The Future: Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

Turkey continues to be one of the most preferred countries for a hair transplant and health tourism. The stem cell application makes great contributions to your existing hair in increasing comfort. Our country has reached a very successful point in hair treatments and hair transplant Turkey, as well as medical and health tourism in recent years.

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What are stem cells? Let’s learn!

Stem cells are our body cells which can be either divided into so many copies of themselves or developed into some other forms of the cells, they are the live cells that have existed in our bodies since the moment we were born and they replace the aging and dying cells in our body with the new living cells.

Types of Stem Cells

Stem cells have a few different types. As such, they have an extremely high potential to be able to renew themselves and they can repair certain tissues. Thanks to the amazing potential they can be used on any part of the body. Guess what? They can also repair hair follicles, therefore can be used in hair transplants, too.

For the past few years, hair transplant via stem cells has drawn great attention and produced beautiful results. With the developing technology every year, hair transplantation operations have become much more comfortable and efficient. One of the latest trends which have been on the rise is stem cells.

What exactly is stem cell hair transplant?

It is not so different from the usual hair transplant; however, it differs in that in traditional hair transplant hair follicles are collected from other sides of the body and carried into the hair loss area. However, in stem cell operation, only a small skin is taken from the patient, and hair follicles are grown on that small skin.

By producing hair follicles on the skin sample in the lab, then it is implanted back to the patient. With great planning thanks to the specialist doctor, it is possible to perform stem cell treatment on the patients.

If you have thinning or weak hair, you need to incline towards stem cell hair treatment in order not to strengthen the hair follicles on the areas where you have thinning or weak hair follicles.

Those stem cells are used in the hair transplant process after they undergo some procedures. What are the advantages of stem cells in hair transplant operations? First of all, they accelerate any wound healing, therefore you can return to work in a short time after the operation.

Secondly, after hair transplant operations An important issue is how many grafts were transplanted. Here, in stem cell hair transplant operations, it allows you to get so much efficiency and it provides much greater density as well as thickens the existing fine baby hairs.

Thanks to the developing technology, things are working so much faster now than before. For instance, in the past stem cell production took about 6-8 weeks before; however, it can now be done easily on the day of the operation. Thanks to the stem cell applications that increase the success and comfort of the operation, it is now possible to get much more natural results.

Thanks to the local anesthesia applied during the hair transplantation, a stem cell application is also painless. Stem cells can be obtained from different parts of the body when needed.  The stem cell application makes great contributions to your existing hair in increasing comfort.

For instance, if there is a patient who has experienced a Stem Cell Treatment for His Hair loss. Let’s find out how the process will work out.

The patient is an actor and when he is on stage, due to the spotlights and lights in general, his hair loss is clear under the lights. It has been visible on the top part of his scalp for the past 2 years. Therefore he needed this treatment. Like in the past he used to, he now wants to keep his hair long again.

No worries at all, because thanks to the stem cell treatment, the hair grows much healthier and stronger than before. The doctor made some more treatments for his hair loss on the sides of his scalp. To proceed with the stem cell, the hair and head are washed diligently and shaved, and the patient is then taken to the room for the otolog micrograft treatment. Not to mention that the operation lasts only 15 minutes.

As per the stem cell hair transplant procedure goes, here are steps to be followed:

  1. Stem cells are taken from the patient via biopsy using a circular blade.
  2. Then, stem cells are separated from the tissue and kept in a
  3. New hair follicles will be grown in a lab on the sample tissue of the patient extracted via biopsy. However, most of the time for hair transplantation via stem cells, the back of the ear due to its high fibroblast activation is preferred. After being separated, the stem cells will be injected into the scalp under anesthesia.  (Note: In the meantime, applying anesthesia, some fat cells are also removed from some areas of the patient,  such as the abdomen or hip to remove the stem cells. They will then be injected into the scalp.)

Although it is a microsurgical operation under local anesthesia, the patients have to do their search very well before going under the surgery. Here, we have listed the important checklist when selecting a hair treatment center:

  1. Make sure the hair clinic center you chose is accredited by the Ministry of Health.
  2. Pay attention to the fact that the team should have a specialist doctor that is performing hair treatment or transplantation and the surgery as well as all of the treatments and transplants are done under the control of the health care specialist/doctor.
  3. You as a patient should be given a full checklist about pre/post operations, what to do and how your hair will be washed medically.
  4. The patient needs to wash his/her hair in the same way for a couple of weeks until the roots of the hair are fully cleaned up.
  5. The patient must not scratch the hair head.
  6. The patient needs to be careful while getting into the car in order not to hit his head anywhere and she/he needs to avoid excessive exercise.
  7. The patient needs to be careful while sleeping.
  8. The post-treatment and recovery durations are faster in stem cell hair transplantation than in other methods.
  9. The specialist doctor’s experience and planning are so crucial in this transplantation.
  10. The patient needs to do thorough research about the medical center, doctor, doctor’s educational and training background as well as the methods and what kind of technology she/he has been using in her/his operations, etc.
  11. The recovery is really faster than other methods. Even though the healing duration is patient-dependent, however, in just 6, 9, 12 months or so, patients are expected to heal from their wounds completely with strong and healthy hair.

Stem cell hair treatment has recorded its growth rate to be nearly  2-3 cm per month.

Stem Cell Treatment in Istanbul Turkey

Turkey is one of the top countries for medical and health tourism and also has a good number of great clinics, hospitals and surgeons for stem cell and PRP treatment. If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, already in the city or living as expat, and want to have a very well organized Stem Cell treatment for hair loss, we would recommend our picks. Check them below.

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Know before you plan your hair transplant

  • A hair transplant does not promise a dense hair.
  • If you have any disease that will constitute a contraindication to an operation to be performed under local anesthesia, you should first get treated with your disease and then start your hair loss treatment.
  • If you have unrealistic expectations and your donor area is insufficient, you are not a good candidate and you should not take this treatment.
  • If you have active skin disease, it should be treated before.
  • Your B12, B6, and zinc levels should be normal.
  • If you have any thyroid issues, it should be treated before.
  • Your blood sugar levels should be at the normal levels especially for those who have diabetic,
  • If you have psychological disorders such as trichotillomania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and body dysmorphic syndrome, you should be aware and all those should be investigated.

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