Weather and Climate in Istanbul

The climate of Istanbul is transitional. Due to its geographical location of being nearby the black sea, the humid Balkan peninsula and Mediterranean climate from the south-west, the weather in Istanbul is hot and humid in summer and mild, relatively rainy in winter.

The monthly average temperature ranges from 8 °C in January to 28 °C in July and August. Above you may see the Istanbul’s average temperatures. The temperatures in the table above are the average temperatures and they can vary somewhat around these values.

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Best Time to Visit Istanbul

The best time to visit Istanbul is spring, from mid-April to July. September, is also a good month to visit as the weather is not rainy since couple of years. Summer, from July to August, can be hot and muggy, though it is the best time for spending the time in the beaches around Istanbul. The extra humidity in July and August make the temperature seem even hotter. If you decide to visit Istanbul in July or August, you should make sure to choose a hotel room with air conditioning. Winter is usually mild and rainy, but sometimes it can get a bit cold and it can snow.