Istanbul International Jazz Festival (26th, 29 June – 18 July 2019)

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1. What to Expect?

Istanbul’s International Jazz Festival is a 3 weeks long music festival. At this top music festival in Istanbul in July, you can enjoy a showcase of the leading international jazz, soul and blues artists in the city, at the several great venues. Other highlights include night out jazz parties, jazz boat and FREE jazz in the park concerts, offering some of the best attractions over the city.

2. Festival Dates 2019

26th Istanbul International Jazz Festival will be held between 29 June – 18 July 2019. See the whole festival program on the official festival brochure >>

3. Festival Organizer

Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
Address: Nejat Eczacıbaşı Binası Sadi Konuralp Caddesi, No: 5 Şişhane 34433 İstanbul
Tel: +90 212 334 07 00

4. Festival Program 2019

You can see the whole festival chart and program from IKSV’s Festival Chart page on

Istanbul International Jazz Festival (26th, 29 June - 18 July 2019)
Istanbul Jazz Festival –

5. FREE in Festival

Below we put together the FREE ADMISSION programs that the festival offers for all visitors. The Jazz in the parks concerts is worth a visit, but the venues are located some far away from the city center, so that you will need to go there by taxis or public buses. We recommend you the one in Kadikoy as you may get there more easy by public ferry from Eminonu, Kabatas or Besiktas, and than by a short taxi ride or 45 mins walking.

Jazz in the Parks

Istanbul International Jazz Festival (26th, 29 June - 18 July 2019)
Jazz in the Parks –

29 June 2019, Saturday

The Jazz in the Parks – at 18:00, in Beylikdüzü Yaşam Valley, Beylikduzu

30 June 2019, Saturday

The Jazz in the Parks – at 18:00, in Fenerbahçe Park and Fenerbahçe Khalkedon, Kadikoy

The Jazz in the Parks concerts bring the outdoors and jazz lovers together. It is one one of the most popular summer outdoor events in Istanbul. You will enjoy the concerts of the Young Jazz bands and Balkan Paradise Orchestra.

07 July 2019, Sunday

Ah Şu Cazlar Blues’lar – at 19:30, in Halıcıoğlu Park, Golden Horn

Will be a great experience to listen this free event, jazz in the outdoors, at the park near Golden Horn.

5. Ticket Information

Tickets sales start on Saturday, 13 April, as of 10.30 via, Biletix sales points, and You can buy the Istanbul Jazz Festival tickets online from Biletix, Call Centre (+90 850 755 55 55), and the box office of IKSV –with no service fee– (opening hours: 10.00-18.00, every day except Sunday).

6. Festival Venues

  • All Saints Moda Church (Yusuf Kamil Paşa Sk. Onlar Apt. 10/2 Moda, Kadıköy, +90 216 449 39 74)
  • Austrian Consulate, Austrian Culture Office Garden (Yeniköy Mah. Köybaşı Cad. 44 Sariyer, Bant Mag. Havuz / BİNA, Caferağa Mah. Kadife Sk. 26 Kadıköy, +90 216 330 84 66)
  • Beykoz Kundura (Yalıköy Mah. Süreyya İlmen Cad. 1 Beykoz, +90 323 31 30)
  • Beylikdüzü Yaşam Vadisi Valley (Cumhuriyet Mah. Atatürk Blv. 28 Beylikdüzü, +90 444 0 939)
  • Cemiyet (Asmalı Mescit Mah. Nergis Sk. 8 Beyoğlu)
  • Fenerbahçe Khalkedon and Fenerbahçe Park (Fenerbahçe Mah. Fener Kalamış Cad., No:90, Kadıköy, +90 216 550 51 95)
  • Feriye (Yıldız Mah. Çırağan Cad. 40 Beşiktaş)
  • Halıcıoğlu Park (Piri Paşa Mah. Beyoğlu)
  • Kadıköy Sahne (Osmanağa Mah. Kırtasiyeci Sk. 23, Kadıköy)
  • Kadıköy Cinema (Osmanağa Mah. Bahariye Cad., Kadıköy Pasajı 25 Kadıköy)
  • KargART (Caferağa Mah. Kadife Sk. 16 Kadıköy, +90 216 449 17 25)
  • Mecra (Caferağa Mah. Dumlupınar Sk. 5 Kadıköy)
  • Moda Kayıkhane (Caferağa Mah. Moda Cad. 194 Kadıköy, +90 541 286 30 15)
  • Birlikte Güzel Moda Sahnesi (Osmanağa Mah. General Asım Gündüz Cad., Halil Ethem Sk. Kadıköy)
  • Nardis Jazz Club (Bereketzade Mah. Galata Kulesi Sk. 8 Beyoğlu)
  • Sakip Sabancı Museum (Sakıp Sabancı Cad. 42 Emirgan, +90 212 323 60 50)
  • Salon İKSV (Nejat Eczacıbaşı Binası, Sadi Konuralp Cad. 5, Şişhane, +90 212 334 07 00)
  • Sultan Park – Swissotel The Bosphorus (Vişnezade Mah. Acısu Sk. 19 Beşiktaş, +90 212 326 11 00)
  • The Marmara Esma Sultan Yalısı (Yıldız Mah. Muallim Naci Cad. Yalı Çıkmazı 20, Beşiktaş
    +90 212 334 83 00)
  • UNIQ Open Air Stage (Huzur Mah. Maslak Ayazağa Cad. 4 Sarıyer, +90 850 850 86 47)
  • Venetian Palace Garden (Cihangir Mah. Boğazkesen Cad., Tomtom Kaptan Sk. 7 Beyoğlu, +90 212 243 10 24)
  • Volkswagen Arena (Huzur Mah. Maslak Ayazağa Cad. 4/A Sarıyer)
  • Zorlu Performing Arts Centre – Turkcell Platinum Stage (Levazım Mah. Koru Sk. 2 Beşiktaş, +90 850 222 67 76)

6. Highlights & Our Recommendations

We recommend you to participate the festival program on the popular venues including Volkswagen Arena, Zorlu Performing Arts Centre – Turkcell Platinum Stage, Salon IKSV, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Fenerbahce Park and Nardis Jazz Club.

We also recommend you to take the below FREE and open air events during the festival.

Jazz in the Parks

29, 30 June 2019, see details above

Night Out

04 July 2019, Thursday at 19:00, in Kadikoy – Moda
Ticket Price: Standing 80 TL (excl. All Saints Moda Church Standing 100 TL (incl. All Saints Moda Church) – Buy Tickets >>

The Night Out event will be a lovely event and held at the popular venues in Kadikoy including All Saints Moda Church, Bant Mag. Havuz / BINA, Kadıköy Sahne, Kadikoy Cinema, KargART, Mecra, Moda Kayikhane and Birlikte Güzel Moda Sahnesi.

Jazz Boat

14 July 2019, Sunday at 11:00, boat ride Kabatas – Anadolu Kavagi – Kabatas
Ticket Price: 90 TL – Buy Tickets >>

Istanbul International Jazz Festival (26th, 29 June - 18 July 2019)
Jazz Boat –

The Jazz boat is one of the most beloved events at the festival. You can enjoy this seafaring concert on a ferry tour on the Bosphorus. The Jazz Boat will depart from the Kabatas Pier, and will have a stopover at the Anadolu Kavagi Pier on the Asia side and finally return to Kabatas Pier.

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