10 Tips to reduce the risk of Hair Loss & Baldness

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Find out tips to reduce the risk of hair loss and baldness in our comprehensive guide. Hair is an important part of ourselves, it can make us look a completely different person when we change our hairstyle. Be it straight, or curly, we all love to carry this accessory on our heads.

Anytime we lose our strands of hair, we may feel down. Let alone the hair thinning which may make us feel depressed, imagine having one of the worst scenarios- hair loss, baldness! When considering hair loss, we always tend to think about the men having the issue.

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However, women are also facing the same problem. It has been a very important concern of so many men and women regardless of where in the world they live.

There are so many factors in hair loss, such as first and foremost- genetic reasons, stress, diet, medications, and so many more. This blog will give you more information about the reasons lying behind hair loss and what to do to improve them. Let’s start.

How to Tackle Hair Loss?

As life gets faster, it adds more hectic and challenging situations and of course, brings stress to the lives of individuals.

Stress has been recorded as one of the crucial reasons for the hair loss of males and females.

Stress also causes some hormones to have different levels in the bodies of those; such as testosterone- which is one of the main hormones responsible for hair loss.

10 Tips to reduce the risk of Hair Loss & Baldness

Discuss with your loved ones or therapist, don’t accumulate it in your heart, whenever you are confronted with any stressful situation, share it with someone, and find solutions.

Do sports, stay active, and exercise more. Exercising releases endorphins which boost up your mood. Also apply scalp massage and deep breathing exercises.

Eat clean and healthy foods. It is crucial to get nutrition properly for better health and hair. You can implement nuts, egg, spinach, lentils, avocados, beans, chickpeas, and more in your diet. Also, recent reports have emphasized that following a Mediterranean diet reduces alopecia both in males and females.

You can incorporate parsley, basil, salad greens alongside fish in your diet. At this point, don’t forget to take enough protein, too.

As it is well known that keratin is the main protein that the hair follicles are dependent on. Have a meal plan enriched with olive oil and proteins, such as egg, turkey, fish, beans, chicken, etc.

Take vitamins. Nutritional deficiency causes hair loss. Take supplements, such as Vitamin A, B, C, D, iron, selenium, and zinc, and biotin (B7/ Vitamin H)

Hydrate and to do so, drink water.

Practice different hair models. It is proved that tight ponytails, etc cause hair loss (alopecia) by exerting too much force on hair follicles. Use a wide-toothed comb.

Don’t smoke! As much as it causes many other diseases, smoking is bad for your hair, too.

Take good care of your hair. Please bear in mind that washing hair every single day isn’t good hair care. It is bad for the hair. If you want to wash your hair frequently, do leaving a day in between, and use a mild shampoo. While washing, be gentle with your hair and be gentle also while styling.

Stay away from too many hair-dos. Dying your hair with harsh chemicals frequently causes damage to your hair.

You can go for acupuncture, which is a very popular Asian medicine that is believed to promote hair growth.

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Know before you plan your hair transplant

  • A hair transplant does not promise a dense hair.
  • If you have any disease that will constitute a contraindication to an operation to be performed under local anesthesia, you should first get treated with your disease and then start your hair loss treatment.
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  • If you have active skin disease, it should be treated before.
  • Your B12, B6, and zinc levels should be normal.
  • If you have any thyroid issues, it should be treated before.
  • Your blood sugar levels should be at the normal levels especially for those who have diabetic,
  • If you have psychological disorders such as trichotillomania, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and body dysmorphic syndrome, you should be aware and all those should be investigated.

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