Sleeping Pods/Cabins at the New Istanbul Airport (Where to Find? Price)

Sleeping pods or cabins are a perfect option for passengers facing long layovers, as well as flight delays, and last-minute flight cancellations. New Istanbul Airport (IST) recently introduced a series of sleep cabins called “IGA Sleepod”, at the International Flights, Departure Terminal. Passengers can rent these sleeping capsules on an hourly basis. The price varies between €6-9. A very good service for airport sleepers to have a relax and peaceful sleep, and a budget alternative to airport hotels.

Sleeping Pods/Cabins at the New Istanbul Airport (Where to Find? Price)
image source – IGA

What to Expect?

The sleeping cabins are a state-of-the-art capsules that transform into a private flat bed and will let passengers have a good rest with its easy use and good location at the New Istanbul Airport.

Sleeping Pods/Cabins at the New Istanbul Airport (Where to Find? Price)
image source – IGA

The interior of the sleeping cabins is very comfortable. You’ll find a USB port and a power socket to charge your mobile phone or any other electronic device.

There is also a private place beneath the seat where you can store your hand luggage.

So that you can feel free to sleep and snooze knowing that your devices are charged, and your belongings are safe.

You’ll get a disposable sheet that is included at the price of €6 between 07:00-19:00, and €9 between 19:00-07:00. If you want additional blanket and pillow, you’ll need to pay extra €2. All the materials are being sent to dry cleaning after each use.

How much does it cost?


  • €6 per hour between 07:00-19:00 (disposable sheet included)
  • €9 per hour between 19:00-07:00 (disposable sheet included)

Please cross check the prices from official


€2 for a disposable blanket, pillow and pillow case pack

No Regrets Booking Advice

Where to find them?

The “IGA Sleepod” sleeping cabins are situated at the International Flights, Departure Terminal.

Sleeping Pods/Cabins at the New Istanbul Airport (Where to Find? Price)
image source – IGA


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  1. I understand: this website is an informational only portal, so we don’t need to be mad at the website. I agree that it is a rip off. However, Dubai airport is even more expensive and the capsules are on the ways so that people are running and yelling outside all the time.

  2. You got to be kidding me € 9 am hr ???? Is it a place on wheels ?? Even a five start cost around €80 for 24 hrs !!! Good Luck with your rip off

    • Hi Alex, thank you but this is a travel blog and we are not giving this service. You should yell out your complaint to the guys on location, or find a 5 star hotel inside the airport, or whatever. Best!

    • Hi Nagji, there is no shower facility at the airport. But you can get it at the inside airport hotel which allows you for hourly stays.


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