Taksim Square (Where? Things to Do & See, Info & Tips)

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

The Taksim Square is a cosmopolitan one, also a communications hub and an important commercial, entertainment and sightseeing area for both locals and tourists in Istanbul. Taksim Square is also a popular meeting point and ideal place to have a nice Istanbul city walking tour from Taksim.

Many popular tourist places like restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes, sights, museums are situated along the square.

Taksim Square (Where? Things to Do & See, Info & Tips)

Things to Do & See

Taksim square, with its location leading to the monument, Gezi park, domed church of Aya Triada, nostalgic tram, Huseyin Aga Mosque and famous Istiklal Street, is the most popular square in Istanbul as well as in Turkey. It is just like the famous ones in the Europen countries.

Strolling around the Taksim Sqaure, watching the crowd and than passing to Istiklal Street and enjoying the lively atmosphere are one of the best things to do around.

Gezi Park

Taksim Square (Where? Things to Do & See, Info & Tips)

Located just by the Taksim Square, the Gezi Park is a beautiful park and the only intense green area of Taksim. You may take a good rest there by watching the liveliness of the city under the big trees and gardens.

Istiklal Street

Taksim Square (Where? Things to Do & See, Info & Tips)

Istiklal Street (Istiklal Avenue) is probably the most famous street and entertainment area in Istanbul. It is a long colorful pedestrian street full of all kind of shops, restaurants, cafes and street shows. You may visit the fantastic Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, the amazing St. Anthony of Padua Church and Pera Museum there. If you would like to have a dinner and night entertainment, you may spend the evening at the famous Asmalimescit dining and wining street. Read more about Istiklal Street

Cihangir and Cukurcuma

Taksim Square (Where? Things to Do & See, Info & Tips)

Downwards from the Siraselviler Street along Taksim Square, there it comes the famous neighborhoods of Cihangir (to the left) and Cukurcuma (to the right). Cihangir is a lovely neighborhood famous for its lively Firuzaga Coffee House. The coffee house is always full during day and night.

And Cukurcuma is a lively and authentic neighborhood located along the way down from the Siraselviler street, Taksim. It is also a very touristic place famous for its antique shops, restored lovely houses, art galleries and cafes. Strolling along the beautiful streets of Cukurcuma is a great attraction for visitors. There are variety of nice cafes for rest. Read more about Cukurcuma

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How to Get There


You’ll find Taksim Square in the heart of the Taksim neighborhood of the Beyoglu district. See the location map.


The most practical way to get to Taksim is via Public Bus or Funiculars from Karakoy or Kabatas.

  • Take funicular from Karakoy to Tunel and than walk through Istiklal Street.
  • Take funicular from Kabatas to Taksim.
  • From Sultanahmet take the Bagcilar-Kabatas tram (T1 line) to reach Kabatas.
  • Yenikapi-Taksim-Haciosman M2 Metro line and hop off at the Taksim stop, and walk
  • Take yellow shared taxis from Besiktas
  • Public buses from numerous places
  • If you stay at the Taksim hotels, than you easily walk to the Square.

* Check Municipal public bus routes and timetables from iett.istanbul (just type the location on the search bar and it will show the bus lines with routes and stops)


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