New Istanbul Airport (IST) (2023 Master Guide with Insider Advice, Tips)

Here on this page, you’ll find all the necessary information about Istanbul’s No#1 Airport, New Istanbul Airport (IST), including the history, airport services, flights, terminal, connections, sleeping at the airport, hotels, transportation alternatives such as Public Buses, HAVAIST Airport Shuttles, Shared or Private Shuttles, etc, tips for departures, and insider advice.

Some Practical Information for IST

* As of 08 April 2019, the big move of Istanbul Ataturk Airport to New Istanbul Airport (IST) is completed and IST has become fully operational. Ataturk Airport is closed for all international and domestic flights.

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* New Istanbul Airport (IST) is located north-west of central Istanbul, in the Arnavutkoy district, by the Black Sea shore, on the European side.

* New Istanbul Airport Code is IST, Phone : +90 444 1 442 (Call center) , Web :

* You can travel between New Istanbul Airport (IST) and central Istanbul directly by municipal public buses, HAVAIST Airport Shuttle, M11 Metro Line, taxi and Private Shuttles.

* The Airport Shuttle is the most practical way, the Private Shuttle (see on bottom page) is the most comfortable and convenient way to travel between the airport and central Istanbul, taking about 1 hour from Istanbul city center.

* There are plenty of short and long-term National Car Parks for people driving to the airport.

No Regrets Booking Advice

* Kagithane – Istanbul Airport metro line M11 was put into service on January 22, 2023. It operates between Istanbul Airport (IST) and Kagithane neighborhood.

Where is the New Istanbul Airport (IST)?

New Istanbul Airport (IST) is situated on the north western part of Istanbul, on the Arnavutkoy district, close to the Black Sea coast. Average distance from the New Istanbul Airport to major Istanbul city center districts is about 45 km.

New Istanbul Airport (IST) (2023 Master Guide with Insider Advice, Tips)

Distances to Major Districts & Neighborhoods

Avcilar 53 km., Ataturk Airport 40 km., Bakirkoy 42 km., Besiktas 41 km., Eminonu 40 km., Galata 38 km., Kadikoy 52 km., Kavacik 42 km., Levent 36 km., Maslak 35 km., Sabiha Gokcen Airport 85 km., Pendik 87 km., Sisli 37 km., Sultanahmet 45 km., Ortakoy 41 km., Taksim 40 km. and Uskudar 45 km.

New Istanbul Airport Map

To see New Istanbul Airport’s exact location, see the Istanbul airports map.

IST Flights – Live Arrivals & Departures Info

IST Passenger Rights

In the event of flight cancellation, denied boarding, delay, upgrading or downgrading or flight delay for a period of at least 2 hours, the passengers can benefit from their rights. Please check your rights when you travel by air in the European Union with the following link

We Highly Recommend These Fantastic Night-time Activities

You may also call Civil Aviation General Directorate for detailed information.
Telephone: + 90 (312) 203 60 00- (242) 330 32 38

Insider Advice for IST Departures

* For getting to New Istanbul Airport (IST) from city center; we recommend you to arrange your time as to be at the airport at least 1,5 hours for domestic flights and 2,5 hours for international flights.

* You’ll possibly wait in the queue on the main entrance, airline’s counter, and check-in process.

* Since the airport is very huge one, you’ll need to walk from one point to another inside the airport, about at least 15 minutes.

* After your check-in, you’ll also wait in the queue for passenger lounge entrance, flight ticket and passport control.

* For domestic flights; if the check-in process is not completed within 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time, than the passenger loses all rights on the ticket and flight.

* For International flights; if the check-in process is not completed at the latest 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time, than the passenger loses all rights on the ticket and the flight.

* Therefore, we highly recommend you to go to the airport early.

* Regarding the minimum transfer time of average 1,5 hours plus 30 minutes possible traffic, etc, you should take your transfer to New Istanbul Airport from city center, at least 3,5 to 4,5 hours before your flight.

History of the New Istanbul Airport Project

The New Istanbul Airport (IST), after the Ataturk Airport (IST) and Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW), is the third international airport of Istanbul that opened with a big ceremony on 29th October 2018.

The aim and vision of the IST is to build a very large airport in Istanbul to cover and handle fast growing air traffic and travels to Istanbul as Istanbul is one of the top 20 most visited cities in the world and also an important hub for worldwide travelers and airlines.

The IST project has started in 2015 having four phases and the part of the first phase of the airport completed on 29th October 2018 and the airport is partly opened.

The all four phases of the IST is planned to be completed in 2028 and after that there will be six runways, two terminal buildings and two air control towers and the IST will be the largest airport in the world with a capacity of 200 million passengers per year.

The Completion of the New Istanbul Airport (in 2028)

The first phase of the New Istanbul Airport (IST) includes 3 runways, a terminal building, the facilities related with the cargo, maintenance, repair and support, the Airport City with shopping mall, retail shops, cafes and restaurants inside and those facilities are planned to be completed in 2021.

After the completion of the first phase, the capacity of the IST will rise to 90 million passengers per year.

The second phase of the IST that includes the 2nd terminal building and the 4th runway is started in 2020 and will be complete in 2023.

The third phase of the IST that includes the 5th runway, the 2nd air control tower and support facilities is planned to be completed in 2023 and the capacity will rise to 150 million passengers per year.

And finally the fourth phase that includes the 6th runway is planned to be completed in 2028 and the capacity will rise to 200 million passengers per year.

Of course all those plans are dependent to everything goes in time without any possible delays or troubles. When the IST will fully be completed, it will be the largest airport in the world in 2028 unless other big airports rise their capacities or any country make bigger one.

Covid-19 PCR Test at New Istanbul Airport

The Covid-19 PCR test center of New Istanbul Airport is situated on the Arrivals floor exit gate number 14. You can easily see the clinics established at the airport, wait in the queue and get your PCR test done.

New Istanbul Airport (IST) (2023 Master Guide with Insider Advice, Tips)
image source:

Turkish citizens can get their results from the e-nabiz system on​

Foreign passengers can get their results printed from the information desk on location.

More info from

New Istanbul Airport (IST) Terminal

IST is spread across arrivals and departures levels, with shops, duty free, cafes, restaurants, currency exchange facilities, banks, rent a car, information counters, accommodation desks and left luggage facilities.

All passengers must clear security control before entering the departure lounge and you’ll find shops, bars and cafes. In the arrivals hall, you can find shops, duty free, restaurants, currency exchange, car rental and hotel reservation desks.

Check the New Istanbul Airport Terminal Plan Interactive Map from below.

New Istanbul Airport (IST) Parking

New Istanbul Airport has a multi-storey parking area, having a car park with a capacity of 40.000 vehicles and with the highest service quality and technology.

The airport car park area has services that include car wash, tire change, tire bank, mini maintenance, fueling and Authorized Services.

New Istanbul Airport (IST) Accommodation

Sleeping Pods/Cabins at New Istanbul Airport

New Istanbul Airport (IST) (2023 Master Guide with Insider Advice, Tips)
image source – IGA

New Istanbul Airport (IST) recently introduced a series of sleep cabins called “IGA Sleepod”, at the International Flights, Departure Terminal.

Passengers can rent these sleeping capsules on an hourly basis.

A very good service for airport sleepers to have a relax and peaceful sleep, and a budget alternative to airport hotels. Continue reading…

Hotel inside New Istanbul Airport (IST)

The New Istanbul Airport is great that it offers inside Airport Hotel for travelers. The Innovative London based hotel brand, YOTEL operates inside the New Istanbul Airport. YOTEL serves in two separate parts of the New Istanbul Airport, YOTEL Istanbul Airport (Landside) and YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport (Airside), with total 451 rooms (also known as cabins). You are able to make hourly bookings as well.

Hotels near New Istanbul Airport (IST)

On the contrary, there are not any hotels located close to the New Istanbul Airport (IST). It is because the the New Istanbul Airport is constructed on the northern far end of Istanbul, about 45 km. from the city center.

As for the closest hotels to the IST, you may find several hotels located within 14-30 km. We gathered those hotels’ info on our the closest hotels to the New Istanbul Airport page. You may check them there.

Traveling to and from New Istanbul Airport (IST)

You can read our below pages with district/neighborhood specific “how to get” guides.

by Metro

As of January 2023, there is a direct metro line between Istanbul airport and city center. The M11 Kagithane – Istanbul Airport metro line operates between Istanbul Airport (IST) and Kagithane neighborhood.

The M11 Istanbul Airport metro line is 34 kilometers in total with 7 stations. The train comes every 8 minutes, from 06:00am to 23:59pm and will get you to the Kagithane in about 27 minutes.

Read more on our Istanbul Airport Metro Line page.

by Public Buses & Airport Shuttles

The IETT (Municipal) public buses and HAVAIST airport shuttles operate in between many districts of Istanbul and the New Istanbul Airport.

* IETT Public Buses has 7 lines with line numbers; H-1, H-2, H-3, H-6, H-7, H-8 and H-9. For more information and timetables, visit the Municipality Public Buses to Airports website.

* Public Buses mostly operate to non tourist destinations. There are NO Public Buses for popular tourist districts and neighborhoods such as Sultanahmet, Taksim, Besiktas, Beyoglu, etc.

* The HAVAIST Airport Buses operate on a regular fixed route, around 50 destinations in the city.

New Istanbul Airport (IST) (2023 Master Guide with Insider Advice, Tips)

* HAVAIST has 10 lines with numbers. Read more on all HAVAIST routes and price info on our HAVAIST page.

* Read more about all the transportation options for New Istanbul Airport (IST) from our Travelling to and from New Istanbul Airport page.

by Private & Shared Shuttles

If you are a group or a family with kids or having lots of luggage with you, than we highly recommend you to take private shuttle transfers for your hotel as they offer a fixed rate, comfortable and safe transfer that include meet-and-greet airport pickups and luggage assistance to your hotel from the airports or vice versa.

The IETT or HAVAIST airport shuttles will drop you off at the city center and you’ll need to take a taxi or walk from there again which will harder for you with your kids and luggage. But private transfers drives you just to the entrance of your hotel.

New Istanbul Airport (IST) (2023 Master Guide with Insider Advice, Tips)

As for private shuttle transfers, we highly recommend Tranigo (a Turkish company operating since 1996, and partnered with renowned names like Hertz, Thrifty, Budget, and many reliable and efficient local suppliers) as we recently booked with them had a great trip to our hotel.

It offers low-priced, fixed rate private shuttles that include meet-and-greet airport pickups and luggage assistance. Their large selection of comfortable taxis, minivans, luxurious cars and 6-19+ passenger minibuses can match any need while ensuring quick and safe travels to and from Istanbul Airport (IST). And they are faster and more comfortable than shuttles, buses and taxis.

Below you can click on the destination you need an airport transfer or make a search from the search box under to find your prefect private or shared shuttle transfer service in between the airport and your hotel.

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