Hep C (HCV) Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey (Guidelines + FAQ)

Here you can find general information and guidelines on getting hair transplant in Turkey for Hep C (HCV) patients, including what to expect, what are the methods, things to consider in Hep C (HCV) positive Hair Transplantation.

Notice: Please bear in mind that the content on our page is for informational purposes only, it is not suitable for you to consider in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and you should definitely consult your doctor for any diagnosis and treatment.

General Info on Hep C (HCV) – Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a contagious disease and any time you expose yourself to someone else’s blood, there is always a risk of catching it whether as hepatitis C virus or hepatitis B. You don’t have to go to some surgery room, you can catch it from a nail/hair salon, too. Millions of people around the globe have been combating Hepatitis C around the globe. HCV is highly contagious which can even cause liver failure.

Although there hasn’t been any report stating otherwise, however, HCV isn’t transmitted by hugging, kissing, eating from the same plate, toilets, or swimming in the pool. It is transmitted by sexual contact. There has been a lot of research going on for finding a cure for HCV.

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Some RNA tests will be performed before hair planning, if the patient is tested positive and is at the time carrying Hep C virus in his/her blood, then the specialists will decide whether to operate on the patient or not. Normally an RNA test has been asked from the patients 3 months before the surgery. Still, it is the doctor’s and clinic’s decision in the end.

First, let’s learn what Hepatitis C is; it is a disease caused by HCV and whoever is in close contact with the blood of the person who has HCV is likely to catch the disease, too. So, precautions should be taken with utmost care.

Some reports have stated that hepatitis C (HCV) may also result in hair loss. Medications used in treating the disease can also have some negative side effects on hair health and hair follicles, although they might be temporary.

How do you catch the Hepatitis C virus?

It is possible to catch any transmitted virus or disease if you have previously undergone hemodialysis, have had unprotected sex with more than one partner, or have been in contact with infected blood/needles/non-sterile pieces of equipment. Or, you have been tattooed with non-sterile equipment.

How does hair transplant work if you have HPC?

As it is well known that Hepatitis C is infectious. The health of everyone around the patient is very important. Therefore, first, some blood sample is taken from all of the patients to see the patient’s general situation. Sometimes, it may happen that the patient had the disease previously in the past but recovered.

In this case, hepatitis C antigens against this virus might exist in the patient’s blood. Therefore, this doesn’t go against the guidelines of the operation, and hair transplantation will be performed.

The patient with Hep C is kept in a designated area which is kept in extreme sterile conditions for the health of everyone that is going to be around him/her.

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In hair treatment, one of the main methods used in treating the hair loss of the patients with HPC is Follicular Unit Extraction, a.k.a. FUE method. This method is based on extracting the hair follicles one by one from the donor sites and transferring them to the target sites where there is hair loss.

Hep C (HCV) Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading counties in hair transplant operations, as well as Hep C (HCV) Hair Transplant. You can find many great clinics and surgeons performing hair transplant for Hep C (HCV) positive patients.

Of course the hair transplant procedures and operations are made in separate clinics and environment that are dedicated for Hep C (HCV) positive patients with all the necessary precautions.

The patient with HIV positive is kept in a designated area which is kept in extreme sterile conditions for the health of everyone that is going to be around him/her.

Get a Free Quote / Book Hair Transplant for Hep C (HCV) positive patients

If you are a Hep C (HCV) positive and wanna get a hair transplant in Istanbul and Turkey, and want to get a quote with free consultation from the clinics, doctors and surgeons, than please fill out the form below. Feel free to write or ask anything, even any ridiculous requests.

Upon submitting the form, the medical and administrative teams of the official clinics and surgeons will contact you and provide you all the details for your treatment with price info.

Note that when you book your hair transplant via the form below, you’ll also get 5% discount for being our website visitor.

Know before you plan your hair transplant

  • A hair transplant does not promise a dense hair.
  • If you have any disease that will constitute a contraindication to an operation to be performed under local anesthesia, you should first get treated with your disease and then start your hair loss treatment.
  • If you have unrealistic expectations and your donor area is insufficient, you are not a good candidate and you should not take this treatment.
  • If you have active skin disease, it should be treated before.
  • Your B12, B6, and zinc levels should be normal.
  • If you have any thyroid issues, it should be treated before.
  • Your blood sugar levels should be at the normal levels especially for those who have diabetic,
  • If you have psychological disorders such as trichotillomania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and body dysmorphic syndrome, you should be aware and all those should be investigated.

Hep C (HCV) Positive Hair Transplant Request Form

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