2024 TOP 5 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Spain + Cost

Discover the best hair transplant clinics in Spain with this comprehensive guide. Here you can find out our experts’ review on hair transplant in Spain, along the top medical centers in Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga, including what to expect, fast facts, cost comparison, pros and cons, results, top techniques, recovery, and top clinics and surgeons.

Fast Facts: Hair Transplant in Spain

  • The health care system in Spain is known for being very good. Hair transplants are safe and done very well because of strict rules.
  • Clinics in Spain offer a range of state-of-the-art hair restoration techniques, such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), and robotic hair transplants.
  • A hair transplant in Spain can cost from €2,500 to €10,000.
  • Spanish surgeons are known all over the world for their skill. Many of them have studied in other countries and have a lot of experience with hair restoration.
  • Hair transplants in Spain are cheaper than in the US and other Western European countries. The quality of the surgery is also better.
  • Many clinics offer services in more than one language so they can help foreign patients have an easy and smooth treatment experience.
  • Spanish hair clinics are known for focusing on helping patients get results that look natural and are aesthetically pleasing.
  • From the first appointment to the follow-up care, Spanish hospitals often offer complete care packages that cover the whole treatment process.
  • Spain’s mild weather, beautiful scenery, and rich culture make it a great place for people to heal and unwind after surgery.
  • Major airports are located in cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Malaga, which makes Spain an easy place for foreign patients to get to for medical tourism.
  • Hair transplant clinics in Spain make sure their patients get trustworthy care by following strict legal and moral standards.
  • While they are recovering, patients can enjoy Spain’s lively culture, historic places, and delicious food.
  • Spain is becoming a more popular place for medical tourists looking for high-quality hair restoration services thanks to its success and new ideas in hair transplants.

What to Expect?

Spain is one of the top class and very well developed countries in the world, and so for hair transplant surgeries and hair loss treatments. The country’s high standard medical services, quality of service in its world-class clinics having the latest technology, great selection of renowned plastic surgeons, and affordable healthcare make Spain a great choice for hair transplants.

Majority of the best hair transplant clinics in Spain are located in Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga.

Spain is also famous for its World heritage site, historical places such as palaces, museums, fantastic fiestas, flamenco nights, football, beaches, and gastronomy. If you decide a hair transplant trip to Spain, than you can also benefit of the country’s best known opportunities.

Surgery & Recovery

  • Procedure Time: 6-8 hours
  • Anesthesia Type: Local anesthesia
  • Return to Work: within 2-5 days
  • Overall Recovery Time: expected within 1 week
  • Exercise: advised to wait 2-3 weeks before resuming exercise
  • Visible Results: Optimal results are typically seen in 12-15 months
  • Success Rate: over 90% in Spanish clinics

Applied Techniques

There are two main surgical techniques in the field of hair transplantation surgery. They include the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), plus Sapphire FUE But regarding the new developments, FUT technique is not preferred since the recent years.

DHI hair transplant is a new generation method in the field of hair transplantation. All above hair transplant techniques are applied in Spain.

Clinics & Surgeons

You’ll definitely find variety of world class and high class hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Spain, that has all the necessary certificates and accreditations such as ISO and JCI. Spain has about 1,000 plastic surgeons.


When you choose Spain for your hair transplant, you can expect the following results:

  • Spanish doctors are very good at making results that look natural by focusing on hairline design and density that matches the shape and style of your natural hair and face.
  • Hair transplants in Spain have a high success rate because the doctors are skilled and use modern methods. Many patients see significant, long-lasting hair growth after the surgery.
  • You can see the first signs of growth two to three months after surgery, but the full effects of the transfer usually become clear nine to twelve months later, as hair density continues to rise.
  • In Spain, patients are very happy with their care because they get expert care, use cutting-edge techniques, and have individual treatment plans.


In Spain, recovery from a hair transplant is a very important time, and getting the right care can have a big effect on how well the operation goes. In general, the healing process looks like this:

  • The first few days after surgery are very important for healing. Clinics in Spain give thorough instructions on how to take care of yourself after surgery. These instructions may include how to sleep, bathe, and deal with any pain or swelling.
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Most clinics set up follow-up appointments to check on the patient’s progress, remove any stitches if they were used, and talk about any worries. These appointments are very important to make sure the best result.
  • For the first few weeks after the operation, patients are told to stay out of direct sunlight, do not do any activities that are too hard on the scalp, or do anything else that could stress the scalp or move the grafts.
  • Healing Time: Everyone heals at a different rate, but most people can go back to their regular lives in one to two weeks. It might take a little longer for the wound to fully heal and stop flaking or turning red.
  • Post-Operative support: Many Spanish clinics offer ongoing help and advice on how to take care of your hair and scalp so that the results of your transplant last longer and look better.

Additional Considerations

  • Scalp Sensitivity: Some patients may feel numbness or sensitivity in the treatment areas, but this usually goes away on its own over time.
  • Temporary Shedding: Hair that has been transferred will usually fall out in the first few weeks. This is a normal part of the process, and new hair will grow in after that.
  • Long-Term Care: To keep the effects of your hair transplant, you should live a healthy life, take care of your hair properly, and do what your surgeon tells you to do.

Healthcare System in Spain

Healthcare system in Spain is a good one. You’ll find world class and quality hospitals in the country. The National Health Service of Spain has a good network of hospitals and clinics. Private healthcare is also available along the wide range of private hospitals and clinics, but they can be expensive.

Cost of Living in Spain

Barcelona is the top city in Spain for medical and health tourism. Barcelona was ranked 75th over 227 cities in the world in the 2023 Mercer Cost of Living Survey. Cost of Living Survey is a survey that measures the costs of more than 200 items in comparison such as the costs of housing, transportation, food, clothing, house goods, entertainment and more. So we can say that Barcelona and Spain can be considered as neither expensive nor cheap.

Obtaining Visa for Spain

Spain is on the Schengen Agreement, and if you are a citizen of other Schengen member states (EU-member states), than you don’t need to apply for a tourist visa before you get to Spain. If you are a citizen of the UK, US, Argentina, Australia or New Zealand, you can also stay in Spain for maximum 90 days without a visa.

If you are non-EU citizen, than for short-stays like medical care and treatment you need to apply for a Schengen visa before travelling to Spain.

Top Hair Transplant Destinations

Spain has become one of the best places to get a hair transplant because it has both modern medical facilities and well-known surgeons. These places in Spain are known for being the best for hair restoration:


Barcelona is both a cultural and medical hub. It is the cultural center of Spain and one of the best places in the world to get a hair transplant. Its centers are known for using new methods and having a high rate of happy patients. The city has a lot of centers with surgeons who are trained all over the world and specialize in the newest ways to restore hair.


Because it is the capital, Madrid has a lot of excellent hair transplant centers. The city’s hospitals have the most up-to-date technology, and the doctors there are known for their skill. Patients can expect complete treatment plans, from the first appointment to the follow-up after surgery.

The city of Malaga

Malaga, on the sunny Costa del Sol, offers great hair transplant services and a beautiful place to heal. It’s getting more and more popular with people from other countries. The clinics in Malaga are up-to-date and provide a warm and friendly space for patients.


Valencia is known for being innovative, and its clinics offer a variety of hair transplant techniques, such as FUE, FUT, and non-surgical options like PRP therapy. The city’s warm weather and beautiful beaches make it a peaceful place to recover.


The centers in Sevilla not only do great hair transplants, but they are also in a city with a lot of history and culture, which makes for a memorable recovery. Sevillan surgeons are known for how they make treatment plans that are unique to each patient and meet their needs.


Alicante is quickly becoming a popular place for hair transplants, thanks to clinics that offer high-tech treatments at reasonable prices. The city’s international airport makes it easy for patients from other countries to get there.


In Marbella, which is known for its high-class living, you can find some of the best hair transplant clinics in Spain. VIP service and careful attention to detail are what patients can expect. Clinics in Marbella use the latest hair restoration technology to give their customers the best results.

Hair Transplant Spain Cost

The cost of a hair transplant surgery in Spain varies with the reputation of the surgeons,  clinics and hospitals, and how many grafts you’ll need.

We can say that the average cost of FUE hair transplant price at the top class Spanish clinics and surgeons is about €2,85 per graft and between €5,000-6,000. It can go up to €8,000. In addition, DHI hair transplant price is %20-25 higher than FUE.

When we compare with Turkey, we can say that Spain and Turkey has a great clinics, hospitals, surgeons and both offer very affordable and excellent hair transplant surgeries. However, hair transplant prices in Turkey seems like about 60% more cheaper than in Spain.

Top Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Spain

If you are planning a trip to Spain, already in the city or living as expat, and want to have a very well organized hair transplant, we would recommend the below Hair Transplant Clinics and Surgeons.

We gathered the list by cross work with our fellows and experts in Spain, and by taking care of many components such as the comments of both local and foreign patients, the quality of the health services, medical technology, international competence, certificates, brand value of the hospitals and clinics, as well as the training of the doctors and surgeons, the surgeries they perform, academic publications, and the awards they receive.

MedArt Hair Clinic – Barcelona/Istanbul

MedArt Hair Clinic is one of the most popular hair transplant clinics in Istanbul (Fairmont Offices L Floor, No:76 Quasar, Sisli, Istanbul), Turkey, offering quality patient services and hair treatments with the latest technologies. While they have their main hair transplant and hair restoration service in Turkey, they also provide high quality hair transplantation in Barcelona, Spain (Pg. de Sant Joan, 125, 08038, Barcelona, Spain).

The quality doctor and dedicated team of specialists in Turkey also give service in Spain homeland by request at their private hair clinic in Barcelona. A superb option for the ones who would like to receive hair transplant in Spain, by the world famous hair transplantation experience from Turkey.

The hair transplant team of Medart Hair Clinic selected according to their abilities after completing their education and internships in various clinics in Turkey and abroad. The clinic offers high quality patient services and hair treatments with the latest technologies.

They believe every single hair transplant operation is unique and they do a patient oriented hard work to understand and satisfy the expectations. They also have professional interpreters who make simultaneous translations in Turkish, English, German, Arabic, Italian and Spanish.

Hair transplant price in Spain via Medart is around €5,000, but you are also able to ask Medart arrange you a full hair transplantation package in Turkey with 40% discount including flight, all transfers, accommodation in Istanbul. Hair transplant surgeries in Istanbul are performed at Fairmont Quasar Complex, one of the most luxury and high tech clinics in Istanbul.

Note: You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get a free quote & consultation from MedArt Hair Clinic, plus 5% discount as being our website visitor.

Dr. Michalis FUE Hair Transplant Clinic Barcelona

Dr. Michalis FUE Hair Transplant Clinic (Passier de Sant Joan, 123, 08037 Barcelona, Spain) is a popular hair transplant clinic leaded by Dr. Michalis Georgiou. He is the Medical Director of his tow private clinics in Spain and Cyprus.

Upon his training in the field of hair surgery, he was appointed International Medical Clinic Director HDC Medical Trichology Centre in Cyprus. He was trained on hair restoration methods by Dr. John Cole, in Atlanta, USA and Dr. Bisanga, in Brussels, Belgium.

He than established his own private clinic in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2011, and than in Barcelona in Spain. He has been successfully performing hair loss treatments since 2003. He is also an accredited member of the ESHRS (European Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) and the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

Instituto Médico del Prado Madrid

Instituto Médico del Prado (Calle Moreto, 5 Bajo Izq., 28014 Madrid, Spain) is one of the most renowned hair transplant clinic leaded by Dr. Espinosa Custodio. All hair transplant surgeries are performed by Dr. Espinosa Custodio in his private clinic in Madrid.

He has a professional team as well. He prefers to apply FUE technique for extracting and DHI technique for implanting that are the most advanced techniques in the field of hair transplantation.

He is also member of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine, the European Organization of Hair Restoration Professional, the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME), the Medical College of Madrid, expert in Natural and Holistic Nutrition by the Vital Hygiene Institute, and specialist in Family and Community Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid.

Keep in mind that hair transplantation surgeries should be done by dermatologists, plastic surgeons or physicians with medical aesthetics medicine certificate. We recommend you consult with a clinic or doctor before making a decision.

Also bear in mind that price shouldn’t always be your guide. You can get offers with much lower cost than the average prices, but cheap treatments can cause problems and may mean that there may be some compromise in the skill of the doctor or the quality of the treatment.

Is your hair transplant clinic worthy of being on our list?
Do your patients leave reviews showcase how happy they are?
Have you received awards that showcase your surgical and artistic abilities?

If so, please contact us today to set up an interview, where will take a deep dive into your clinic and everything that makes it special.

Why Choose Spain for Hair Transplantation?

Medical skills and a pleasant environment make Spain a good hair transplantation location.

  • Medical Care: Spanish clinics follow strong European safety and quality norms to provide high-quality care.
  • Spain pioneered hair restoration treatments like FUE, FUT, and DHI.
  • Expert Surgeons: Many Spanish hair transplant surgeons have worldwide training and contribute to research and developments.
  • Spanish hair transplants are cheaper than those in other Western European countries without sacrificing quality.
  • Spain’s mild climate, natural beauty, and rich cultural experiences make it a perfect post-procedure recovery destination.
  • Many clinics take international patients and offer treatments in English and other languages for clear communication and comfort.

Pros and Cons


  • The chance to use top-notch medical facilities and see famous doctors.
  • A lot of different advanced methods for hair transplants.
  • Procedures at reasonable prices.
  • A great place to get treatment and take a holiday at the same time.
  • A lot of happy and well-cared-for patients.

Possible Disadvantages:

  • For patients from other countries, you need to think about the prices and plans for their travel.
  • Outside of medicine, there may be language barriers, even though a lot of Spanish people know English.
  • Without the right study or help, it might be hard to find your way around the healthcare system and find the right clinic.

How to Chose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Spain?

  • To begin, look into hair transplant centers and surgeons in Spain. To find out how good their work is, look for reviews, before-and-after pictures, and testimonials from people who have had it done before.
  • Check to see if the doctors are qualified and have experience. Check to see if they are a part of reputable groups like the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).
  • Make sure the center has the most up-to-date hair transplant methods and can help you decide which one will work best for you. Ask them how often different methods work for them.
  • Many clinics let people from other countries have virtual appointments. Take this chance to ask questions, talk about what you hope to achieve, and get a full picture of the process, including what to expect afterward and how to recover.
  • Pick a clinic in a place that works for you in terms of climate, ease of access, and other services nearby.
  • If you don’t speak Spanish well, make sure the clinic offers translation services or has people who can talk to you clearly in your language.
  • Find out what the clinic’s stance is on aftercare. Aftercare that covers everything is very important for getting the best results and a quick recovery.

Where to Stay in Spain

When planning your hair transplant in Spain, picking the right place to stay can make the whole process a lot better by making sure you are comfortable and at ease during your stay. You can do any of these:

  • Hotels Near Clinics: To make getting to and from your visits easier, choose hotels or serviced apartments that are close to the clinic you want to visit. Many cities have places to stay that are just for medical tourists, with flexible booking choices and calm settings that are good for getting better.
  • Short-term Rentals: There are many short-term rental choices all over Spain on sites like Airbnb. Choosing an apartment or house can make you feel more at home, and some come with kitchens where you can make your own meals, which might be better in the early days of your healing.
  • Wellness Resorts: Spain has a number of wellness resorts and spa hotels. Some of them are near the coast or nature parks. These can be great for relaxing and healing, with a variety of health treatments that can help your rehab (as long as your surgeon agrees).
  • Boutique Hotels: If you want a more personalized experience, boutique hotels in Spain often mirror the culture and architecture of the area, making your stay both unique and comfortable.

What Else Is There to Do and See in Spain?

You can take it easy and enjoy your recovery time in Spain, which has a lot to offer in the way of cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and lively cities.

  • Art museums like the Prado and the Reina Sofía in Madrid and Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia and Park Güell in Barcelona are just a few of the many cultural sites that can be found in Spain’s cities.
  • Spanish food, like tapas, paella, and local drinks, is a joy to try. Offering a taste of Spain’s varied food culture, each area has its own unique dishes.
  • To learn about Spain’s long history, you can visit its many UNESCO World Heritage sites, like the Alhambra in Granada, the historic center of Córdoba, and the old city of Toledo.
  • The shopping districts in Spain’s cities are full of life, with a mix of foreign brands and handcrafted goods from the area. Go on shopping trips at your own pace or just stroll through cute areas.
  • Depending on when you come, you may be able to see and participate in local festivals and events that teach you about Spanish customs and heritage.

Get a Free Quote / Book Your Hair Transplant in Spain

If you want to get a quote with free consultation from the clinics, doctors and surgeons we recommend above, than please fill out the form below.

Upon submitting the form, the medical and administrative teams will contact you within an hour and provide you all the details for your treatment with price info.

Note that when you book your hair transplant via the form below, you’ll also get 5% discount for being our website visitor.

Spain Hair Transplant Request Form


    What is the success rate of hair transplants in Spain?

    The success rates at hair transplant clinics in Spain are very high, often reaching 90%. The country's use of cutting-edge technologies and methods, along with the skill of world-class surgeons, is what makes it so successful. People who go to Spain for hair restoration can expect long-lasting effects that look natural.

    Who are the leading hair transplant surgeons in Spain?

    Spain is home to many well-known and respected hair restoration doctors, like Dr. Rafael de Freitas, Dr. José Lorenzo, Dr. Espinosa Custodio, and Dr. Michalis Georgiou who have worked with people all over the world and are dedicated to doing the best job possible. People praise these doctors for coming up with new ways to treat their patients that are both effective and personalized.

    Where are the top hair transplant clinics located in Spain?

    Most of Spain's best hair transplant clinics are in the country's big towns, like Madrid, Barcelona, and Malaga. These clinics are famous for their cutting-edge technology, advanced treatment choices, and excellent patient care, which is why people from all over the world want to go there.

    Why choose Spain for your hair transplant procedure?

    Spain is a great place to get a hair transplant because it has great medical care, new treatment choices, and is also a very beautiful place to visit. Spain offers world-class surgery along with the chance to heal in a country famous for its rich culture, beautiful scenery, and friendly people.

    How much does a hair transplant cost in Spain?

    A hair transplant in Spain can cost from €2,500 to €10,000, based on how extensive the procedure is and what method is used. Spain is still a good choice for many because it offers high-quality services at prices that are comparable to other top countries.

    What advanced hair transplant technologies are available in Spain?

    Clinics in Spain are the leaders in hair transplant technology. They use cutting edge methods like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), and robotic-assisted hair transplantation. These tools make sure that procedures are as painless as possible, that patients heal quickly, and that the results look good.

    Will I need to speak Spanish to undergo a hair transplant in Spain?

    Not all the time. A lot of the best hair transplant centers in Spain take care of patients from other countries and offer services in English and other languages. This makes sure that patients from all over the world can get care without any problems related to language.

    How can I ensure the best results from my hair transplant in Spain?

    To get the best results, you should choose a clinic with a good reputation, carefully follow the care instructions before and after surgery, and keep your goals realistic. To address any worries and get the best results, it's also important to be able to talk openly with your surgeon and the clinic staff.

    What are the risks associated with hair transplant surgery in Spain?

    For example, you could get an infection, bleed, or end up with bad effects after a hair transplant, just like with any other surgery. These risks are kept to a minimum, though, by careful surgery, strict hygiene rules, and thorough patient evaluations in Spain's respected clinics.

    Will my health insurance cover a hair transplant procedure in Spain?

    Most health insurance plans do not cover hair transplants because they are considered cosmetic surgery. If you want to know about any exceptions or coverage choices, though, it's best to check with your insurance company and the clinic in Spain.

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