HAVAIST New Istanbul Airport Shuttles/Buses Info (Routes, Lines, Stops, Timetables, Ticket Price)

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HAVAIST is the official airport shuttle service operating for 24 hours in between New Istanbul Airport (IST) and around 50 destinations in the city. It is the brand of Istanbul Bus Enterprises, which is a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Here on this page, you can find all the necessary information about traveling between New Istanbul Airport and city center with HAVAIST airport shuttles, including HAVAIST lines, stops, timetables, ticket price and more.

HAVAIST Routes Map

HAVAIST New Istanbul Airport Shuttles/Buses Info (Routes, Lines, Stops, Timetables, Ticket Price)


HAVAIST Airport Shuttle Buses offer safe, comfortable and quality service to the passengers with their Euro6 vehicles with a capacity of 46 people. Buses have the latest technology with quality TV screens, USB-powered charging units, Wi-Fi service, etc.

HAVAIST New Istanbul Airport Shuttles/Buses Info (Routes, Lines, Stops, Timetables, Ticket Price)

Current HAVAIST Routes

HAVAIST has 12 lines with numbers;


* IST-1, IST-2, IST-3, IST-4, IST-4G, IST-5, IST-7, IST-8, IST-15, IST-17, IST-19 and IST-20.

* Buses operate for 24 hrs, both ways.

IST-1 (Yenikapi – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Yenikapi IDO (Seabus) Port – Yenikapi Marmaray – Aksaray – Ulubatli – Ayvansaray – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 18 TL

IST-2 (Beylikduzu/Catalca – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Beylikduzu – Cumhuriyet Mah. – TUYAP-Buyukcekmece – Catalca Hospital – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 21 TL

IST-3 (Otogar – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Otogar (Esenler Intercity Bus Terminal) – Otogar Road – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 16 TL

IST-4 (Bakirkoy – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Bakirköy IDO (Seabus) Port – Atakoy 4. Kisim – Sirinevler – Kuleli – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 18 TL

IST-4G (Gunesli – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Gunesli – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 18 TL

IST-5 (Besiktas – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Besiktas Port – Zincirlikuyu Metrobus 2 – 4. Levent – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 18 TL

IST-7 (Kadikoy – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Kadikoy – Acibadem Bridge – Uzuncayir Metrobus – Goztepe Bridge – Yenisahra – Kavacik Bridge – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 25 TL

IST-8 (Pendik – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Pendik İDO iskelesi – Pendik YHT İstasyonu – Tavşantepe Metro – Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 30 TL

IST-15 (Avcilar Metrobus – Bahcesehir – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Istanbul University Avcilar Campus – Bahçeşehir – Ispartakule Blocks – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 16 TL

IST-17 (Halkali – Basaksehir – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Halkali Train Station – Halkali Park – Gunespark Homes – Ataturk Mahallesi – Demirciler Sitesi – Basaksehir Metrokent – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 16 TL

IST-19 (Taksim – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Taksim Abdülhakhamit Street – Nurtepe Viaduct – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 18 TL

IST-20 (Sultanahmet – New Istanbul Airport)

Stops: Sultanahmet Square – Eminönu – Piyalepasa – Nurtepe Viaduct – New Istanbul Airport

Price: 18 TL

Notice: Please double check the HAVAIST routes, timetables and trip fares from HAVAIST’s official website hava.ist

How to Use HAVAIST Buses?

* You can easily see and recognize the HAVAIST Buses, as they have a big HAVAIST logo on the bus.

HAVAIST New Istanbul Airport Shuttles/Buses Info (Routes, Lines, Stops, Timetables, Ticket Price)

* You can take HAVAIST Bus from the New Istanbul Airport’s Arrival Terminal. Close to the exit.

* HAVAIST Bus passenger capacity is 46. Standing passengers are not accepted.

* You’ll just wait at the stop, and when the bus arrives, you take it and pay the ticket price inside the bus.

* If you can’t take the bus due to crowd, than you’ll have to wait for the next bus.

HAVAIST Ticket Price

* HAVAIST average one way ticket price is 18 TL. Check above the ticket prices for all the HAVAIST lines.

* You can’t buy tickets in advance. You need to pay it just after you enter the bus.

How to Pay?

* You’ll need ISTANBULKART (Istanbul’s Public Transport Card) or QR Code (by Credit Card) to pay. No cash accepted.


* You can obtain ISTANBULKART and load credit from the Kiosks at the New Istanbul Airport upon your arrival.

* If you already have ISTANBULKART with you, you can download and install ISTANBULKART Mobile Application to your mobile phone, and load credit by your credit card. Read more about how to obtain and load credit to it on our ISTANBULKART page.

IstanbulKart Online with Free Hotel Delivery/Airport Pick-Up

Istanbul Welcome Card offers online purchase of the IstanbulKart with free hotel delivery or airport pick-up. It is a great option for the ones who want to skip the hassle of waiting and buying along the machines, kiosks at the airports, tram/metro stations.

Your Istanbulkart will be delivered to your hotel (in the areas of Taksim, Sultanahmet, and Besiktas, AirBnb hotels are not included) or you can pick it up at the Airport (only between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM).

Buy Your IstanbulKart Online

Get HAVAIST QR Code via Credit Card

* If you want to pay by Credit Card, than you’ll need to download and install HAVAIST Mobile Application to your mobile phone, or from HAVAIST website (https://hava.ist/en), deposit credit via your credit card.

* And than you enter the bus by scanning the QR code that you’ll receive to your mobile phone, to the device on the bus.

Get HAVAIST QR Code via Istanbul Welcome Card Service

* This is the best option if you don’t have IstanbulKart with you, and also easier way to get the QR Code by downloading and installing HAVAIST Mobile APP and entering your details, pay via credit card, etc.

* With Istanbul Welcome Card’s HAVAIST QR Code service, you’ll immediately get the QR Code to your mobile phone, to enter the HAVAIST. Just scan it to the device and get on the bus.

* The service also has BONUS that you can benefit. Free E-Booklet about Istanbul plus, 10% discount at Museum Services

HAVAIST New Istanbul Airport Shuttles/Buses Info (Routes, Lines, Stops, Timetables, Ticket Price)The service includes:

  • QR Code for HAVAIST Airport Shuttles
  • Valid for all HAVAIST lines
  • 10% Discount at Istanbul Welcome Card guides
  • Unlimited Luggage
  • E-Booklet

Price: €3 per person (plus Service Fee €2 per person)

Notice: Our website visitors will get 5% extra discount. Just click the red button below and make sure you see the discounted price on the official page.

How it Works:

  • After your order you will receive the QR Code
  • Get on any departing HAVAIST Bus at Istanbul Airport
  • Just scan the QR code at bus driver and enter the bus

Order Your HAVAIST QR Code

Re-booking and cancellation is free of charge up to 12 hours before your arrival.

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