Best Surgeons for Hymen Repair Surgery (Hymenoplasty) Istanbul Turkey

Last Updated on October 1, 2021

Here you can find out all necessary information on hymenoplasty in Istanbul and Turkey, including what is hymen repair surgery, how it is done, things to consider, and the best surgeons, gynecologists and genital aesthetic centers for hymen repair surgery in Istanbul Turkey.

What is Hymen Repair Surgery (Hymenoplasty) and How Is It Done?

It is possible to eliminate such problems in the patients with hymen repair surgery, which is a preferred method for eliminating several problems that occur with the rupture of the membranous structure in the female reproductive organ.

The rupture of the hymen is usually seen with the first sexual intercourse. With the rupture of the membrane, a pinkish blood flow occurs. However, in some patients, bleeding of the hymen during the first intercourse may not be seen. This is because the hymen has an elastic structure.

Again, although some patients do not have the first sexual intercourse, bleeding of the hymen may occur due to heavy lifting and some other physical reasons. And for these reasons, it may be necessary to plant the hymen.

Along with today’s technological developments and developing treatment methods, it is possible to plant the hymen with guaranteed hymen repair surgery.

In addition, microsurgical methods are also applied during the hymen repair stage. Again, vaginal tightening applications during planting are also among the methods preferred by women.

Hymen repair surgery is also known as a bleeding-guaranteed procedure if it is performed by an experienced physician, surgeon and using appropriate methods.

Advantages of Hymen Repair Surgery in Istanbul and Turkey

Istanbul in Turkey is one of the top choices in the world for Obstetrics & Aesthetic Gynecology. The world class gynecologists, very reasonable prices, quality of service in its world-class clinics with the latest technology, quality, and affordable healthcare make Istanbul and Turkey a superb choice for medical tourists.

Majority of the medical tourists visit Istanbul and Turkey for Obstetrics & Aesthetic Gynecology from the Middle East, Gulf and European countries. The surgeons in Turkey are also one of the most popular and well-known ones in the world. Istanbul also offers world class clinics at very affordable prices for genital aesthetic operations.

Hymen Repair Surgery Prices in Istanbul & Turkey

Prices may vary according to popularity, fame and quality in doctors and centers that perform hymen repair surgery in Istanbul and Turkey. On average, it costs between 300-500 Euro.

How about Hymen Repair Surgery in Istanbul and Turkey?

If you’ve been thinking about obstetrics and aesthetic gynecology operations, you’ve been probably shocked with the costs in the EU, UK or US.

However, when you compare the costs and quality of service in the clinics in Istanbul and Turkey, you’ll definitely agree that it will be by far the most economical and practical way.

What the Clinics Offer?

Majority of the obstetrics and aesthetic gynecology clinics offer a very well planned trip with guide and consultant, including;

  • Your detailed treatment plan in Istanbul with all the logistics,
  • A comprehensive discussion with costs to your desired outcome,
  • Your accommodation plan that best suits your needs,
  • Pick-up from the airport to your hotel and the clinic, and vice-versa,
  • Your lifetime follow-up and aftercare service

Top Gynecologists & Surgeons for Hymen Repair Surgery (Hymenoplasty) in Istanbul and Turkey

If you are into gynecologists for women’s health, obstetrics, and aesthetic gynecology needs, than here is our pick of the top gynecologists & aesthetic gynecology clinics in Istanbul and Turkey.

We are Istanbul insiders and here we only suggest the proven and top rated ones with the patients’ comments.

Also bear in mind that price shouldn’t always be your guide. You can get offers with much lower cost than the average prices, but cheap treatments can cause problems and may mean that there may be some compromise in the skill of the doctor or the quality of the treatment.

Jin. Op. Dr. Burcu K. Arslan

Jin. Op. Dr. Burcu K. Arslan (Abdi Ipekci Street, Arzu Apt. No:5/1, Floor:3 Apt.No: 5, Nisantasi, Istanbul) is one of the most popular gynecologists in Istanbul and Turkey, and leads the women’s health, obstetrics, and aesthetic gynecology surgery and treatments in her private clinic in Istanbul.

Best Surgeons for Hymen Repair Surgery (Hymenoplasty) Istanbul Turkey

She graduated from Trakya University Medical Faculty and assumed the title of Medical Doctor. Afterwards she was accepted to specialize in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Cologne, Germany. Working with experts abroad, she gained unique experiences in the field of obstetrics, and aesthetic gynecology. Afterwards she continued her studies in various fields at Wayne State University in Detroit. She participated in research on the effects of VEGF molecule on IVF success in infertile patients and the comparison of follicular fluid VEGF concentrations in patients with endometriosis.

Upon the experiences she gained abroad, she received her Gynecology and Obstetrics specialization diploma from Istanbul University Capa Medical Faculty in 2005. And afterwards she established her own clinic in 2006. She +15 years of experience women’s health, obstetrics, and aesthetic gynecology.

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