Galata Bridge (History, Photos, Where, How to Get?)

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

The Galata bridge is situated at the mouth of the Golden Horn and connects Karakoy and Eminonu neighborhoods. There are several cafes and restaurants under the bridge. Walking through the bridge with great views of the city is a great attraction.

Galata Bridge (History, Photos, Where, How to Get?)


History of Galata Bridge dates back to very old times. During the Byzantium era, there has been works to built a bridge on Golden Horn. The first bridges on Golden Horn was destroyed in 1204 during Crusade.

Later on, during the Sultan Bayezit II era, Leonardo Da Vinci offered to built a bridge here but that offer was not accepted. Many other bridges were built to that area during the history.

Galata Bridge Today

The 5th and the latest bridge is now one of the most popular sights in Istanbul with its great views, people fishing on, restaurants and cafes under. You can try the famous fish sandwiches there. Walking on the bridge and passing the Golden Horn in the company of Istanbul’s great historical and panoramic views is also a great attraction for the visitors.

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