Istanbul Taxi Guide (2022 Fares, Costs, Apps, Airport Trips, Tips)

Last Updated on April 17, 2022

Here you’ll find our Istanbul Taxi guide, including including taxi fares, costs, apps, airport trips and tips. In Istanbul, you don’t need a car to get around the city as there are variety of transportation options. You can easily get around the city by walking, biking or using the public transportation options.

Istanbul’s Yellow, Turquoise & Black Taxis

Istanbul Taxi Guide (2022 Fares, Costs, Apps, Airport Trips, Tips)

However, if you will need to get somewhere quickly, such as airports or a meeting, a taxi would be your best option for sure. Here, we put together all the necessary information about taxis in Istanbul.

Istanbul Taxi Guide (2022 Fares, Costs, Apps, Airport Trips, Tips)

The taxis in Istanbul are yellow and have taxi signs on the roof. It’s usually easy to find one of the more than 18,000 yellow taxis almost anywhere in the streets.

There are also luxury taxis in turquoise and black colors.

Yellow taxis are the standard local taxis. C Segment ones (like Fiat Aegea, Renault Clio, Dacia Sandero, etc.).

Turquoise taxis are D segment ones (like VW Passat, Skoda Superb, Opel Insignia, etc).

Black taxis are E segment and VIP ones (like Mercedes E180, Mercedes Vito, etc).

Turquoise taxis are 15 percent, Black taxis are 100 percent more expensive than the Yellow taxis.

Istanbul’s Taxi Fares

Below prices are for standard yellow taxis.

* The switch on price is 9,8 TL, so you should see 9,8 TL upon the taxi driver activates the taxi-meter. (11,27 TL for D segment turquoise and 16,66 TL for E segment luxury taxis)

* The per kilometer price is 6,3 TL. (7,25 TL for turquoise and 10,71 TL for black taxis)

* The Hop-on hop-off (stopover) price is 28 TL. This is to avoid people taking taxi for very very short distances.

* There is no day and night difference.

* If you will take a taxi from Istanbul’s European side to Asian side or vice versa, the taxi has to pay a toll and you will be charged for the toll. It can be bridges on the Bosphorus, tunnel underwater or some highways. And you are not responsible for the return fees of the taxi.

* You can calculate the approximate taxi fare for your journey with the above rates.

* You can pay by credit card in any taxis in Istanbul.

Average Istanbul Taxi Fares from New Istanbul Airport (IST)

  • to Sultanahmet (48,9 km) – 317 TL
  • to Taksim (40 km) – 262 TL
  • to Bakirkoy (46 km) – 300 TL
  • to Besiktas (39 km) – 259 TL
  • to Sariyer (43 km) – 280 TL
  • to Mecidiyekoy (37 km) – 242 TL
  • to Kadikoy (56 km) – 362 TL plus bridge toll
  • to Uskudar (46 km) – 300 TL plus bridge toll
  • to Sabiha Gokcen Airport (76 km) – 488 TL plus bridge toll

Average Istanbul Taxi Fares from Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)

  • to Taksim (65 km) – 419 TL plus bridge toll
  • to Sultanahmet (62 km) – 400 TL plus bridge toll
  • to Bakirkoy (74 km) – 476 TL plus bridge toll
  • to Kadikoy (32 km) – 211 TL
  • to New Istanbul Airport (76 km) – 488 TL plus bridge toll

Average Istanbul Taxi Fares from Sultanahmet

  • to Taksim square (4,8 km) – 40 TL
  • to Bakirkoy square (13,5 km) – 95 TL
  • to Kadikoy coast (16,3 km from Tunnel) – 112 TL plus tunnel fee
  • to Galata Tower (4,1 km) – 35 TL
  • to Besiktas square (6 km) – 47 TL
  • to Ortakoy square (7,5 km) – 57 TL
  • to Bebek coast (11,6 km) – 83 TL
  • to Nisantasi (6,4 km) – 50 TL
  • to Istanbul Forum Shopping Mall (Sea life Aquarium) (10,6 km) – 77 TL
  • to Florya Istanbul Aquarium (21 km) – 142 TL
  • to Eyup Isfanbul Theme Park (12,6 km) – 89 TL
  • to Akmerkez Shopping Mall (10,8 km) – 81 TL
  • to Istinye Park Shopping Mall (16,2 km) – 110 TL

Average Istanbul Taxi Fares from Taksim

  • to Sultanahmet (4,8 km) – 40 TL
  • to Bakirkoy square (14,9 km) – 104 TL
  • to Kadikoy coast (16,3 km from Tunnel) – 112 TL plus bridge toll
  • to Galata Tower (3,3 km) – 31 TL
  • to Besiktas square (3,3 km) – 31 TL
  • to Ortakoy square (4,1 km) – 35 TL
  • to Bebek coast (8,1 km) – 61 TL
  • to Istanbul Forum Shopping Mall (Sea life Aquarium Istanbul) (13,1 km) – 92 TL
  • to Florya Istanbul Aquarium (24,3 km) – 163 TL
  • to Eyup Isfanbul Theme Park (12,1 km) – 86 TL
  • to Akmerkez Shopping Mall (7 km) – 54 TL
  • to Istinye Park Shopping Mall (12,7 km) – 90 TL

Bridge Toll and Avrasya (Eurasia) Tunnel Fee

There are three bridges on the Bosphorus. Locals mostly call them 1st (15 Temmuz Sehitler), 2nd (Fatih Sultan Mehmet) and 3rd (Yavuz Sultan Selim) bridge. You will need to cross 1st or 2nd bridge to get around Istanbul. 3rd bridge so far away so that yo should never use it. Bridge toll is both ways.

And there is an underwater tunnel (Avrasia) for vehicles from Yenikapi to Haydarpasa. Very fast and convenient way to pass the Bosphorus. But it is kinda expensive.

Bridge Toll for taxis & automobiles

  • 1st and 2nd bridge – 8,25 TL
  • 3rd bridge – 46,50 TL

Avrasya tunnel fee for taxis & automobiles

How to Get a Taxi in Istanbul?

* You can easily take a taxi on the street by waiving your hand. On central Istanbul, you won’t have to wait more than a few minutes for an official yellow taxi in the street.

* You can pick up a taxi at a taxi stop, where you will see line of taxis on the side of a road.

* You can see them in front of the main squares, railway, metro and bus stations, ferry ports, shopping malls, plaza’s, or restaurants.

When to Take a Taxi in Istanbul?

It is very easy to get around Istanbul by public transport options. Especially in the rush hours, and in the city center, taxis can be impractical.

We suggest you take taxi in Istanbul if:

  • You’re in a big hurry (airport, meeting, etc),
  • There is heavy rain,
  • If you’re a group of family or friends of at least three or four and go for a short distance, where the price difference is negligible when compared to public transport,
  • Your company pays.

Also, taxis are good at night when buses run less frequently and you will need extra time to relax or sleep. And it might worth extra money to save yourself dragging your luggage in the city.

Some Recommendations

* Don’t tip the taxi drivers. Though, you can leave the cashback if it is a small about like 2 to 5 TL. This is what locals most do.

* If your hotel is some close to the Istanbul airports, than first ask your hotel to see if they can give you a free shuttle service.

* Make sure taxi heads on the right direction. You can check it from your mobile phone’s map App.

* Some tourist zones such as Sultanahmet Square and the tram line between Sirkeci and Beyazit and Istiklal Street are pedestrian-only. Make sure you check your destination and decide a logical drop-off point to avoid the taxi driver giving you the run-around.

* For passing the Bosphorus by the bridges, ask the driver which bridge he will drive. There are three bridges on the Bosphorus and the third and the latest one (Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge) is very far away from the city center, and mostly used by trucks, transporters and intercity buses. Don’t let taxi driver give you this way, or it would cost you really a lot.

Tranigo – Istanbul Airports Shuttle Transfer

Taxis are definitely the quickest way to get to your hotel from the airport or vice versa. Many people also ask about if there are any other fast, safe and reliable taxi booking services with meet-and-greet airport pickups and luggage assistance.

We highly recommend Tranigo airport transfer services. This is also a great option for the ones who are a group or a family with kids or having lots of luggage. What’s cool is that upon your arrival to the airport, you’ll see the driver holding a plate with your name on it. And also he will help you with luggage.

Their large selection of comfortable taxis, minivans, luxurious cars and 6-19+ passenger minibuses can match any need while ensuring quick and safe travels to and from New Istanbul Airport (IST). Faster and more comfortable than shuttles, buses and taxis.

Below you can use the search box to find your prefect private or shared shuttle transfer service in between New Istanbul Airport and your hotel.

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