Best Beauty Centers, Salons & Beauty Treatments in Istanbul 2024

Here you can find out information and insider advice on where to find the best places for wellness, spa and beauty treatments in Istanbul, including prices, things to consider, with the best cosmetic doctors, and best beauty centers, salons, nail bars and spas in Istanbul and enjoy your beauty treatment and dream body in an economic and stylish way.

Beauty centers and salons are always a top choice for both women and men as they offer variety of beauty applications. Visiting a quality beauty center or salon can be your savior while you are in need of a relaxation, facial beautification and revitalization during your exhausting Istanbul days.

What the beauty centers offer?

Beauty centers or salons provide several beauty services such as cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and services, general skin care, tanning and regional care services, professional haircuts and styling, manicures, pedicures, and makeup.

Top Applications in Beauty Centers in Istanbul

Hair Care

In the realm of hair care, services extend beyond the traditional haircut to encompass a holistic approach. From precise haircuts to specialized care routines and intricate dyeing processes, beauty salons offer a range of top-notch services to cater to diverse hair needs.

Permanent Make-up

Permanent make-up procedures have gained immense popularity, particularly among those dissatisfied with the natural contours of their eyebrows, lip lines, or dealing with scars. Beauty centers specialize in this transformative technique, offering a lasting solution to enhance facial features.

Skin Care

Beauty centers provide a myriad of skin care applications tailored to every skin type. Whether it’s hydration, rejuvenation, or specific treatments for unique skin concerns, a comprehensive range of skin care services is available to enhance and maintain skin health.

Nail Care, Manicure, and Pedicure

A favorite among women seeking comprehensive hand and foot care services, nail care, manicure, and pedicure services are essential components of beauty routines. These services not only contribute to aesthetic appeal but also ensure optimal health and grooming for hands and feet.


Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing whose procedure requires a special tool with little needles to draw hair strokes for realistic-looking brow hair. It essentially cuts into the skin of your eyebrows and implants pigment into the cuts involving hundreds of tiny strokes.

Permanent make-up for eyebrows of beautiful woman with thick brows in beauty salon. Closeup beautician doing tattooing eyebrow.

Most people, just want to be an improved color and natural look on their brows. The pigment used in microblading is also different from the ink used for tattooing. Microblading is performed by a trained and licensed technician who does all the drawings carefully using a special tool.

Nail Art

Nail art, the captivating and trendy adornment of nails, is a beauty application also known as “nail art.” It involves creating various decorative patterns on nails using special brushes and machines. It’s a delightful way to brighten your everyday look or add an accessory to your outfit on a special day.

Nail art has become immensely popular, offering a vast array of colorful and fun designs, with new ones being added every week. While you can certainly try your hand at nail art, seeking services from professional beauty centers for unique designs and personalized ideas is often more convenient.

Laser Hair Removal

As an alternative to the traditional methods such as waxing, razor or shaving, you can save both time and money with a long-term hair reduction process with laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a method preferred by both women and men to permanently get rid of the unwanted hair on the body and to have a smooth skin. It can also be described as the process of permanently removing the hair root and giving the skin a smooth appearance.

Laser hair removal application may differ from person to person. Here, factors such as the gender and age of the person, body and skin structure, color and thickness of the hair come to the fore. Of course, the features of the laser hair removal device used are also important.

Regional Slimming and Firming

When we talk about regional slimming and firming, we refer to the process of removing excess fat from localized areas of the body. However, the goal here is not weight loss per se. The primary objective is to reshape the body contour, reducing the remaining fat tissue despite diet and exercise efforts.

Regional slimming and firming procedures are performed using specialized devices to reduce excess fat in specific areas. The main target remains the body mass index. The protocols for regional slimming treatments vary based on an individual’s lifestyle, expectations, and workload. Typically, the most suitable treatment protocol is determined through a consultation with your doctor.

Among the treatments for regional slimming and firming, devices such as G5, EmSlim, Cold Lipolysis, CoolShape, VelaShape 3, AWT, BBL, ONDA, and personalized treatments involving collagen stimulation injections are prominent. These treatments are tailored to the individual, taking into account their unique needs and goals.


Beauty centers who employ specialists in their fields can perform botox. Botox is an exotoxin that is obtained from a bacterium called “Clostridium Botulinum” under laboratory conditions and used in the treatment of facial wrinkles, excessive sweating in aesthetic medicine, and in the treatment of armpit sweating. It is one of the most popular non-surgical facial aesthetic applications.

The injection of the exotoxin blocks the nerve transmission to the mimic muscles for a period of approximately 4 to 6 months.


Face fillers are one of the non-surgical applications that helps you have a younger appearance in a much more economical way than typical aesthetic operations such as face lifting. The filling process consists of a simple injection applied under the skin with local anesthesia is applied to the area.

The filling process lasts for a period ranging from 4 months to a year. Beauty centers who employ specialists in their fields can perform fillers such as lip filling, cheek filling, light filling for the treatment of bruises under the eyes.

Lip Filler

Lip filler is an aesthetic procedure often preferred by individuals with thin lips to achieve a fuller and more contoured appearance. However, lip filling is not only for adding volume to thin lips but also for enhancing lip lines and achieving a healthy, happy smile. Upper lip filling, in particular, is preferred to balance the ratio between the upper and lower lips.

Under Eye Light Filler

Under Eye Light Filler is a cosmetic procedure designed to address issues around the under-eye area, such as fine lines, under-eye bags, and dark circles. It is a non-surgical treatment that involves the injection of a specially formulated filler into the targeted areas.

Botox and fillers are both non-surgical applications to remove the wrinkles caused by facial expressions. While Botox can not completely remove the deep lines on your face as the toxin applied temporarily blocks the mimic muscles and gives the area a smoother appearance, the filler is injected directly under the wrinkles and helps to almost completely remove your lines and wrinkles.

Best Beauty Centers & Salons in Istanbul Turkey

We are Istanbul insiders that were born and lived in the city for more than 40 years, and here we only suggest the proven and top rated ones with the patients’ comments. If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, already in the city or living as expat, and want to have a well organized beauty and wellness treatment, we would recommend the below  beauty centers and salons.

Also bear in mind that price shouldn’t always be your guide. You can get offers with much lower cost than the average prices, but cheap treatments can cause problems and may mean that there may be some compromise in the skill of the center or the quality of the treatment.

Below beauty centers and doctors are listed in alphabetical order. They are all top ones and provide high quality services.

Buk Clinic Aesthetic & Beauty Center

Buk Clinic (Huzur Mah., Azerbaycan Cad., Avangart Istanbul, 2A Blok No:1, Sariyer, Istanbul, is a trending and popular beauty and cosmetic aesthetic center in Istanbul, continuing its success abroad with its professional team of respected estheticians and experienced expert staff in its new center in Istanbul Sarıyer Vadi Istanbul, Avangart Istanbul.

Buk Beauty offers very high quality aesthetic, beauty and medical skin care services, as well as one of the best prices in the city. The beauty center provides its guests a healthy service in a sterile environment with state-of-the-art devices.

With the camera Hydrafacial analyzer, the most appropriate treatments are applied directly to your skin in line with your detailed skin analysis before all procedures. Again, FDA approved devices are used in beauty and care processes.

Services: Body applications, Slimming with Emslim, Bslim and G5, Diode Laser Hair Removal, Hydrafacial, Professional Skin Care, Microblading, Abdominal Tightening, Arm Tightening, Regional Slimming, Cold Lipolysis and Body Tightening.

Note: You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page to reach Buk Clinic to get a free quote & consultation, plus 5% discount as being our website visitor.

Dr. Evren Gokesme

Dr. Evren Gokesme (Ataturk Mah. Ataşehir Blv. Metropol Istanbul Sitesi, A Blok, Floor:43 D:562, Atasehir, is a good dermatologist serving his patients in his own private clinic in Istanbul. The policlinic offers one of the best prices in Istanbul.

He worked in several clinics such as a clinic chief and consultant physician in a private medical center serving in the field of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology. And since 2016 he is working in his own clinic to provide better quality service to his patients.

The clinic has more than 5 years of experience in the filed of laser epilation, botox, derma therapy, medical skin care, cosmetic applications, hair treatment.

Services: Laser Epilation, Botox, Fillers, Mesotherapy, Lip Filling, Skin Care, Hair Care, Laser applications

Note: You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page to reach Dr. Evren Gokesme to get a free quote & consultation, plus 5% discount as being our website visitor.

Private DNZ Policlinic Istanbul

Private DNZ Policlinic (Sultan Selim Mah. Behcet Sok. No:2/3, 4. Levent, Istanbul, is a popular and good quality skin care, dermatology and beauty center situated at the Levent district of Istanbul.

DNZ has a good reputation with both locals and patients from abroad with their top services including Botox, Lip Filling, Laser Hair Removal, Baby Face and Skin Care. They have more than 13 years of experience in the field beauty.

They aim to provide the best services for their guests with their professional team of expert doctors, nurses and estheticians, and with the latest technology and device tracks consisting of the leading brands of the sector in the fields of laser hair removal, and body shaping.

Services: Botox, Lip Filling, Laser Hair Removal, Baby Face, Skin Care, Body Shaping

Note: You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page to reach DNZ Policlinic to get a free quote & consultation, plus 5% discount as being our website visitor.

Private DRM Policlinic Istanbul

Private Dermaline DRM Policlinic (Sahrayicedit Mah. Atatürk Str. No: 51/5, Kadikoy, Istanbul, is a quality private dermatology clinic and skin care service in Istanbul, serves its guests with the lead of Dr. Nermin Sezgin Günaydin. The policlinic offers one of the best prices in Istanbul. It also offers free test sessions. The clinic has more than 10 years of experience in the filed of laser epilation, derma therapy, and medical skin care.

Dr. Nermin Sezgin Günaydın

Dr. Nermin Sezgin Günaydın is a physician who has worked as a doctor in various state hospitals throughout her professional life. She graduated from After graduating from Anadolu University Faculty of Medicine, and afterwards she completed her education in Beijing University in China in 2000 and received an acupuncture certificate approved by the Ministry of Health. She is also a member of the Medical Aesthetics Association, acupuncture Association and Istanbul Medical Chamber, and serves the guests with personalized treatment programs in the field of medical aesthetics.

Services: Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Mesotherapy, PRP Treatment, Lower Eyelids Blepharoplasty, Lip Filling, Skin Care

Note: You can fill out the form at the bottom of the page to reach Dermaline DRM to get a free quote & consultation, plus 5% discount as being our website visitor.

Get a Free Quote, Consultation & Book Your Beauty Treatments in Istanbul Turkey

If you want to get a quote with free consultation, than please fill out the form below. Upon submitting the form, their patient coordinator will contact you and provide you all the details for your treatment including the estimated price info. Please mention your brief story of your skin and your need.

Note that when you book via the form below, you'll also get 5% discount for being our website visitor.


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    Plus, the information provided on our medical pages is not a guide to action and should not be construed as medical advice or treatment recommendation and doesn't substitute the visit to a doctor.

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