Where to buy Jewellery in Istanbul? (Best Jewellery & Gold Shops)

Whether you are out for shopping for an elegant gift, or to treat yourself to something jewel or golden, Istanbul provides various choices of shopping items from the Ottoman’s originated historical bazaars through modern shopping malls. Here, we put our insider guide and advice on where to buy jewellery in Istanbul, including best places to buy, best jewellery, diamond and gold shops, the most on-trend and off-the-beaten-track jewellery boutiques, things you should take care of, and trusted shops and stores.

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The world famous Turkish carpets made of silk, wool or cotton, the rugs (kilim), the precious jewelleries, gold items, authentic glassware, traditional evil eye souvenirs, leather and textile products, and haute couture, trendy and creative products… All can be found in the multiple shopping areas of the city reflecting every era’s characteristic traits.

Best Places to Buy Jewellery & Gold in Istanbul

The locally-owned boutique shops, brands’ shops situated at the top tourist zones, markets, bazaars and shopping malls in Istanbul offer a wide range of jewellery, gold, diamonds and other precious gemstones.

You can find a range of jewellery in the city from international brands at the elegant malls to local traders’ shops spread through the city’s famous places for buying the best jewellery.

Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi) in Beyazit

Grand Bazaar is the heart of the gold and foreign exchange in Turkey. Especially the jewellery shops take the most interest and without a doubt, it is the best place for shopping gold and jewellery in Istanbul.

Covering an area of 47,000 m2, the Grand Bazaar consists of a series of covered labyrinthine streets, passageways and corridors featuring 64 streets, 4,000 shops, 22 entrances and 25,000 employees.

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Grand Bazaar is not only a place to make shopping, but also a great historical site. You can experience and enjoy a journey in the company of the enchanting scents of the spices, lively colors of the markets, impressive handicrafts, Turkish delight and the tempting smell of the Turkish coffee.

Elegant Shopping Malls

Istanbul hosts more than 200 modern shopping malls. And some of them are really very huge and amongst the best shopping malls in Europe. Both locally-owned, national and international jewellery and gold brand have shops in about all the popular shopping malls in the city.

Istinye Park

The Kanyon, Metrocity and Akmerkez in the Levent district; the Istinye Park in Maslak, the Cevahir in Mecidiyekoy are the most popular shopping malls in Istanbul, on the European side that worth a visit. Emaar Square Mall in Uskudar, Capitol in Altunizade, and Viaport are the popular ones in the Asia side.

Nisantasi neighborhood

Nisantasi is one of the richest neighborhoods of Istanbul reflects the European style. The region is a magnet for shopping, fashion and entertainment.

You are able to find a range of luxury and historical places with jewellery shops, brand shops, boutique stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, gyms and luxury spas.

Sultanahmet neighborhood

Sultanahmet neighborhood, with its craftsmen, is the number one place for the ones who want to enjoy the ambiance of the Ottoman era and historic center. The Arasta Bazaar (Google Map), located just behind the Blue Mosque is famous for its jewellery, pottery, spice, textiles and carpet shops.

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Our pick of the best jewellery shops in Istanbul

When it comes to the best places to buy jewellery in Istanbul, below you’ll probably find our picks which you haven’t heard of before. As being Istanbul insiders, we put together the under-the-radar and independent jewellery shops and boutiques (many offer multi-brand and a selection of great designers) where you can feel free to buy jewellery for your loved ones. You’ll definitely find a relaxing and friendly atmosphere with knowledgeable staff and budget options.

Kafkas Jewellery

Kafkas Jewellery is one of the most popular and the jeweler in Gran Bazaar. It is established in 1950 by Fazil Kirgiz, their designs and collections are exhibited in 5 different shops in the city which meet with highest quality gems and excellent handcraft.

Address: Kalpakcilarbasi Cad. No: 4-6, Beyazit, Fatih, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 522 03 26, Web:

Aida Bergsen Jewellery

Aida Bergsen is the jeweller and sculptor creating great jewellery designs. She mixes the culture of her hometown in Cyprus, with the diverse culture and riches of Istanbul where she now lives. The boutique is located in Nisantasi, one of the most richest neighborhoods of the city with great shopping and fashion scene. Here you are able to find many precious jewels. Medusa, Wings, Darkside, Flora, Lace, and Sculptures are some of the unique items. Online shopping and worldwide shipping available.

Address: Abdi İpekçi Cad. Bostan Sok., Ayda Apt. No:11/2, Tesvikiye, Harbiye, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 258 00 83, Web:

Abgar Ozasi Jewellery

Abgar Ozasi is the jeweller of the brand and says “The year is 1933, Mardin… The art of jewelry is a family tradition with us and it has been going on for 90 years. I am proud to be the third generation of my family in the profession.” The brand has combined traditional and today’s trends and reflected its experience and creativity to its brand. It includes not only the traditional and the present, but also all the beauties of eastern and western culture in its designs.

Jewellery has a stunning collections for its guests such as a stunning single stone ring, a unique sapphire earring, or a diamond necklace that differs with its cut and model. Abgar Ozasi has in its workshop in the Grand Bazaar, the heart of Turkey’s jewellery business, and in its store in Nisantasi.

Address: Tesvikiye Mah. Ihlamur Yolu Sok., Can Apt. 11/B, Nisantasi, Istanbul
Tel: +90 212 514 98 46, Web:

Linya Jewellery

Linya Jewellery is a popular one located in the Etiler neighborhood of Istanbul. Nilay Bayındir is the brand owner who combines her passion for handcraft with jewellery, and created the brand with the idea of ​​creating fun, personalized, modern and timeless designs. The brand produce designs with a story for their guests. She has experience from her design education received at the university, and training from valuable masters for many years in the Grand Bazaar.

The main collection consists of modern and elegant pieces using timeless materials such as gold, silver and pearls. The handmade seasonal collections represent the fun and timeless side of the brand by offering colorful and eye-catching alternatives.

Address: Ihsan Aksoy Sok. Modern Apt. No:2/21, Etiler, Istanbul

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