The Most Popular & Lively Squares & Streets in Istanbul

Here, you can find the most visited, lively and touristic squares, avenues and streets in Istanbul. You may have a great day out by eating out, having your drink while you relax on the popular cafes, shopping, strolling and entertain in all those places on your visit to Istanbul.

Istanbul’s Popular Squares

Sultanahmet Square in Fatih

Sultanahmet square, also known as Hippodrome and surrounded by the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, is a popular meeting point and very impressive tourist zone of Sultanahmet leading to all historical sites around Sultanahmet. The 4th century hippodrome from the Byzantium era, the Egyptian Obelisk, the Serpentine Column, the Colossus or Column of Costantine Porphyrgenitus, the rather kitsch German Fountain are the main sights in the square. Continue reading…

Taksim Square in Beyoglu

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Taksim square, with its location leading to the monument, Gezi park, domed church of Aya Triada, nostalgic tram, Huseyin Aga Mosque and famous Istiklal Avenue in Taksim, is the most popular square in Istanbul as well as in Turkey. It is just like the famous ones in the Europen countries. Continue reading…

Besiktas Square

Besiktas Sqaure is great with variety of cafes, restaurants, shops and lively Istanbul life. It is very enjoyable to spend time in the square surrounded by the restaurants and cafes overlooking the Bosphorus and to watch the magnificent views of the Bosphorus from the Besiktas coast. The famous Naval Museum and Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha Tomb is located by the Besiktas Square, near the sea. Continue reading…

Ortakoy Square

Ortakoy Sqaure is popular with the young people and Istanbul sightseeing takers. There are variety of cafes, bars, restaurants and shops at the square. The lively nights at the weekends are also fantastic. The Ortakoy Mosque, Damat Ibrahim Pasha fountain and historic Esma Sultan Mansion, dating back to 18th century, are worth a see. Continue reading…

Eminonu Square

Eminonu Square, is the main attraction area of the Eminonu neighborhood, located between Galata Bridge and New Mosque (Yeni Camii), where you can see loads of locals and tourists for all day long. The tram stop, ferry docks are situated by the square, as well as the Yeni Mosque and the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. Continue reading…

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Beyazit Square

Beyazit Sqaure is a big one located in Beyazit. It is a busy part of the city too. It is also home to political and cultural events. The famous Grand Bazaar is the one of the most visited tourist sites in the region. Make sure to visit this famous historical bazaar featuring over 4,000 shops and vendors selling colorful textiles, aromatic spices and beautiful handcrafted pottery. Other popular sights of interest include; the Beyazit Mosque, Nuruosmaniye Mosque, the Sahaflar Antique Books Market, the glorious Istanbul University building and the Beyazit Tower that is used to be a watch-out tower for fires in the city. Location >>

Istanbul’s Popular Streets

Istiklal Street in Taksim

Istiklal Street is probably the most famous street and entertainment area in Istanbul. It is a long colorful pedestrian street full of all kind of shops, restaurants, cafes and street shows. You may visit the fantastic Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, the amazing St. Anthony of Padua Church and Pera Museum there. If you would like to have a dinner and night entertainment, you may spend the evening at the famous Asmalimescit dining and wining street. Continue reading…

Bagdat Street btwn Bostanci-Goztepe

Bagdat Street is one of the most luxurious streets for locals in Istanbul. The 14 km. long Bagdat street begins from Bostanci and extends to Goztepe. There are numerous luxury cafes, restaurants and shops along the street. Also awarded as the 4th most popular shopping street in the world some many years ago, Bagdat street also offers great entertainment and nightlife activities in Istanbul’s Asian side. Continue reading…

Abdi Ipekci Street in Harbiye, Sisli

Abdi Ipekci Street, which stretches from Macka to Nisantasi, is a very luxury and famous streets in Istanbul. Named after the journalist Abdi Ipekci, who was killed here in 1979, it is also a popular meeting point for people. You’ll see numerous luxurious shopping and world brands shops, as well as luxury cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs. Location >>

Valikonagi Street in Nisantasi, Sisli

Valikonagi Street is an elegant and very beautiful one of Istanbul’s famous streets. There are beautiful historical buildings and the street is very lively. Located in the Sisli district, very close to Taksim, and intersecting with Abdi Ipekci Street and Tesvikiye Street, it is an ideal location for the ones to spend a great time in its world brand shops, boutiques, variety of luxury restaurants. Location >>

Serdar-i Ekrem Street in Galata

Located very close to the famous Galata Tower, the beautiful pebbled Serdar-i Ekrem Street is one of the best places for strolling around and make shopping in Istanbul. The region is very popular for its unique boutiques selling stylish clothes, souvenirs and antiques. You’ll also see many authentic coffee shops and patisseries offering delicious homemade chocolate cakes. Location >>

Bahariye Street in Kadikoy

The traffic free Bahariye Street can be considered as the most lively and famous place in Kadikoy. There is also an old fashioned tram operating from Kadikoy harbor. Bahariye Street is always lively and crowded. You may find variety of lovely cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants as well as quality shops and cultural event centers in the Bahariye Street. The Sureyya Opera House is the most eye catching building in the Bahariye Street. Location >>

Imperial Divan Road in Sultanahmet

Divan Road, which means “Road to the Imperial Council“, is an ancient road where today the tram line operates between Sultanahmet Square and Beyazit Square and hosts variety of historical sites and architectural relics from the Ottoman, Roman and Byzantine periods, hotels, tourist shops, cafes and restaurants. It was the most important road during the Byzantine era. A very lively and tourist street in the Sultanahmet region. Continue reading…

Nispetiye Street in Etiler, Besiktas

Located in Etiler and after the famous Akmerkez Shopping center, the Nispetiye Street is also one of the most luxurious one in Istanbul. You’ll find are numerous luxury cafes, restaurants and shops. Location >>

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