Covid-19 PCR Test in Istanbul (Book Online – Same Day Test Centers)

Are you in Istanbul and looking for how and where to get a Covid-19 PCR test to get a quick report and diagnosis of Coronavirus? You can get Covid-19 PCR, antigen or antibody, swab tests in Istanbul at several medical centers such as public hospitals, private hospitals, plus clinics, laboratories and diagnostic services, along with extensive range of many other Coronavirus related tests with results returned the same day. You can also find information on Coronavirus PCR test online booking and reservation plus price in Istanbul.

PCR Test in Istanbul FAQs

Where can I get a COVID-19 PCR test in Istanbul?

You can get your COVID-19 PCR test at:

  • Public hospitals
  • Private hospitals
  • Clinics, laboratories & diagnostic services
  • Airports

Where should I book a COVID-19 PCR test in Istanbul?

You must be symptomatic to get the COVID-19 PCR test at the public hospitals. You should also know that public hospitals would be crowded and you may not get your results not on the same day.

Private hospitals offer good and rapid COVID-19 PCR test service but you should ask the prices as some of them are taking very high prices.

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If you want a rapid COVID-19 PCR test with same day result, than we recommend you book your test at a lab. Would be less crowded and fast. Just make sure that the lab should be certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

We would recommend the Cihangir Lab situated about 2 minutes walking distance from Taksim square. You can book online and get your test whether at the lab or you can ask them to make your test ad your home, hotel or any address. Your PCR test results will be valid in 190 countries except Qatar. You can show the result from your Smartphone on the Border.

Can I get a COVID-19 PCR test at the Istanbul Airports?

Yes you can. You'll find the test center on the Arrivals floor exit gate number 14 at New Istanbul Airport, and on the Arrivals International Landside at Sabiha Gokcen Airport. It would take about 2,5 to 3 hours to get your results.

How much does it cost a Covid-19 PCR test in Istanbul?

Covid-19 PCR test at public hospitals and laboratories costs 250 TL (around €26). Prices at the private hospitals should be same but several of them take between 250-750 TL (around €26-78). Make sure you ask the prices before you get your test.

How long does it take to get the results?

Except the public hospitals, you can get your COVID-19 PCR test result on the same day.

PCR test results cover the Fit to fly Covid test result certificates?

Yes, the tests made at the majortiy of the private hospitals, laboratories and airports mostly cover. We recommend you to ask or check it before you get your test. We'd recommend Private Lab that your PCR test results will be valid in 190 countries except Qatar. You can show the result from your Smartphone on the Border.

Where can I get tested in Istanbul?

PCR Test at Public Hospitals

The public healthcare system of Turkey covers the costs of Covid-19 diagnostics tests for Turkish citizens and foreigners who resident in Turkey and were integrated to health system.

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Majority of the public hospitals in Istanbul do a PCR test but you must be symptomatic or had a direct contact with somebody who has the virus.

In addition, you’ll face a possible crowd of the locals, plus at least 1-2 hours waiting in the line.

So we don’t recommend a Covid-19 PCR test at the public hospitals in Istanbul for tourists, travelers and for the one who are looking for quick result.

PCR Test at Private Hospitals

You can take your Covid-19 PCR test at the many private hospitals in the city. Majority of them have world class service. You need to make an appointment and take your PCR test very quickly and with kinda luxury service.

They give your PCR test result in 24 hours. Also send the report to your email address. You should make sure about the prices. You can face high pricing like between 250-750 TL (around €26-78)

PCR Test at Private Clinics & Laboratories

This is another good option and our favorite. You’ll find many good laboratories and diagnostic services in the city offering fast Covid-19 PCR test services, as well as many other check-up programs and several blood tests.

We recommend this as the laboratories are only serving for diagnostics and you’ll not face crowd for daily hospital visits.

You can easily visit the labs, give your test and take your result online or on paper. You should just make sure that the laboratories should be certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Mostly paid in cash and you can get your result about in 24 hours. Both English and Turkish report is available.

PCR Test at Istanbul Airports

New Istanbul Airport

The Covid-19 PCR test center of New Istanbul Airport (IST) is situated on the Arrivals floor exit gate number 14. You can easily see the clinics (Safak Medical Group, Biotest, and TRG International Health Services) established at the airport, wait in the queue and get your PCR test done.

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It takes about at least 2,5 hours to get your results. Turkish citizens can get their results from the e-nabiz system on​

Foreign passengers can get their results printed from the information desk on location.

You can pay with credit card or cash.

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Sabiha Gokcen Airport

The Covid-19 PCR test center of Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) is situated on the Arrivals International Landside. You can easily see the clinic (Smartlab), wait in the queue and get your PCR test done.

Turkish citizens can get their results from the e-nabiz system on​

It takes about at least 2,5 hours to get your results. Foreign passengers can get their results printed from the information desk on location.

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  1. Hello, if I test positive and recover after quarantine, is there a way to get a “letter of recovery” required to go back to the US? (Ex. Doctor’s note or something saying you can go back to work or school).

  2. thank for all this info! do u know if any of these places offer a salvia pcr test? or how i might find a location that offers a salvia test.. thank u….

  3. All good. Eveything went fine, I needed the PCR test for the US. The lady spoke little english, fast results online in 5h with a qr code (or the link you receive with the booking confirmation ).

  4. Booked my PCR test before return to USA with Taksim lab, including testing at home. Simple procedure and process. Instant communication through WhatsApp, for scheduling. The lab tech arrived on time, efficient and professional- took about 3min total! Results sent within a few hours with PDF format. Perfect!!

  5. Good service for PCR test at home or hotel for the same price you would pay at a hospital. Good and easy communication. I can recommend.

  6. Yigit has come to test my partner and I twice over the past month and has been exceptional. He is fast, clean, professional, and makes the process incredibly comfortable. We love this service, thank you Yigit

  7. Reliable same day test! Took the test in the morning directly in the hotel and got the results the same day in the evening.

  8. Hi! The description said: “with your Identity Card number”. What does this mean? My pasport number or the HES code? Or do I receive a personal code after making my booking? Thanks!

  9. Great experience, we went to their lab. The ladies from there were friendly and professional. The only minus is that the confirmation email never arrived (e mail adress was correct) so we had to find the labs adress from the hotel staff.

  10. I booked a pcr test for our return flight to Ireland Yigit arrived right on time to do the test. Very gently and efficiently. We got our results a few hours later. Great service. Highly recommended

  11. Booked from hotel to have test at hotel. So easy and efficient. Test result back on same day. Hassle and stress free. Gave us time of when they’d be here too and always on hand to answer questions on WhatsApp. Thank you.

  12. I needed a Covid Test for returning to Italy. I found the service I needed online and Mr. Yigit helped me in the operations as soon as I took contact with him. He was kind and professional immediately and we agreed with the time to take the test in my hotel. Everything was performed perfectly and the test result arrived in advance about agreed times. Il servizio fornito è stato eccellente e con un costo contenuto. Grazie molte Sig. Yigit.

  13. Fantastic, quick and professional service. Very convenient in price, the cheapest you can find and they also came to my hotel which made is so easy for me. Great communication and scheduling time. Highly recommend their services.

  14. Great information! I’m wondering if any of these PCR test results (Istanbul area) comes with a stamp and a signature? Thanks in advance for any info. :)

    • Hi Rasyieda, thank you. Well all tests comes with stamp and signature (not wet one). This is same in elsewhere in the world. If anyone want to double check, it can be controlled via the report website of the lab with QR code and barcode number with your ID. Labs are on the system of the Turkish Ministry of Health and system stores the data. Just make sure the labs should be certified with the Ministry.

  15. Super quick and easy to use service! Customer service done by Yigit was amazing! Answering all the questions and requests I had. Will use it again when back to Istanbul.

    • hey hi Deepak,
      Its Archana here, was planning to visit Turkey next week. As its lockdown there, Do you suggest its better to do PCR test in the airport on the same day of departing.

      • Hi Archana, there are 2-3 test centers at the airport. You can take your test there before departure but there may be queue due to big number of passengers. And you’ll have to wait for about 3 hours for the result. In order to spend whole your day at the airport, I recommend the test via labs. You can take the test 48 hours before your departure, easily download the result on your smartphone and show it on the border.

  16. I must give a 5-star review to Halis. He is an absolute star! He works incredibly hard and is always there to help. He responds quickly, cares about clients and is available almost 24/7! The company is very lucky to have them. I feel very grateful to his help And I got my test results very soon. Extremely satisfied with the experience and would recommend to anyone to book covid test with them and their other services

  17. I had my PCR test done at the comfort of my home. A lab scientist was sent and samples was taken. The customer service from Yigit was very professional and helpful.

    • Hi Jeremy, when you get a positive result, no matter where you get the test (public/private hospital or lab), your information with your accommodation is stored on the system of Turkish Ministry of Health. You should stay at your hotel/home and wait for the Ministry’s medical team (we call “filyasyon”) visit you, give you needed medicine, advice, and follow your situation. People you have contact are also being asked. You should stay at quarantine for 10 days and on 11th day you should repeat your test and if negative you are free.

  18. Bought the test on lab. The service was great, With a very short notice they managed to made the test and get the results. the staff are so friendly.

    • Hi Sarah, when you book the test for your address or lab as well, the customer service contacts you telling all the necessary info, you’ll get confirmation mail and than be contacted before they come to your hotel

  19. Hi team, just a quick question, I’m planning to visit Istanbul these days, how early I need to get a test done before arrival? Thanks

    • Hi Mark, you need to have your Covid-19 PCR test within 72 hours of arrival in Istanbul. We would recommend you have it around 24-48 hours before your flight. Have a nice flight and days in Istanbul.

    • Hi Bruce, some countries ask for it some not, so we recommend you to check the destination to see the country’s requirements. If they ask a print copy of your test, than you must have it with you. The result on your mobile would be OK in about any destination in the world, but in case of any unexpected problems like your mobile phone can run out of battery, you can lose it, etc., it is better to have a printed copy. You can have it as all hotels give wireless printing service. Best wishes

  20. Quick and professional. Had an at home covid test, everything was quick and painless. However I wish the nurse was wearing PPE for her own safety.

  21. Right after my booking I received my confirmation. I went to the lab showed my confirmation and made the test. In the afternoon I received a message and printed out the test result. A great service that gives you more time to spend around istanbul.


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