Essential Information

Essential Information for Istanbul

Useful information for visitors to Istanbul such as general information about Istanbul, weather and climate of Istanbul, best time to visit, information about using Turkish money, useful addresses and when to expect the public holidays.

National, Religious & Public holidays in Istanbul, Turkey 2019/2020

Here, you can find information about the National & Religious celebrations that have official Public Holidays in Istanbul and Turkey during 2019 and 2020,...

Weights and measures, clothes and shoes size in Turkey

When visiting Istanbul, it will be helpful to know a bit about the system of measurement, temperature and clothing size. You can read below...

Turkish Liras & Money in Turkey

When visiting Istanbul, it will be helpful to know a bit about the Turkey’s currency and how it works. You can read our guide...

Electrical and video norms in Istanbul and Turkey

When traveling to different countries, you should keep in your mind that the electrical and video standards may be different from the ones adopted...

Insider’s guide to 2019 Cost of Living in Istanbul

Here, we will try to give you an idea of the cost of living in Istanbul, including "how much you should get paid to...

Weather and Climate in Istanbul

Weather & Climate in Istanbul

A Guide to Property in Istanbul – How to buy...

Find property in Istanbul - Villas, apartments, homes, houses and land for sale in Istanbul and Marmara region - Information and guide to real estate, property for rent and property for sale in Istanbul, Turkey

General information about Istanbul – Getting to Know Istanbul

Getting to Know Istanbul - General information about Istanbul - City Breaks to Istanbul

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