Kilyos – Top Things to Do, See & Stay, Beaches


Located on the northern coasts of Istanbulby the Black seaSariyer district, about 30 km. (45 mins. drive) from the city center, Kilyos is another pretty seaside town and resort. The town is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, bars and restaurants with sea views, summer time entertainment activities, music festivals at its quality beach clubs, and water sports activities such as windsurfing and kite-surfing.

Kilyos - Top Things to Do, See & Stay, Beaches

You’ll also find a 14th-century Genoese castle in the village that worth a visit and see. Especially during summer season, locals flock to this town, to have a resort atmosphere, swim, sunbath, dine and wine at the popular fish restaurants. Google Map

The old name of Kilyos is Kumkoy. The name Kumkoy comes from its botanically rich dunes. It is a summer resort village located within the borders of Sarıyer district and overlooking the Black Sea coastline.

Attractions & Sights

Kilyos is a popular seaside resort that Istanbulites come visit to eat fish, have picnics, swim, take long walks on its long beaches and stay a little alone in escapade coves. The town is always attractive whether it is winter or summer it doesn’t matter. The Kilyos road is also worth a stop to enjoy the meat barbecue or trout on the tile served by the country restaurants here.

When it comes to places to visit in Kilyos, the Kilyos Castle, the Historical Plane Tree and the charming center of Kilyos comes first.

Apart from Kilyos Castle as historical artifacts, the three water scales, which are thought to belong to the Genoese period, are located in the village, the Stone Pier, which is still used by fishermen from the 18th century, and the boathouse and rescue buildings stand out.

Kilyos Castle

Dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries, the Kilyos Castle was built by the Byzantines for defense purposes during the Eastern Roman Empire. In the period when the Byzantines lost their influence, the Genoese took the castle and stayed here for a long time.

The castle was built by Sultan Abdulhamid I and Sultan II in 1782 and 1826. It was repaired twice during the Mahmut period. The cannons brought to the castle, which was used by the Russians in 1833 and by the Turkish and British soldiers in 1841, by the British at that time, are still exhibited in the arena of the castle.

During the First World War, German artillery was placed in the castle to prevent the Russians from entering the strait. It was also used as a hospital during the 1856 Crimean War. Patients wounded in the war were treated here.

Historical Plane Tree

One of the recommended places to see when you come to Kilyos is the historical plane tree, which is a kind of monumental tree. It has an age of more than 550 years. It is rumored that it was erected to commemorate the conquest of Istanbul.

The tree in the Kilyos Castle area is 28 meters tall and 34 meters in circumference. It is a place where visitors take lots of photos.

Kilyos Beaches & Beach Clubs

Kilyos is very popular for its sandy and clean beaches and the beach clubs. Kilyos beaches have the title of the biggest and cleanest coastline of Istanbul. Kilyos beaches, where Istanbulites flock to the sea on weekends, are also very ideal for sea surfing.

Kilyos - Top Things to Do, See & Stay, Beaches

The beach clubs in Kilyos, on the other hand, offer beautiful beaches, sunbathing terraces, grass areas, beach activities such as kite board, catamaran, wind surf, beach volley and beach soccer, restaurant, cafe and bar services, as well as summer concerts in Istanbul. It is the most popular daily sea holiday and recreation center.

You should bear in mind that Kilyos coastline is situated along the Black Sea and you should always be careful with the waves.

Dine & Wine

You are able to find delicacies suitable for every palate and budget in the restaurants of the beach and hotels. No matter what season you go, it is possible to eat the freshest fish of the season in Kilyos.

Kilyos - Top Things to Do, See & Stay, Beaches

Picnic and barbecue places on the Kilyos road also serve weekend vacationers, especially in summer.

Kilyos - Top Things to Do, See & Stay, Beaches


Kilyos is also an ideal holiday town for those who want to have a nice weekend getaway and a short holiday in Istanbul with its accommodation facilities.

In Kilyos, you can find a small number of hotels, large and small, where you can have a holiday by the sea, accompanied by magnificent views.

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