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Located on the Asian side, by the Black Sea shores, about 80 km. (1-1,5 hours drive) from the Istanbul city center, Sile is a pretty town where you can spend a great day out with its beautiful nature, beaches and restaurants. Especially during summer season, locals flock to this town, to have a resort atmosphere.

Many stay at the quality hotels situated by the beach and nature. The town is also famous for its historical lighthouse from the Ottoman era. You’ll find many summer homes, holiday villages, hotels, pensions, long sandy beaches, classy bars and restaurants with sea views, pretty harbor with fishing boats, great nature with big forests, etc. Google Map

The history of Sile dates back to the 7th century. It was home to the ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations. At the same time, it is possible to have a pleasant holiday in Sile, which means “Wild Flower” in ancient Greek.

In Sile, you can stay in touch with nature and the sea in the center, or in the accommodation facilities and hotels in the surrounding settlements.

Attractions & Sights

With its 10 kilometers of coastline, sandy beaches and sea, surrounding villages, forests and natural beauties, there are many activities and places to visit when you come to Sile.

The beautiful beaches and the Degirmencayiri Waterfall, Sile Castle, Sile Lighthouse, Eleven Lakes Valley, Kumbaba Hill, Aglayan Kaya and dozens of caves in the surrounding villages are among the places to visit and see in Sile.

The surrounding villages of Akcakese, Kabakoz and the famous holiday resort Agva, are also worth seeing.

Historical Sile Lighthouse

Sile Lighthouse is one of the most important symbols of the town. It is the largest lighthouse in Turkey and the second largest still active in the world. The history of the Sile Lighthouse dates back to 1859. It was built by Sultan Abdülmecit I during these years.

There is also a tea garden on the slope of the lighthouse for the visitors to take a break and rest. Şile Lighthouse visiting hours are between May and August between 10:00 in the morning and 16:00 in the evening.

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Sile Castle

The charming Castle of Sile is one of the must places in the town. It is located on Ocaklı Island on the coast of Sile. As a result of the recent restoration work, it has regained its new and original appearance. Looks like SpongeBob :)

The castle was built by the Byzantines and was later actively used by the Ottomans. The castle, which is 10×10 square meters wide and 12 meters high, was used for coastal surveillance against attacks from the sea.

Sile Beaches

Enjoying the beach and sea is undoubtedly the most popular activity in Sile. The sandy beaches in the town are flooded by many holidaymakers from Istanbul and the surrounding areas, especially on weekends. However, you should also be careful against the waves and the shore currents that can sometimes occur.

Aqua Beach Club – Uzunkum beach, Sile

The public beach is located on the left side when looking towards the sea at the entrance of Şile. The other beach is Aglayankaya Beach, a beach on the right that forms a small cove between the rocks.

Apart from these beaches in the center of the town, Kumbaba, Uzunkum and Akcakese beaches are the other popular beaches located along the coastline.

Kumbaba Hill and beach

Kumbaba Hill is one of the most popular places of Sile, and fascinates its visitors with its beautiful sea views and nature. It is known that the hill was a place where ships came to sunbathe during the Byzantine period. It is rumored that the sand formations on the hill are used in the treatment of many diseases.

Turning left before entering Sile, you’ll find Kumbaba camping and caravan area and Kumbaba beach, under the shade of trees, and about 2 kilometers along the stream. Kumbaba beach is ideal for sea lovers. It is rumored that the sand of the beach is also good for rheumatic diseases.

It is also possible to park your car in Kumbaba camping and caravan area by paying a small fee. Changing cabins, showers and toilets are available as campsite services. There are also fast food style cafeterias.

Akcakese Village and beach

Akcakese Village is ideal for those who come to Sile on the weekends and want to see a different place outside of Sile center. The village is also famous for its beautiful beach.

The village and coastline has a unique nature. Especially in the summer months, those who want to get away from the crowded beaches of Sile prefer this place.

Sakligol (Hidden Lake)

Saklıgol is another natural wonder of Sile located about 8 km from the center. It is an artificial lake located within the borders of Kamandere Village.

With its magnificent nature, lakeside breakfast and food and beverage facility surrounded by greenery, Saklıgol is an ideal place for those looking for a nice weekend rest in Istanbul.

Nature Walk & Trekking

Sile has great opportunities in terms of ecological tourism. You can go hiking and trekking here where is home to the largest forests in Istanbul. You’ll find dozens of caves scattered throughout the region, waiting to be explored. Do not forget to taste natural village products during your visits to the surrounding villages of Sile.

Dine & Wine

This once a fisherman’s town, can be considered as a fish paradise. You can find flavors and many places suitable for every budget in Sile. The fresh caught fish is definitely a must.

We recommend you to try fresh fish in the town’s delicious restaurants. Most of the popular fish restaurants offer delicious menus by the sea accompanied by magnificent sea views.


With its magnificent nature and sea, it is possible to taste different beauties in every season of the year in the hotels and hostels located in nature and with sea view of Sile.

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