Istanbul Real Estate Market Trends and Forecasts in 2023

Istanbul, a city spanning two continents, has always been a point of interest throughout history. Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities in the world with its vibrant daily life, rewarding commercial opportunities, and high quality of life. For many years, Istanbul has been an investment point for individuals and businesses alike, and one of the most important investment fields is real estate. It is not surprising that Istanbul has become a popular location for real estate investment with a wide variety of properties available to suit different needs and purposes. Here you can find out the Istanbul real estate market trends and forecasts.

Istanbul is divided into 39 districts, each with its unique features and experiences to offer. This diversity is just one of the reasons to invest in real estate in Istanbul. For the Istanbul real estate market, 2023 is projected to be a great year. Many places are suitable for permanent living or investment, making it a good abroad investment point. The cost of property in Istanbul is steadily increasing, so the best time to invest in Istanbul real estate is as soon as possible.

According to statistics and projections by Endeksa, properties in Istanbul offer over 30% profit in just one year, with a return on investment time of only 17 years. It is one of the best cities to choose from for investment.

Best Places to Buy Property in Istanbul

There are many places to buy real estate in Istanbul, depending on your desire, need, and purpose. For those looking for an investment, outer districts such as Silivri, Çatalca, Şile, or Pendik offer lower prices but huge profit potential.

Real estate prices in Istanbul are higher in some districts due to the highest quality of living and amenities available in these areas. There are extensive options for luxury real estate in Istanbul, and they can also be found in these districts.

Sarıyer, Beşiktaş, and Kadıköy are coastal districts where high real estate prices are prevalent, but they also have comprehensive projects with rich amenities and services.

Which Property Type to Buy in Istanbul?

All property types are popular in Istanbul, with options including detached houses, apartments, penthouses, commercial buildings, and more. The answer to this question also depends on your needs and purpose. For those looking for detached houses, better prices and more options can be found in the outer districts. For those looking for a penthouse or apartment in Istanbul, it is advisable to look for more central areas.

Property in Istanbul is highly in demand, so you do not have to worry about the property type when considering investing in Istanbul properties. Whatever your property type is, Istanbul will offer profitable investment opportunities.

How to Get the Best Prices for Property for Sale in Istanbul?

It is advisable to work with a professional and reliable real estate company to get the best prices for real estate in Istanbul, especially if you are investing in a country where you are not familiar with the details. Istanbul Homes ® is a professional and experienced real estate company operating under the roof of Tekce Overseas.

The team of Istanbul Homes consists of experienced local real estate agents who will communicate with you in your language or English. They will listen to your purpose and needs and find the best properties suitable for you. The professional sales team of Istanbul Homes is supported by lawyers experienced in the real estate market and law.

In addition to all of these, the company’s ‘100% Happiness’ and ‘Zero Failure’ mottoes will make you happy with your investment, like thousands more customers.

If you are willing to explore the best options for properties in Istanbul, today is the best time. Whether you want to do an investment or permanently live in Istanbul, you will have advantageous options.

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