Istanbul Museum of Modern Art (What to See? Tickets + Tips)

Istanbul Modern, also called as Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is the first private museum of Turkey that hosts modern and contemporary art exhibitions. One of the best museums in Istanbul especially for modern art lovers. The museum has recently become Turkey’s most popular and distinguished modern art museum.

About the New Building and the Museum

In 2004, Istanbul Modern emerged as a beacon of artistic innovation, standing proudly as Turkey’s inaugural museum dedicated to the realms of modern and contemporary art. A testament to its commitment to evolution, the museum underwent a transformative rebirth under the artistic guidance of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. This metamorphosis transpired at the very site of its original conception, a former customs warehouse that once silently graced the Bosphorus waterfront.

As the new museum gracefully unfurls along the waterfront, a previously veiled promenade, now accessible to the public, reveals itself. Here, visitors are afforded a mesmerizing panorama — a visual feast extending across the Bosphorus to the Anatolian side, the enchanting Princes’ Islands, and the storied Historical Peninsula.

Inspired by the luminous dance of the Bosphorus waters and their reflections, the architectural marvel that is the new Istanbul Modern seamlessly weaves into its surroundings.

The ground floor, a transparent expanse, serves as a bridge connecting the waterfront to the Tophane Park. Circular columns and mechanical funnels, like architectural sentinels, form an engaging landscape. Their rounded forms play an enchanting game with light and shadow, casting away harsh distinctions and embracing a luminous environment. A café, museum shop, library, and educational workshop spaces populate this level, fostering a space where culture and creativity converge.

A transparent glass security fence enfolds the external sculpture terrace, ensuring a protected haven for artistic exploration and the vibrant energy of children’s workshops. The main lobby, a bustling hub, is linked by a central staircase suspended within a vast void, connecting various public areas with a choreographed elegance.

Venturing underground, a 156-seat auditorium materializes on an alluring mezzanine. The first floor unveils a visual symphony — pop-up galleries, photography exhibitions, and rooms dedicated to education and events. A restaurant, gracing the south facade, extends an invitation to an outdoor terrace, where the sea becomes a companion to gastronomic delights.

Ascend to the upper echelons, and the second floor unveils a harmonious convergence of permanent and temporary exhibition galleries. Here, a glass lantern crowns the space, guiding visitors to a rooftop terrace that seemingly floats above a reflective plane of water. This rooftop sanctuary offers more than breathtaking vistas; it becomes a portal to metaphysical connections. City reflections merge seamlessly on both water and sea, blending reality and reverie.

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This architectural marvel stands not only as a testament to artistic expression but also as a collaborative masterpiece. The Eczacıbaşı Group, as the museum’s founding sponsor, joined forces with the Doğuş Group-Bilgili Holding, the museum’s main sponsor, to breathe life into this cultural haven. Istanbul Modern, with its transcendent design and captivating spaces, beckons all to traverse its corridors, where art and architecture converge in a mesmerizing dance.

What’s Inside

You’ll see permanent and temporary exhibitions from the early 20th century to the present day, a photography gallery, and several areas for educational and social programs. Abstract art works, landscape paintings and watercolor works are among the best works.

Most of the works exhibited in the museum are the private collection of the Eczacıbaşı family, a famous Turkish family, as well as the founder of the museum.


The museum also hosts a cinema, a cafe, a design store and an extensive library for its visitors.


Within its hallowed walls, a symphony of modern and contemporary art resonates, weaving together narratives from Turkey and across the globe in an exquisite dance of innovation and interdisciplinary exploration.

The heartbeat of the museum is found in its permanent and temporary exhibition spaces, where innovation takes center stage. Through a lens that is both thematic and chronological, the collection exhibitions illuminate the rich tapestry of Turkey’s modern and contemporary art. Here, diverse artistic voices harmonize, transcending geographic boundaries to reveal the interconnected threads of artistic evolution.

The museum also unfolds conceptual and retrospective temporary exhibitions that serve as windows into the soul of Turkey’s artistic expression. These exhibitions, pulsating with the rhythm of change, provide glimpses into the transformative journey of art history. Artists, both local and international, converge to tell stories that transcend borders.

The Photography Gallery, a visual sanctuary within the museum, traces the evolution of photography in Turkey and across the globe. Here, frozen moments capture the essence of time, reflecting the nuanced dance between local perspectives and international art movements. The curated collection is a testament to the power of visual storytelling, featuring works by luminaries from Turkey and beyond.

Amidst this artistic tapestry, pop-up exhibitions emerge like vibrant brushstrokes, focusing on varied disciplines within contemporary art. These exhibitions become dynamic canvases, bringing together the voices of younger generations under thematic umbrellas. It’s a celebration of diversity, a kaleidoscopic exploration of the multifaceted realms of contemporary creativity.

Here, within these walls, art becomes not just a creation but a conversation—a dialogue that bridges cultures, spans epochs, and paints a collective portrait of the human experience.

Museum Cinema

Offering a diverse array of contemporary films and retrospectives of iconic directors, it transcends mere screenings. Beyond movies, it hosts exhibitions, publishes insights, and engages in talks on film history and contemporary culture.

Every month, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays transform into cinematic explorations, unveiling a carefully curated selection of local and international productions. It’s a cultural bridge, celebrating not just the latest releases but also the timeless echoes of Turkish and global cinematic history.

Museum Library

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art has a great library with a collection of 11,500 books in Turkish and foreign languages, as well as subscriptions to 24 periodical titles.

Museum Cafe

Cafe Modern at Istanbul Modern, on the ground floor, is a chic haven for museum visitors and city dwellers. Nestled in a special city spot, it offers a variety of snacks, artisan sandwiches, sweet treats, gluten-free and vegan options, and superfood beverages. The cafe also features daily-made packaged products using fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Museum Store

Beyond a store, it’s a celebration of contemporary design with global brands, art-inspired series, and Turkish designers. The shop, adorned with transparent simplicity, features artworks, prints, and design objects influenced by Renzo Piano’s museum designs.

Collaborations with leading global and Turkish brands add diversity. More than a retail space, it’s a dynamic platform hosting artist and designer meetings, fostering creativity throughout the year. In essence, it’s a gallery offering a unique, immersive experience into the world of contemporary design.

Visiting Tips

Why is Istanbul Museum of Modern Art famous?

The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is celebrated for its remarkable collection of contemporary Turkish art, showcasing works from distinguished artists that mirror the vibrant and diverse cultural landscape of Turkey. Housed in the newly built Galataport along the Bosphorus, the museum is not only a testament to modern architecture but also serves as a dynamic cultural center.

It plays a crucial role in bridging the local art scene with the global contemporary art domain, making it a significant destination for art enthusiasts seeking insight into Turkey’s artistic evolution and its connections to broader international movements.

Is Istanbul Museum of Modern Art worth it?

Whether the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is worth visiting depends on your interest in contemporary art and appreciation for Turkish artists. For art enthusiasts and those curious about Turkey’s cultural currents, the museum offers a rewarding experience. Situated by the Bosphorus, its unique location combines artistic exploration with breathtaking scenery. 

Is there a dress code for Istanbul Museum of Modern Art?

While there isn’t a strict dress code, it’s advisable to dress modestly and comfortably when visiting the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. This not only aligns with the general etiquette of art institutions but also respects the cultural context of the museum. A semi-formal approach is usually suitable for an enriching and respectful art appreciation experience.

How long do you spend at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art?

The duration of your visit to the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art can vary based on your level of interest in contemporary art. Some visitors may find that a couple of hours are sufficient to explore the collections, while others, especially art enthusiasts, may want to spend more time delving into the details and interpretations of the artworks.

How to get tickets for Istanbul Museum of Modern Art?

Tickets for the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art can typically be purchased on-site or online. While there may be an entrance fee, it is generally considered a reasonable investment for the artistic and cultural experience offered. Checking the museum’s official website for the most up-to-date information on ticket prices and any special exhibitions is advisable.

Can you enter the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art for free?

Entering the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is usually not free. The museum is free of charge for children aged 12 and younger who are accompanied by an adult.

But the museum opens its doors to all visitors free of charge every Thursday between 10.00-14.00. It is called “Your Thursday” and valid for visitors residing in Turkey.

All young people between the ages of 18-25 can experience Istanbul Modern free of charge every Tuesday between 10.00-14.00. It is called “Young Tuesday” and valid for visitors residing in Turkey.

What time should I visit the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art?

For the most accurate information on visiting hours, it’s recommended to check the official website of the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. Opening hours may vary, and checking in advance ensures that you plan your visit during the museum’s operational times.

Visiting Hours & Admissions

Opening Hours & Ticket Price

Please check Istanbul Modern’s website for information on visiting hours and admission.

How to Get to Istanbul Modern


You’ll find the Istanbul Modern in the Asmalimecit quarter of Beyoglu district, right down the end of the Istiklal Street. 1,3 km. from Taksim Square, and 600 meters from Tunel Square. See the location map.


The most practical way to get to Asmalimecit quarter is via walking down from the Istiklal Street or up from the Tunel Sqaure. You should get to Taksim or Tunel square.

  • Take funicular from Karakoy to Tunel.
  • Take funicular from Kabatas to Taksim.
  • From Sultanahmet take the Bagcilar-Kabatas tram (T1 line) to reach Karakoy or Kabatas.
  • Yenikapi-Taksim-Haciosman M2 Metro line and hop off at the Sishane stop, and walk
  • If you stay at the Taksim hotels, than you easily walk to the museum.

Check our Taksim or Galata-Karakoy pages to see how to get to Taksim or Karakoy in details.

Contact Details

Temporary Address: Kılıç Ali Paşa Mahallesi, No:1/1, Tophane İskele Caddesi, Beyoglu
Tel: +90 212 334 73 00

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