2021 Top Surgeons & Clinics for Obesity & Weight Loss in Istanbul Turkey

Last Updated on May 4, 2021

Obesity is one of the most common diseases of the world especially in the last decade. This is a very serious health problem as it causes many acute or chronic deadly diseases, as well as problems with body. So many medical tourists aware of their possible obesity or need to have weight loss treatment, as well as bariatric surgery, they come visit Turkey. The very reasonable prices, quality of service in its world-class clinics with the latest technology, quality, and affordable healthcare with greatest surgeons make Istanbul and Turkey a superb choice for obesity, weight loss treatment and bariatric surgery in Europe, as well as in the world. Here you can find about getting obesity, weight loss treatment, bariatric surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, costs, top best clinics and surgeons.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is the situation of the person that the amount of fat mass in the body is excessively increased compared to the lean mass containing other components such as bone, muscle and water. The most basic symptom of obesity disease is excessive fatty tissue accumulation in the body. And this excessive increase in adipose tissue may cause many chronic diseases such as insulin resistance and diabetes.

2021 Top Surgeons & Clinics for Obesity & Weight Loss in Istanbul Turkey

Obesity can be prevented or treated with slimming diets and some applications that support the diet. However, in severe obesity patients when there is a high risk of serious complications, treatment can be performed with obesity surgery, which is also called as bariatric surgery that include sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-en-y gastric bypass, stomach reduction, and non surgical stomach balloon.

Typical symptoms of the obesity include; sweating, quick fatigue, shortness of breath, snoring and sleep apnea, skin problems, back and joint pain, psychological problems and decreased self-esteem.

What is Bariatric Surgery & What to Expect?

Obesity or Weight Loss treatment and surgery is also known as Bariatric Surgery. It is the field of interventions made in the digestive system to reduce the food intake capacity of the stomach or to reduce the nutrient absorption in order to reach the ideal weight of obese and obese patients.

While each body condition of the patients are unique, it is necessary to determine the surgery and treatment from patient to patient individually. So the surgeons determines the methods and surgeries regarding the general condition of the patient, body mass index, existing diseases.

2021 Top Surgeons & Clinics for Obesity & Weight Loss in Istanbul Turkey

Common Applications

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy is the surgery performed by removing approximately 75-80% of the entire stomach. Since most of the stomach is surgically removed, the amount of food consumed is limited. This method is a restrictive type of surgery and provides weight loss by reducing food intake. The effect of sleeve gastrectomy on diabetes and hypertension is also quite high.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is the surgery performed in the form of bypassing a large part of the stomach, leaving a very small part of the stomach just after the esophagus. The small intestine is brought to the stomach part in accordance with the technique and sutured. Therefore, both the stomach volume decreases and some of the intestines are disabled. And with method, blood sugar control of insulin-dependent diabetics is also regulated more effectively.

Complications of bariatric surgery

The most important complications of the bariatric surgery in both sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass technique are leakage and bleeding. While there are modern techniques and experience, rates of this possibility decreased significantly and the ability to treat has increased.

The modern techniques, such as laparoscopic or robotics allow patients to quickly return to their normal life after surgery, while reducing pain and wound complication rates.

Advantages of Obesity & Weight Loss in Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul in Turkey is one of the top choices in the world for obesity, weight loss treatment, bariatric surgery. Majority of the medical tourists visit Istanbul and Turkey for this treatment and surgery from the Middle East, Gulf and European countries.

The surgeons in Turkey are also one of the most popular and well-known ones in the world. You’ll also find world class clinics at very affordable prices.

How About Obesity & Weight Loss Treatment In Istanbul?

If you’ve been thinking about obesity, weight loss treatment or bariatric surgery, you’ve probably shocked with the costs in the EU, UK or US.

However, when you compare the costs and quality of service in the clinics in Istanbul Turkey, you’ll definitely agree that it will be by far the most economical and practical way.

What the Clinics Offer?

Majority of the clinics offer a very well planned trip with guide and consultant, including;

  • Your detailed treatment plan in Istanbul with all the logistics,
  • A comprehensive discussion with costs to your desired outcome,
  • Your accommodation plan that best suits your needs,
  • Pick-up from the airport to your hotel and the clinic, and vice-versa,
  • Your lifetime follow-up and aftercare service

Top Clinics & Surgeons for Obesity, Weight Loss, Bariatric Surgery

If you are into the top rated surgeons and clinics for your obesity and weight loss treatment, or bariatric surgery needs, than here is our pick of the top clinics and surgeons in Istanbul Turkey.

We are Istanbul insiders and here we only suggest the proven and top rated ones with the patients’ comments.

Op.Dr. Gokmen Ozturk

2021 Top Surgeons & Clinics for Obesity & Weight Loss in Istanbul TurkeyOp.Dr. Gokmen Ozturk (1971) leads the obesity and weight loss treatment, bariatric surgery at the Retouchbody Clinic (Sun Plaza, Dereboyu Cad., Bilim Sk., Sariyer, Istanbul, retouchbody.com), an is an Istanbul based health tourism company providing services in operations such as hair transplantation, plastic surgery, dental treatments, and obesity treatment.

He completed his medical education at Bursa Uludag University Faculty of Medicine. Afterwards he continued his career as General Surgery Specialist and Deputy Chief Physician at Trabzon Fatih Regional Hospital, and at Medipol University and Nisa Hospital after he gained his Assoc. and also joined the MEDENLive Health Group.

He has more than 25 years of experience and has performed the first Laparoscopic Colon Resection, Laparoscopic Reflux Surgery, Laparoscopic Gastric Surgery, Mini Stomach Bypass, Laparoscopic Tube Stomach Surgery, Gastric Balloon (medenpro ™ Intragastric Balloon®), Stomach Botox and Laparoscopic Surgery in 2002.

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