COVID-19 Coronavirus Istanbul Turkey: Info, restrictions, test centers

Here you can find COVID-19 coronavirus Turkey guidance and resources for travelling safely to Istanbul, including latest info, updates and travel advice.

Disclaimer: Here we try to do our best to provide you all up-to-date and accurate information. However, some Covid-19 restrictions, regulations can change rapidly, and we may not be aware of them. Therefore, you should double check the information against the official health websites that we listed below. Please bear in mind that if you act on the information we give here, you agree that this is at your own risk.

Coronavirus Turkey Resources

We recommend you to check the below official resources with travel alerts and warnings before you plan your travel to Istanbul and Turkey.

Coronavirus Istanbul Turkey: Latest Updates

  • Istanbul is currently subject to medium risk of exposure to COVID-19, Omicron variant. About all the services are available without any restrictions in Turkey.
  • As of 02.03.2022, the HES code requirement was lifted in closed areas with adequate ventilation and in public transportation. And so all trips are now available without the HES code matching of Istanbulkart and digital cards in public transportation.
  • Grocery stores, markets, greengrocers, butchers, nuts and dessert shops, gym, beauty centers, amusement and theme parks, internet cafes, theaters, cinemas, concert halls and all similar services at the workplaces are open with no restrictions.
  • See the risk group of all Turkish cities map from (at the bottom of the page – Turkish only)
  • Wearing face mask outside is NOT mandatory throughout Turkey.
  • Travelers already in Istanbul can dial the 112 emergency service within Istanbul and Turkey to get further information and emergency medical treatment.
  • If you want to take info and access the Turkish Ministry of Health COVID-19 Telephone Hotline (Turkish/English/Arabic), you can dial 184 within Istanbul and Turkey.
  • Local authorities may put additional COVID-19 restrictions with little or no advance notice.

Covid-19 PCR Test in Istanbul Turkey

If you need a mandatory request to get a Covid-19 PCR test 24-72 hours prior to your departure, don’t wanna read the whole page, trust our recommendations, and book your PCR Test online and get it at Taksim (2 mins. walking distance from Taksim Square, every day between 08:30 AM and 17:30 PM) or at your hotel/home via Private Laboratory certified by Turkish Ministry of Health, just hit the red button below and make your appointment.

Book Covid-19 PCR Test Appointment in Taksim with 5% discount

Can I visit Istanbul now?

Yes, borders are open and you can visit Istanbul and all other cities in Turkey. You should just make sure you keep yourself safe, responsible and follow the latest restrictions and COVID-secure guidelines.

However, many countries have travel restrictions in their own and you should check your own government’s guidelines and travel advice before you plan your travel to Istanbul and Turkey.

Medical treatment

If you are already in Istanbul or any other cities in Turkey and need an emergency medical assistance, use the 112 emergency service to get further information and ask for an ambulance.

You should know that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not valid in Istanbul and Turkey. So that you are advised to contact your travel health insurance company whether you are referred to a medical facility for treatment or not.

You should also check whether your travel health insurance covers treatment for COVID-19.

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  1. Hi,
    We would like to travel to turkey from 28/4/2022 to 09/05/2022.
    But we know that it is the labour day and eid holiday.
    Would like to check if the holiday will effect the tour? example like most of the tourist place/tour will be closed?

  2. Hi! We just arrive to istambul today and I wanted to know what tourist attraction is going to be open during eid al adha holidays? What can we visit from the 20th of July until the 25th?
    Thanks a lot!

  3. We’re coming on July 2 for a few days.
    Right now almost all things we wanted to see show closed. Is it true that ALL restrictions will be lifted on July 1 ?
    Mainly interested in Kiz Kulesi, Basilica Cistern and Hamam experience.

    • Hi, hookah cafes, nightclubs, Kiz Kulesi and Basilica is closed at the moment. Everything else is open including hamams.

  4. Is it all Masjid in all across Turkey cities are closed from last year until now ? I am moslem and if I want to travel between cities I was wondering can I do my praying in the masjid all across Turkey cities? Because someone told me all masjid in Turkey are closed due to COVID19 and there are no 5 obligations prayer anymore in the masjid in Turkey. Is it true ?

  5. HI ,
    Is bars are open in Istanbul now ?
    Can I have dine in inside restaurant ?
    Can I travel from Istanbul to Bodrum using domestic flights ? is it allowed ?

    • Hi, bars closed. You can dine inside restaurant. And can travel between cities with domestic flights or bus, except Sundays for now. Thanks

      • On most wolcome card options, there is the Basilica Cistern invluded as 1 of the 3 guided tours. But as you said it is closed. Is there a replacement if it is booked?

        • Hi Alan, yes you are right Basilica cistern is closed due to renovation. On all cards you mention with Basilica Cistern, they make the tour for 1001 Cistern situated close to Basilica Cis. You can see the 1001 xistern details from its official

    • Hi Zeinab, Sundays will be great for tourists as there will be less traffic and local crowd :) I recommend you visit top museums and sights in peaceful environment during the day, and maybe take Bosphorus cruise or dinner cruise in the evening. You can find good deals on and

    • Hi, night clubs are closed until further notice and nobody knows when they will be open. We expect them to be open by early or mid July maybe.

    • Hi David, well intercity travel is not available for Sunday for both locals and tourists. You need to take permit letter. It is better to travel between cities except Sunday.

  6. Hello, I will be travelling to Istambul in the middle of June.

    Is the curfew also valid for tourists, meaning we cannot freely move on Sundays?


    • Hi Marta, you can find the info on the page. Tourists are exempt from the restrictions. You can move on every day. Best

  7. Hello, I am planning to visit Istanbul next weekend. What kind of Covid restrictions are in Istanbul now? Llike is tere a curfew or anything like that? Is everythig open? Masks are madatory?
    Thank you for answer.

  8. Hello, I am planning to visit Istanbul mid June, by then I will be fully vaccinated and after 14 days from my second dose. Do I need also to provide a PCR test, Or the vaccine certification is enough ?
    Thank you :)

    • Hi Mustafa, I guess you’ll not need, but you should check the latest information on

  9. Hello,
    We are traveling to cappadocia and then from there to istanbul (by plane), we will do the pcr before leaving for cappadocia, do we need to take another pcr before traveling from cappadocia to istanbul?
    Thank you

    • Hi Joelle, the pcr test is a must for entering to your own country when departing from Turkey. And the time period varies from country to country. Some wants 24 hours before departure, and some 48 to 72 hrs. You don’t need pcr test for domestic travel within Turkey.

    • Hi Morgan, well several restrictions will be lifted from 1st of June but we will know them tomorrow night after the declaration from the government. Check the news tomorrow evening.

    • New declaration from the government will be on 31st May in the evening. We don’t expect baths will open.

  10. Hi, is the beaches open or not like in kuşadadi, çeşme etc and this restriction is followed in other cities ,Izmir and so on. Tnx

  11. Hi. I wanted to know what is expected to open after June 1st. Do you think there will be indoor restaurant dining or at least outdoor table dining?

    • Hi Afroze, well we expect restaurants and cafes will serve with 50% capacity, touristic Bosphorus cruises will operate. Actually except the dining restrictions, it is like everything is available for tourists :)

  12. Hello, I was thinking of flying to Istanbul next week. Will the big Bazar be open? Do you recommend it going to Istanbul right now or should I rather wait until June?

    • Hi Diandra, if you mean Kapalicarsi, the Grand Bazaar, yes it is open. If you are able to arrange your dates, I’d recommend you visit our city after 1st of June as more of the Covid restrictions are expected to be lifted. Best wishes

  13. I wanted to go to starbucks, but they request me to show PCR test, do i need test just to order take out food?? Taksim square starbucks

    • Hi Tomas, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops are not open for table service. They only serve take-away. They shouldn’t have asked your PCR test. Maybe they did ask HES code.

      • where can i go swimming with my wife (beach or pool?)? do you have Any suggestion?
        we just want it to be safe and clean

  14. Hi, are the touristic cultural attractions open for tourists (Aya Sophia, Blue mosque, Topkapi Palace, Bospurus boat trip)?

    • Hi Ouarda, Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque open 24 hrs, Topkapi Palace open, all museums are open (just cross check the visiting hours with the official websites), touristic Bosphours boat trips with dinner and entertainment will be available probably after 1st of June.

  15. I was wondering of restaurants, cafetarias and shopping malls remain open for tourists. So is it possible for me as a tourist to eat in a restaurant and make use of sauna and spa?

    • Hi Hakim, restaurants and cafes only give take-away services. No table service for tourists. However, restaurants and cafes at the hotels are open for table service. Saunas and spas are closed.


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