Beyazit Mosque in Beyazit

Beyazit Mosque is located in Beyazit, just in the middle of the Istanbul University, Beyazit Square and the Grand Bazaar triangle. It is one of the most popular mosques in Istanbul.

Beyazit Mosque has a square plan with a dome of 16.87m in diameter and placed on four columns. The ceiling structure of the sanctum sanctorum is also composed of the two half-domes supporting the main dome.

Beyazit Mosque was built in 1505 during the era of Sultan Beyazit II and it has a typical Ottoman architecture. The area was a complex that include a mosque, a madrasah (religious school), a Turkish bath, a caravanserai, a hostel and a primary school.

Beyazit Mosque in Beyazit

The soup kitchen and caravanserai of the Beyazit complex are located on the left of the Beyazit Mosque and all are today used by the Beyazit State Library. Also, the madrasah located in the Bayezit Square is today used as

Museum of Turkish Calligraphic Art. And finally the Turkish Bath which is today known as Patrona Halil Bath and located near Istanbul University has recently been restored.

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