360Istanbul – in Istiklal Street

Top Best Bars in Istanbul (2020 Insider Guide Advice)

360Istanbul is a famous roof-top restaurant, bar and night club located in 19th century apartment building overlooking the old embassy row in Beyoglu on the famous Istiklal Street. It offers 360 degrees breathe taking views of Istanbul. 360 is open for lunch and dinner, offering a twist on the modern Turkish meze fused with international cuisine and an exclusive wine selection. 360Istanbul later on turns into Club360 night club.
Address: Istiklal Street Misirr Apt. No: 163/8, Beyoglu
Tel: +90 212 251 10 42 – 43, +90 533 691 0 360

3. Balkon Restaurant & Bar – in Asmalimescit, Beyoglu

Top Best Bars in Istanbul (2020 Insider Guide Advice)

Located in the Asmalimescit, near Istiklal Street, Balkon is one of the most unique rooftop restaurant & bars in Istanbul, with an excellent spectacular view of Istanbul’s historical peninsula. Balkon offers great menus from World cuisine, with snacks and Italian pizza, as well as great cocktails. You can have your lunch or afternoon snacks & spirits, in the company of jazz & soul music. After dark, you can enjoy your evening in this cozy atmosphere on the terrace with good music and food. And later in the evening, you can enjoy the entertainment with swing, funk, 70s, 80s, soul, house, electro and funky house music.

Address: Sehbender sk. No:5 Kat 6, Asmali Mescid, Beyoglu
Tel: +90 212 293 20 52 ; +90 532 795 46 15

4. Babylon Bomonti – in Sisli

Top Best Bars in Istanbul (2020 Insider Guide Advice)

Founded in 1999 to host the very best of progressive good music in an emerging neighborhood in the heart of Istanbul, Babylon Bomonti transformed the city’s music scene and became a popular club for international and local music culture. Babylon moved to the Bomontiada Campus in 2015 to start a new cultural transformation and host its community at its state of the art and multi-purpose live performance center.
Address: Bomonti Bira Fabrikasi, Birahane Str. No:1 Bomonti, Sisli
Tel: +90 212 334 01 90, Web:

5. Ruby – in Ortakoy

Top Best Bars in Istanbul (2020 Insider Guide Advice)

Ruby is a lively club in Ortakoy with breathtaking atmosphere, dazzling Bosphorus view and unique flavors. Ruby is open every day at 17:00 and promises you a brand new entertainment experience. The evenings at Ruby are great that you may enjoy a great clubbing experience along the the Bosphorus from a waterside garden.
Address: Yıldız dist., Ortakoy Salhanesi Str. No:5, Ortakoy, Besiktas
Tel: +90 212 291 84 40,  Web:

6. Bosphorus Brewing Company – in Gayrettepe

Top Best Bars in Istanbul (2020 Insider Guide Advice)

Located on the up-skirts of Besiktas, in the Gayrettepe neighborhood, the Bosphorus Brewing Co. is a great GastroPub serves one of the best food and special drinks. TTheir beer has a special mansion and lets visitors experience the ones in UK and Belgium. Open every day from 17:00.
Adres: Yıldız Posta Caddesi No:1/1A Gayrettepe, Beşiktaş
Tel: 0 212 288 64 99, Web:

7. Backyard BackBar – in Bebek, Besiktas

Top Best Bars in Istanbul (2020 Insider Guide Advice)Backyard is situated in a fantastic gardens of the historic French Orphanage, in between the Arnavutkoy and Etiler neighborhoods of the Besiktas district. This is a lovely place overlooking the Bebek bay, where you can enjoy great food alongside refreshing drinks and cocktails. You can experience their Aperitivo hour tapas selection and enjoy cocktails or a glass of wine in the garden. And at the Backbar, you can enjoy your your drink with DJs transforming the place into a lively venue.

Opening Hours: Backyard – every day dining between 8.30 am and 11 pm; BackBar – music begins at 5 pm and goes on until 1 am, Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday, and until 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays, closed on Sundays, other days serve between 18.30 – 23.30
Address: Bebek Mah. Bebeköy Sk., No:4, Bebek, Istanbul
Tel: +90 532 131 74 04 backyard, +90 549 828 83 62 backbar

8. My Moon Karaoke Bar – in Taksim

Located in between the Istiklal Street and Tarlabasi boulevard, the My Moon Bar is the first karaoke bar opened in Istanbul, in 2004. The bar offers great night time entertainment with karaoke and parties for its visitors.
Adres: Şehit Muhtar Mah, Bekar Sk. No:14, 34421, Beyoğlu
Tel: 0 555 978 91 21, Web:

Alternative Night-time Entertainment

If you want something exciting, unique and special with lively shows, such as Turkish classical music, belly dancing, whirling dervishes, or folkloric shows, than we highly recommend the below programs:

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