Top 10 Best Street Markets in Istanbul to Visit

Istanbul has everything for every budget and style. Street markets are also another joyful and alternative for best shopping in Istanbul. Visitors are able to spend a couple of hours at the fantastic crowd and nostalgia of the street markets in Istanbul and find variety of items, food and products. It is also an economic way of shopping.

These markets, each with its unique character and offerings, are the heartbeat of the city. From antiques to fresh produce and fashionable finds, Istanbul’s street markets have something for everyone.

As for street markets; the Thursday Market in Ulus and Saturday Markets in Besiktas, Bakirkoy and Ferikoy (Sisli), and Sunday Market in Kasimpasa (Beyoglu) on the European side, and the Tuesday Market in Kadikoy on the Asian Side are all worth to visit.

The regular street markets of Istanbul held on the popular districts:

  • Monday Market in Bahcelievler
  • Tuesday Market in Kadikoy
  • Wednesday Market in Bostanci, Fatih, Yesilkoy and Ihlamur
  • Thursday Market in Etiler, Merter, Erenkoy, Ortakoy and Suadiye
  • Friday Market in Kadikoy, Findikzade and Uskudar
  • Saturday Market in Bakirkoy, Besiktas and Ferikoy
  • Sunday Market in Kucukcekmece

Istanbul’s Top Street Markets

Each of the below street markets in Istanbul offers a unique shopping experience and a glimpse into the city’s culture and daily life. So, whether you’re a history enthusiast, a fashionista, or someone looking for fresh and organic produce, Istanbul’s street markets have something special in store for you. Venture into the heart of the city, mingle with locals, and let the lively spirit of these markets captivate your senses.

1. Historic Kadikoy Tuesday Market

  • Location: Kadıköy

Kadıköy Tuesday Market, often referred to as the Historic Tuesday Market, is one of the oldest markets in Istanbul. Despite its name, it operates on both Tuesday and Friday. It is one of the most popular and crowded street markets in Istanbul.

The market is famous for its variety of fresh food, fruits and vegetables, as well as numerous good, clothing, vintage clothes, fabrics, textile products etc. The market also serves in Fridays and with a flea market.

Pro Tip: After your shopping spree, explore the charming district of Kadikoy. You can check out our guide on places to visit in Kadıköy for more.

2. Ulus Society Market, Thursday & Sunday

  • Location: Ulus

Nestled in the upscale neighborhood of Ulus, upwards Besiktas district, the Ulus Society Market, fondly known as “Ulus Sosyete Pazarı,” adds a touch of sophistication to Istanbul’s vibrant street market scene. Operating on Thursdays and Sundays, this market has a storied history that began in front of Akmerkez in the early 2000s, later relocating to Ortaköy in 2011.

What sets this market apart is its knack for offering surplus products from renowned brands. With an extensive array of goods on display, from clothing to household items, and even the famous “Everything for 1 TL” stalls, the Ulus Society Market promises a shopping experience that seamlessly blends luxury with affordability. Don’t miss this unique shopping haven that’s become a favorite among both locals and visitors to Istanbul.

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3. Besiktas Saturday Market

  • Location: Beşiktaş

Besiktas market, held in Besiktas district every Saturdays, is a popular street market that visitors can find fresh food, fruits and vegetables, as well as some goods and clothing with affordable prices. The market is set in a two-story, semi-covered area just opposite the Besiktas Marriage Office. As the name suggests, it’s open only on Saturdays.

The first floor boasts a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, while the second floor, known as the “society market,” offers clothing, perfumes, accessories, and household items. The market stalls are refreshed weekly, ensuring a constantly changing selection. There are free shuttles from several nearby neighborhoods to the market, by the Besiktas Municipality.
Address: Türkali, Nüzhetiye Cd. No:66, Besiktas

Don’t Miss: Keep an eye out for the “Society Market” on the second floor, where you can find fashionable clothing and accessories.

4. Erenköy Society Market, Thursday

  • Location: Erenköy

Located amidst the narrow streets between Erenköy and Suadiye, the Erenköy Society Market is one of Istanbul’s most popular markets. People from various neighborhoods flock here on Thursdays to shop.

What makes this market special is the opportunity to buy products from well-known brands at significantly lower prices, all with their original tags. In addition to perfumes, household items, textiles, and decorative items, the market also features stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

Foodie Alert: Don’t miss the famous döner stand within the market area. It’s so popular that if you don’t go early, you might miss out on their delicious döner.

4. Bakirkoy Society Market, Saturday

Bakirkoy market, held in Bakirkoy district every Saturdays, is a popular high society and street market that visitors can find top brands with vert affordable prices, as well as clothing, home textile, cosmetics and some goods. It stands out as one of the city’s most renowned markets, and it’s not just because of its fantastic deals. This market has earned its fame through the lively banter and entertaining sales tactics of its vendors. Open on Saturdays, a stroll through this market offers a front-row seat to the amusing banter and friendly rivalries between the sellers as they showcase their products.

What truly draws shoppers in is the opportunity to snag high-quality textile goods from famous brands at remarkably budget-friendly prices. Located just a short walk from the İncirli metro station, reaching this market is a breeze. Come for the bargains, stay for the entertainment – the street market is a Saturday must-visit in Istanbul.
Address: near the Bakirkoy Metro Station

5. Ferikoy Organic Saturday Market

Ferikoy Organic Market, held in Sisli district, is a popular organic food market that visitors can find seasonal certified organic fruits and vegetables, dry foods, organic cosmetic products, honeys, jams.

The market is operated with the cooperation of Wheat Association and Sisli Municipality, and this 100% ecological market is also Turkey’s first and largest organic market.
Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Bomonti, Şişli

6. Historic Inebolu Sunday Village Market

Inebolu Village Market, held in Kasimpasa neighborhood of the Beyoglu district, is a historical and popular village market of the Kastamonu city of Turkey. The daily (Saturday) picked fresh and organic products from the Kastamonu’s Inebolu district are transferred to the market and take their place on the stands.

Visitors can find seasonal fresh village eggs, milk, handmade jams, fresh mint, village bread, corn, village chicken, fruits and vegetables and more.
Address: Küçük Piyale, Donanma Cd., Kasimpasa

7. Beylikdüzü Beylik Market, Sunday

  • Location: Beylikdüzü

Since its establishment in 2006, the Beylikdüzü Beylik Market has become one of the city’s most renowned markets. Its reputation is built not only on the products it offers but also on the lively and colorful atmosphere created by the market vendors. Operating on Saturdays, this market is famous for the quirky slogans and humorous banter between the vendors. Shoppers can find a wide variety of high-quality textiles and clothing at remarkably affordable prices.

Entertainment Factor: Enjoy the banter and camaraderie among the market vendors—it’s all part of the experience!

8. Fatih Wednesday Market, Wednesday

  • Location: Fatih

The Fatih Wednesday Market, with a history spanning anywhere from 150 to 300 years, is one of Istanbul’s largest neighborhood markets. Open on Wednesdays, it offers clothing, shoes, and household items, alongside stalls selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and an array of regional produce. The market’s bustling atmosphere and diverse offerings make it a popular destination.

Market Highlights: Be sure to visit the stalls offering cheeses, olives, fresh fish, and nuts.

9. Bahçeşehir Pazartürk, Tuesday and Saturday

  • Location: Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir Pazartürk isn’t your typical street market; it’s a spacious, two-story semi-covered area. Despite having its dedicated space, Pazartürk opens its stalls on both Tuesday and Saturday. The ground floor offers clothing, souvenirs, curtains, and household items. Meanwhile, the upper floor features stalls selling fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll find most products reasonably priced, but keep in mind that fruits and vegetables can be a bit on the expensive side. To reach Bahçeşehir Pazartürk, you can take advantage of the free shuttle services departing from Bahçeşehir center.

Shopping Tip: This market is great for finding affordable clothing and household items.

10. Kozyatağı Friday Market, Friday

  • Location: Kozyatağı

The Kozyatağı Friday Market is situated within walking distance from Kozyatağı metro station. Although it’s a street market, it has become famous for offering affordable clothing, jewelry, and household items. Its reputation for reasonably priced fashion has drawn shoppers from various neighborhoods.

Must-Visit Stalls: You’ll be most intrigued by the stalls offering budget-friendly clothing.

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