Explore Kuzguncuk (Top Things to Do and See, Dine, Stay, How to Get?)

Kuzguncuk is a colorful Bosphorus district on the Asian coast of the Bosphorus, situated after Uskudar, towards the Black Sea direction. This is a pretty neighborhood surrounded by huge plane trees, mansions and wooden houses, where you can feel the traditional Bosphorus life. Below you can find information about popular sights, things to and see in Kuzguncuk, including insider and transportation advice.

Kuzguncuk belongs to Uskudar district and its name comes from Hrisokeramos, which means Golden Tile. It is rumored that it got its name from a church with its roof covered with gilded tiles that was built here during the Byzantine period.

According to another rumor, the name that used to be Kosinitza changed over time and became Kuzguncuk.

Things to Do & See

Walking along the charming streets on the inland or along the coast, taking lots of photos and enjoy eating and drinking in the cafes and restaurants by the sea are the top things to do in peaceful Kuzguncuk.

The most distinctive feature of Kuzguncuk is that people from different beliefs, which we can also call it “the brotherhood of religions”, live together with great neighborly relations, and many mosques, churches and synagogues are lined up side by side reflecting this feature.

Surp Kirkor Lusarovic Church (1835), located right across the Kuzguncuk pier, the New Mosque (1852) in its garden, and the Beth Ya’akov Synagogue (1878) on Icadiye Street are among the top sights that best reflect this atmosphere of tolerance.

There is also a Jewish cemetery surrounded by walls on the slopes of the area called Nakkastepe, on the north side of Kuzguncuk.

Nakkastepe hill has magnificent Bosphorus views. You can also find lovely cafes here.

On Gumusyolu Street, opposite the Jewish cemetery, you’ll find Abdülmecid Efendi Mansion, a very beautiful mansion spread over an area of ​​200 acres.

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Kuzguncuk is also famous for its beautiful mansions along the Bosphorus coasts. The most stunning of these is the pale pink colored Pink Mansion or Macanlar Mansion, which was built in the late 18th century.

Fethi Pasa Grove is another beautiful place located between Uskudar and Beylerbeyi, next to Kuzguncuk.

Fethi Pasa Grove in Uskudar

It covers a 16 hectares of green area and has an outstanding panorama of the Bosphorus. It takes great number of visitors especially at the weekends. Google map

Eating Out

The Cinar Cafe is very popular place for those who want to spend time and relax in Kuzguncuk.

Sitting under the shade of the plane tree at the Cafe and sipping your tea against the Bosphorus views is a great attraction here.

Another place we recommend is the Limonluk Cafe, a cute one situated in a two-storey building and serves breakfast, pancakes, salads and 15 kinds of food daily.

There is also a famous fish restaurant named Ismet Baba, a popular place to eat fresh fish on the shore of the Bosphorus.

How to Get There?

Getting to Kuzguncuk is very easy. Located on the Asian coast of the Bosphorus, Kuzguncuk is about 1.5 km from Uskudar. You can get there easily on foot from Uskudar.

The most practical and fastest way to reach Kuzguncuk:

  • getting Uskudar from Besiktas, Kabatas, and Eminonu; by public ferries (also boats operating between Besiktas-Uskudar),
  • afterwards, getting any midibus or public bus going in the direction of Beykoz,
  • or on foot along the coast.

You can also use the below public ferry lines to get to Kuzguncuk directly by sea or by walking a short distance from the nearest pier:

  • Cengelköy – Istinye line (Cengelkoy – Arnavutkoy – Bebek – Kandilli – Anadolu Hisari – Kanlica – Emirgan – Istinye)
  • Anadolu Kavagi – Uskudar line (Anadolu Kavagi – Beykoz – Cubuklu – Kanlica – Anadolu Hisari – Cengelkoy – Beylerbeyi – Uskudar)
  • Bosphorus line

Please cross check sehirhatlari.istanbul for all above routes, timetables and prices.

Google Map

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