Best Turkish Baths & Hammams in Istanbul for 2023, Prices

Hammam, also called Turkish Bath, is a traditional bath culture dating back to Ottoman Empire. It was very important ritual that represents the cleanness, relaxation, purification and social sharing during the era. It is one of the one time and unique experiences in the city. It definitely will be a unique experience, and you will be freshened up for sure. So take your time and indulge yourself and enjoy this unique experience with our pick of best Turkish Baths and Hammams in Istanbul.

What to Expect?

While this culture based on the Roman Empire, the tradition is completely associated with the Ottoman and Turkish culture. When you take this traditional attraction, you can enjoy an authentic experience, relax your muscles, rest in a steam bath, refresh your body, get peeling, lots of body massages, aromatherapy, etc.

You’ll find yourself like you are living in a palace or pavilion on that era, and experience the culture and traditional rituals in an impressive and authentic atmosphere.

The environment can be considered as you are in shrine of healing, relaxation and purification with the sprit of water. The environment inside is warm and lets your whole body and muscles relax.

When you get to the hammam, you’ll start your day with a personal care kit comes with an Ottoman style basin in gold plate, private bath gloves (“kese” in Turkish), olive oil soap and several accessories.

You can than choose from several packages and rituals such as traditional body scrubbing, relaxing bubble wash, aromatherapy massage, face masks, body care, peeling, etc.

At the end of your hammam period, you’ll definitely have a unique experience and feel yourself like a Sultan.

Turkish Bath & Hammam FAQs

How much does it cost a Turkish bath in Istanbul?

Typical Turkish Bath or Hammam in Istanbul costs around € 40.00 and it comes with admission, scrubbing, and foaming. The prices goes up if you take additional rituals like Aromatherapy, Anti-Stress Massages, Facial Masks, and Body Peeling.

No Regrets Booking Advice

Is there a difference between the name Turkish Bath and a Hammam?

There is no difference. They all have the same rituals. It is just wording.

Are the male and female sections of the bath separate?

Yes, you'll always find separate sections for women and men.

What should I bring with me when I get to Hammam?

In all hammams you are given a scrub, soap, shampoo, towel, slippers and loincloth. However, you can also bring your own stuff with you.

How it is like to be in Turkish Bath or Hammam?

When you take this traditional attraction, you can enjoy an authentic experience, relax your muscles, rest in a steam bath, refresh your body, get peeling, lots of body massages, aromatherapy, etc.

Best Turkish Baths & Hammams in Istanbul

You’ll find wide range of popular traditional hammams and Turkish baths in Istanbul. Majority of them are located at the popular tourist zones like Sultanahmet and Taksim.

Catma Mescit Hammam in Kasimpasa

Located in the Kasimpasa district, the Catma Mescit Hammam is one of the most popular places to enjoy a great hammam and spa experience in Istanbul. The historical hammam was built by Mimar Sinan in 1533, and serve its guest in its authentic ambiance.

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Catma Mescit Hammam also offers variety of services such as VIP hammam care, massage services, traditional scrub-foam ritual, spa classics, Reflexology, facial masks, vitamix mask, traditional Bali massage, ginger peeling.
Address: Catma Mescit Mah. Hayratci Sok. Nova Plaza Pera Otel No:1 Beyoglu, Istanbul
Tel: +90 542 619 05 86, Web:

Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Hammam

Located between the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, the historical Hurrem Sultan Hammam (Turkish Bath) (1556-1557) was constructed by the Architect Sinan, with the wish of the Hurrem Sultan, the famous wife of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. It is the biggest historical hammam in Turkey and was built on the site of the ancient public baths of Zeuxippus (100-200 AD).

The operating Turkish bath (separate baths for men and women) offers several hammam packages with various massage therapies and rituals. There is also an outdoor cafe and restaurant where you may have a rest during your Sultanahmet stroll.
Address: Sultanahmet Square, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 517 35 35

Cemberlitas Hammam

Cemberlitas Hammam is another popular historical Turkish bath that was constructed in 1584 by the Architect Sinan. It is situated between Sultanahmet and Beyazit, along the Divan road where tram operates.

The hammam has a double bath with 38 washing stalls and impressive architecture. You can enjoy a fantastic bath day out here.
Address: Mollafenari, Vezirhan Cd. No:8, Cemberlitas, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 522 79 74

You can book online your Turkish Bath day at Cemberlitas Hamam and enjoy this unique and authentic experience at an original 5 centuries old bath.

Book Turkish Bath at Cemberlitas Hammam

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Historical Galatasaray Hammam

Located along the alley running down across the Flower Passage, the Galatasaray Hammam (Turkish Bath) was built by Sultan Beyazit the 2nd in 1481.

Best Turkish Baths & Hammams in Istanbul for 2023, Prices

Operating for centuries, it is a great place to experience the 500 years traditional bath culture of the Ottoman Empire.
Address: Kuloglu, Turnacibasi Cd. No:8, Beyoglu, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 252 42 42

Top Selling Turkish Bath

Here, we only suggest the proven tours from our collaborators, and top rated ones with travelers’ comments. You’ll be guaranteed with the best price regarding the quality of service.

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