Explore Cukurcuma

Cukurcuma is a lively and authentic neighborhood located along the way down from the Siraselviler street, Taksim, in the back streets of the Beyoglu district. Cukurcuma is home to more than 100 antique shops, many art galleries and street cats. The region is a very touristic place and famous for its antique shops, restored lovely houses, art galleries and cafes. History of Cukurcuma dates back to five decades.

Explore Cukurcuma

Things to Do & See

Cukurcuma is home to beautiful furniture and antiques in Istanbul. The old houses in Cukurcumahas been restored and now serve as antique shops. Visitors may find variety of nice antiques in Cukurcuma such as 19th century Ottoman embroidery, nostalgic biscuit boxes from 1950s, antique paintings and prints and more…

Strolling along the beautiful streets of Cukurcuma is a great attraction for visitors. There are variety of nice cafes for rest. The Cukurcuma mosque and historical fountain standing beyond is also worth a visit and see in Cukurcuma.

Visitor Info

Getting to Cukurcuma is easy. Visitors should get to Taksim first and than follow the Siraselviler street and turn right and walk downwards about 5 mins. to reach Cukurcuma.

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