Istanbul Ataturk Airport (Closed for all Commercial Flights)

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

General Information

Ataturk Airport is located west of central Istanbul, in the Yesilkoy neighborhood of the Bakirkoy district, about 19 km. from Taksim and about 16 km. from Sultanahmet,.

As of 08 April 2019, the big move of Istanbul Ataturk Airport to New Istanbul Airport is completed and New Istanbul Airport is fully operational and Ataturk Airport is closed for all international and domestic flights.

Ataturk Airport will serve for private, cargo and training flights until January 2021.

What will Happen to Ataturk Airport?

The Ataturk Airport is operated by TAV Airports, until the end of the rental date January 2021.

So the airport is supposed to serve for private, cargo and training flights until that date.

After that date, as nothing is definite, a part of the area will be a Big Public Garden and some part of the area will again serve as a small City Airport.

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