Top 10 Istanbul Sights

Places to visit and see in Istanbul are very impressive. Istanbul offers great sights and points of interest for its visitors. Of course it is not possible to mention all the best Istanbul sights, but here you may find the most fascinating and the ones that you won’t want to miss on your Istanbul visit.

1. Hagia Sophia Museum

Top 10 Istanbul Sights

Located in the Sultanahmet neighborhood, Hagia Sophia is a former church and mosque, declared as one of the world’s greatest architectural works and accepted as the 8th wonder of the world. Hagia Sophia is also one of the most visited landmarks and museums in Istanbul and in the world. Continue reading…

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2. Topkapi Palace Museum

Top 10 Istanbul Sights

Located in the Sultanahmet neighborhood, Topkapi Palace is a magnificent oriental palace and one of world’s richest museums that is situated on a triangular promontory dominating the Bosphorus & Golden Horn. It was the residence of the Ottoman Sultans from 15th century to mid-19th century. Continue reading…

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3. Istanbul Archaeology Museums

Top 10 Istanbul Sights

Located in the Sultanahmet neighborhood, Istanbul Archaeology Museums are one of the richest archaeology museums in the world. The museums contains an immense collection of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine works and items including sculptures and sarcophagi and consist of three separate museums on one site that include the Archaeology Museum, the Museum of the Ancient Orient and the Tiled Pavilion. That’s why it’s called plural. Continue reading…

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4. Galata Tower

Top 10 Istanbul Sights

Located in the Galata neighborhood, Galata Tower, topped with a distinctive witch’s-hat roof, is an old Genoese tower overlooking the city and has a luxurious restaurant at the top. Travelers may enjoy the 360 degrees excellent panoramic views of Istanbul, Golden Horn and Bosphorus. Continue reading…

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5. Blue Mosque

Top 10 Istanbul Sights

Located in the Sultanahmet neighborhood, the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque) is a great sample of the Turkish and Islamic architecture and one of the most visited sights and mosques in Istanbul. It can also be considered as a triumph of harmony, proportion and elegance. Continue reading…

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6. Grand Bazaar (Kapali Carsi)

Top 10 Istanbul Sights

Located in the Beyazit neighborhood, the Grand Bazaar (Kapali Carsi) is an excellent shopping adventure that you won’t want to miss. A series of covered streets feature over 4,000 merchants all selling their products and wares. You can find anything here from boots and slippers to gold and silver jewelry. Continue reading…

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7. Princes’ Islands

Top 10 Istanbul Sights

The Princes’ Islands is one of the best preserved natural areas and sights in Istanbul. This summer sightseeing islands (Buyukada is the most popular one) was once the pleasure island of the Byzantine Princes, and it boasts a stunning pinewood scenery. You can experience an island tour by horse-drawn carriages, and take a lunch at a local fish restaurant by the sea. Continue reading…

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8. Istiklal Street

Top 10 Istanbul Sights

Located in the Taksim neighborhood, Istiklal Street (Istiklal Avenue) is probably the most famous street and entertainment area in Istanbul. It is a long colorful pedestrian street full of all kind of shops, restaurants, cafes, street shows and more. Continue reading…

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9. Isfanbul Theme Park

Top 10 Istanbul Sights

Isfanbul (formerly VIALAND) is one of the best theme parks in Istanbul as well as in Europe and offers great attractions for both kids and adults. What makes it amazing is its not being only an amusement park, but also a huge complex combining theme park, shopping, entertainment and exhibition centers in one place. The park offers variety of the attractions such as thrills, rides, roller-coasters and carousels and they can spend time at the shopping center, themed streets, great boutiques, festival and event areas, restaurants and cafes. Continue reading…

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10. Sea Life Aquarium

Top 10 Istanbul Sights

Sea Life Istanbul is an aquarium and entertainment center located in the Forum Shopping Center in Bayrampasa district. It is the 5th largest aquarium in the world having an impressive 47 display tanks and more than 15,000 sea creatures. Visitors may experience and enjoy the lovely sea creatures, the largest collection of sharks in Europe, the Digital Aquarium, the Turtle Hospital where you may see the injured turtles are getting healed, thematic zones, school trips, birthday parties and much more. Continue reading…

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Tours & Excursions

You may explore Istanbul via daily tours made by the local travel agents with professional guides. It is a very good option if you don’t want to go through the hassle of making all the arrangements including the tickets, waiting at the long queues and 2-ways transportation by your own. And we recommend the two world brands GetYourGuide or Viator, with insurance and easy cancellation process.

Istanbul’s Tourist Discount Passes & Cards

There are three types of Istanbul passes & cards that you may buy and have access to variety of Istanbul attractions including museums with fixed price and save a lot. We recommend those cards for the travelers that has a stay in Istanbul at least from 3 to 7 days. The most practical and cheapest way to explore Istanbul’s sights.

Istanbul Tourist Pass

Rather than paying for each item individually, this digital Istanbul Tourist Pass allows you to choose from 30+ Istanbul attractions so you can pack as much into your stay as possible for a single set price. It is the most popular and recommended discount tourist pass in Istanbul that you will get valuable discounts of up to 70%. You’ll also get 3-days of unlimited mobile internet access with your pass along with WhatsApp traveler support, and one way airport transfer. Highly recommended for travelers that will stay more than 3 days in Istanbul.

Istanbul Welcome Card

This is a travel discount card that offers combo attractions for less for individual, family or group during their Istanbul visit. And you will get valuable discounts of up to 50%. There are four types of Istanbul Welcome Card (Classic, Premium and Deluxe), and all are valid for 7 days. You’ll also get unlimited mobile internet access plus free public transportation rides.