Best Restaurants in Fatih (Historical Peninsula), Istanbul

Delving into Istanbul’s history, it’s easy to lose oneself in tales of sultans and Byzantine emperors, of ancient basilicas and towering minarets. Yet, in the heart of this sprawling metropolis lies a district where history is not just found in monuments, but also in the very fabric of its daily life, and indeed, its food. Welcome to Fatih, the Historical Peninsula, the city’s oldest district, and a veritable epicurean haven. Here we explore the best restaurants in Fatih district, as well as gastronomic marvels nestled within this vibrant district, from the bustling lanes of Sultanahmet and Eminonu to the quaint charm of Fener and Balat.

Covering a vast portion of Istanbul’s old city, the Fatih district is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, its food scene as varied and colorful as its history. Here, you’ll find a culinary roadmap to the city’s past and present, one that takes you through mouthwatering street food stalls, traditional Turkish Lokantas, modern bistros, and historic Ottoman-inspired eateries. The district’s wealth of eateries caters to every foodie’s whim, whether you’re yearning for a taste of classic Turkish street food or eager to sample some of Istanbul’s finest seafood dishes.

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In Sultanahmet, the city’s historic core, restaurants such as Matbah and Konyali Lokantasi serve up Ottoman-inspired dishes, offering a taste of a bygone era. The neighborhoods of Eminonu and Sirkeci are famed for their bustling food markets and seafood restaurants, where one can feast on a fresh fish sandwich right by the glittering waters of the Bosphorus. Further north, in Beyazit and Aksaray, visitors will find a plethora of kebab joints and traditional Lokantas serving classic Turkish fare.

Venturing off the beaten path towards the historic neighborhoods of Fener and Balat will reward food lovers with an array of charming cafes, homely eateries, and fusion restaurants. Nestled within these pastel-colored streets, you’ll find everything from traditional Turkish breakfast joints to restaurants specializing in regional Anatolian cuisine. Similarly, Eyup, a district known for its religious significance, also boasts an enticing culinary scene, featuring dessert shops famed for their sweet pastries and puddings.

Best Restaurants, Places Eat & Drink in Fatih (Historical Peninsula)

In Fatih, every restaurant, every street food vendor, tells a story. The district’s food and dining scene is a living, breathing testament to Istanbul’s cultural diversity and rich history, offering visitors the unique opportunity to taste their way through centuries of culinary evolution. Whether you are a seasoned food adventurer or a curious traveler looking to discover Istanbul’s culinary gems, Fatih is a district that promises a flavorful adventure with every bite. Here’s our pick of the best cafes & restaurants in Fatih (Historical Peninsula), Istanbul.

Deraliye Restaurant – in Sultanahmet

€€ · Turkish

Nestled in the heart of historic Sultanahmet, Deraliye Restaurant stands as a vivid tribute to the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire. The restaurant’s extravagant decor, with its riot of colours, immediately commands your attention and sets the stage for the culinary journey to come.

Relish delectable goose, lamb or duck kebab accompanied by spicy rice, all prepared in a traditional tandoori oven. Deraliye promises an immersive exploration of Ottoman cuisine, serving up rich, indulgent flavours in an environment that evokes a bygone era.

Address: Divanyolu Caddesi, Alemdar Mahallesi, Ticarethane Sokak No:10, Sultanahmet, Istanbul

Khorasani Restaurant – in Fatih

€ · Traditional Cuisine

Amid the multitude of tourist-centered restaurants in the Sultanahmet neighborhood, Khorasani Restaurant stands out with its unwavering commitment to quality. Despite embracing the rustic style and photo-filled menus of its peers, Khorasani distinguishes itself with a dedication to delivering truly authentic Turkish cuisine.

From mouth-watering grilled vegetables and succulent lamb to the decadently sweet katmer for dessert, every dish here is a testament to traditional Turkish gastronomy. Khorasani ensures that every bite you take is a genuine reflection of Istanbul’s vibrant culinary heritage.

Address: Ticarethane Sokak No:9, Fatih, Istanbul

Lokanta 1741 Restaurant – in Alemdar, Fatih

€€ · Turkish

Lokanta 1741 is a charming contemporary restaurant nestled right next to the historic Cağaloğlu Hamam. With its romantic rooftop terrace offering panoramic views, Lokanta 1741 serves Turkish culinary classics that have been charming palates since 1741, albeit with a contemporary spin.

Led by a skilled chef who delights in introducing unexpected textures and flavours, this restaurant nonetheless remains firmly rooted in tradition. An evening at Lokanta 1741 is a journey that intertwines past and present in the most flavourful way.

Address: Alemdar Mahallesi, Profesör Kazım İsmail Gürkan Caddesi No:34, Cağaloğlu Hamamı, Fatih, Istanbul

Matbah Restaurant – in Sultanahmet

€ · Turkish, Country cooking

Located in the shadow of the majestic Hagia Sophia, Matbah is a fascinating restaurant that presents Ottoman Palace Cuisine in a historic and elegant ambiance. Offering an unmatched journey into centuries-old recipes, it truly is a gastronomic journey back in time.

With its stately summer and winter gardens, this restaurant serves dishes reminiscent of Ottoman Sultan-era fare. Specialities such as Balli gemici Böregi, a crispy fried filo pastry brimming with seven Turkish cheeses and accompanied by juniper honey, revive historical culinary traditions. Each dish on the menu is annotated with its year of origin, bringing history alive one delectable bite at a time.

Address: Caferiye Sokak No:6/1, Sultanahmet, Istanbul

OCAK Restaurant – in Fatih

₺ · Turkish, Traditional Cuisine

OCAK takes Turkish grill dishes to the next level. Their mouth-watering kebabs and unique mezze variations, combined with an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere, create a memorable dining experience.

Here, the chef introduces a creative twist on Turkish tradition with innovative dishes like creamy hummus paired with strawberries, sorrel, and a pomegranate vinaigrette. OCAK’s chef has a knack for achieving a harmonious balance between traditional and contemporary in his adventurous combinations of bold flavours. At OCAK, curiosity is the main ingredient, inspiring a dining experience like no other.

Address: Hobyar, Mimar Vedat Sokak No:5, Fatih, Istanbul

Pandeli Restaurant – in Eminonu

₺ · Turkish, Traditional Cuisine

A visit to Pandeli Restaurant feels like stepping back in time. Nestled above the Egyptian bazaar, the restaurant’s traditional Turkish decor, blue mosaics, and historical charm are as much of a draw as its food.

The menu holds true to the traditional Turkish dishes, enticing you with the likes of grilled aubergine salad, wood-fired spicy chicken, and roast lamb served with fluffy rice. Pandeli’s commitment to time-honored Turkish cuisine, combined with its captivating setting, makes it a cherished dining destination.

Address: Rüstempaşa Mahallesi, Balık Pazarı Kapısı Sokağı No:1/2, Mısır Çarşısı İçi, Eminönü/Fatih, Istanbul

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