Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Istanbul (2020 Insider Advice)

Last Updated on September 26, 2020

Finding a vegan or vegetarian restaurant is a big deal in Istanbul as it is the same in many worldwide cities. Istanbul offers lovely vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes for the vegan and vegetarian travelers.

Here we made a list of where you can find vegan and vegetarian restaurants and best of them. Most of the popular vegan and vegetarian restaurants are situated in Taksim, Beyoglu, Besiktas and Sisli on the European side of Istanbul, Kadikoy in the Asian side of Istanbul.

Istanbul’s Top Veggie Restaurants

Healin Foods – in Tesvikiye, Sisli

Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Istanbul (2020 Insider Advice)

Located in Sisli, at the heart of famous Tesvikiye near Taksim, the Healin Foods is an innovative and world class restaurant serving the new and whole diet needs for its guests that include vegan, vegetarian and gluten free menus as well as menus with rich proteins and healty fats. You may find variety of food for your taste from International cuisine to South-East Asian and Anatolian cuisine.

Address: Hüsrev Gerede Cad. No: 110 Tesvikiye, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 260 08 08

Bi Nevi Deli – in Etiler, Besiktas

Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Istanbul (2020 Insider Advice)

Bi Nevi Deli (which means “a kind of a crazy”) – A Plant-Based Kitchen; is a popular vegetarian-vegan restaurant located in Etiler neighborhood of Besiktas and offers great vegan-vegetarian food with seasonal vegetables and fruits, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds. Plant-Based Diet, Whole Foods, Raw Food Diet, Gluten-Free Diet, Paleo Diet, Vegan Diet and Vegetarian Diet are their basic menu features.

Address: Etiler Mah., Bahtiyar Str. 10-1, Besiktas, IstanbulTel: +90 212 358 60 32

Govinda – in Mecidiyekoy

Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Istanbul (2020 Insider Advice)

Govinda is the famous vegetarian restaurant and cafe chain Govinda’s in the world and now serves as the only branch in Turkey located at the Goranga Yoga Center in Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul. Govinda is popular for its special vegan and vegetarian menus from the Indian cuisine and welcomes their guests to experience and enjoy their ambiance. Govinda is also the first and the only pure vegetarian Indian cuisine in Turkey.

Address: Buyukdere Naci Kasim Str. No:6B Mecidiyekoy, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 234 36 33

Vegan Istanbul Cafe Restaurant – in Cihangir, Beyoglu

Vegan Istanbul is a market, cafe and restaurant located in Cihangir neighborhood of Beyoglu district. In the cafe and restaurant section of Vegan Istanbul, you may taste lovely vegan dishes like various cookies, pastries, patty, pudding from plantal milk, rich breakfast and soups. And you may find variety of products like home made jams, pickles, Vegan tarhana (a traditional Turkish cereal food consisting of flour, yoghurt, and vegetables fermented then dried), ravioli, tortellini, gluten free tortellini, Vegan yogurt, cheese and plantal milk.

Address: Firuzaga Mah. Turkgucu Cad. No:51/A Cihangir, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 249 00 08

Zencefil – in Taksim, Beyoglu

Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Istanbul (2020 Insider Advice)

Zencefil (which means “ginger”) is a famous vegetarian-vegan restaurant and cafe located in Taksim and serves for vegans and vegetarians in Istanbul for more than 25 years. Zencefil offers more than 20 vegan-vegetarian dishes. Its popular vegan menu includes; lentil kofte (veg-meatball), Halep stuffed vegetables, leek with chick-pea, Firik rice dish with vegetables. And its popular vegetarian menu includes; chard kofte ( veg-meatball), lasagne with vegetables, vegetable patty with pumpkin.

Address: Sehit Muhtar Mah., Kurabiye Str. 8-10, Beyoglu, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 243 82 34

Mahatma – in Kadikoy

Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Istanbul (2020 Insider Advice)

Mahatma Cafe & Restaurant is a popular vegan restarant located in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul. Mahatma serves great vegan menus as well as lovely special tiramus ve lemon pies as for desserts.

Address: Rasimpasa Mah., Macit Erbudak Sok. 50/a, Kadikoy, Istanbul
Tel: +90 535 608 32 80

Community Kitchen – in Taksim

Community Kitchen is a lively and popular vegan-vegetarian restaurant located in Taksim. Community Kitchen offers great vegan-vegetarian food from Vegan Burger, Vegan Iskender to many other great dishes. Community Kitchen also offers open buffet every Sunday for its guests.

Address: Kumbaraci Ramp, No: 35/A Taksim, Beyoglu, İstanbul
Tel: +90 538 503 27 36

Rulo – in Kadikoy

Rulo is a vegan-vegetarian restaurant located in Kadikoy and very popular for its economic and 25 kind of vegan-vegetarian food. In Rulo, you may choose any kind of food until your dürüm (wrap) or your plate is full.

Address: Caferaga Mah. Nailbey Str. No 15, Kadikoy, İstanbul
Tel: +90 507 500 45 47

Kalimero Falafel – in Beyoglu

Best Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Istanbul (2020 Insider Advice)

Falafel is a delicious Middle East dish made from chickpea, broad bean and potatoe with variety of slices, a savior of vegans and vegetarians and Kalimero Falafel (former Kikero) is a the best place to find Falafel in Istanbul. Located in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, Kalimero Falafel also offers wide range of Middle East dishes.

Address: Bereketzade Mah., Camekan Str. 10/2, Beyoglu, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 249 17 98

Helvetia – in Taksim, Beyoglu

Located in the popular nightlife and dining-wining zone of Asmalimecit, along Istiklal Street in Taksim, Helvetia Restaurant is a popular and authentic vegan and vegetarian restaurant famous for its menus, salads and olive mezes.

Address: Asmali Mescit Mah., General Yazgan Str. No:8, Beyoglu, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 245 87 80

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