Best Spas and Wellness Centers in Istanbul (2023 Relaxing Guide)

Your days in Istanbul can sometimes be very exhausting as you stroll along the tourist areas, take all the attractions and sights, etc. Visiting a quality spa or wellness center can be your savior while Istanbul has good number of great spas offering the best massages, innovative new spa treatments. If you are in need of a great spa experience in Istanbul, you can read, book, relax and revitalize with our pick of great spas and wellness centers in Istanbul.

You can find a range of spa and wellness centers in about every tourist zone and cosmopolitan neighborhoods, as well as boutique day spa centers and the ones at the luxury hotels in Istanbul.

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What to Expect?

You can relax and indulge yourself at one of the many top quality spas in Istanbul.

You can refresh yourself by a range of pampering treatments such as massages, body wraps, aromatherapy, and facials with luxury body products.

Best Spas and Wellness Centers in Istanbul (2023 Relaxing Guide)

Besides the boutique spas in many tourist neighborhoods of Istanbul, you can also visit a luxury hotel spa, even if you are not a guest.

Best Day Spas in Istanbul

Indulge yourself and enjoy the world of relaxation and beauty with our pick of top therapists, best spa and wellness centers in Istanbul.

No Regrets Booking Advice

The Sanitas SPA at Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel

This Sanitas Spa & Wellness offers world-class facial and body treatments in Istanbul. It has been serving in the SPA sector for more than 20 years, and also has several international awards.

Best Spas and Wellness Centers in Istanbul (2023 Relaxing Guide)

It offers everything that you would expect from a quality spa and wellness center, with a traditional Indian, Thai, Bal, Japanese, Chinese and world messages, and of course Turkish bath and hamam experience.

Address: Ciragan Str. No:32, Besiktas, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 227 76 77


NUSPA offers high quality spa and wellness treatments in Istanbul. It operates under Mars Sportif, a sports club chain, and offers unique experiences with its total of 19 locations at MAC and MACFit clubs.

Best Spas and Wellness Centers in Istanbul (2023 Relaxing Guide)

It offers an excellent selection of massage and special care, with the motto “My breathing is heard, there is nothing in between me and my senses. ‘I’m someone else in somewhere else.”.

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You can experience and enjoy the range of therapies such as Romantic NU for couples, Traditional Thai Therapy, Aromatherapy, Nu Signature Therapy, Oriental Foot Massage, Harem NU Special, Specific Nu NuSpa.

Address: Büyükdere Str. No:185, Kanyon, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 353 09 99

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