Rhythm of the Dance Show (Turkish Dance) in Istanbul (Where? Online Tickets)

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The Rhythm of the Dance Show, also called as Turkish Dance, is one of the one time experiences in Istanbul for the tourists in an exclusive and cozy show atmosphere. This is a unique event that visitors may experience and enjoy the traditional dances from Turkish folklore with unique costumes and live music. The show takes place at the famous Hodjapasha Cultural Center in Sirkeci, within a 550 years old historical building that was once an Ottoman bath. This is also the place of the famous Whirling Dervishes Show.

What to Expect from the Rhythm of the Dance Show?

* You’ll witness and enjoy the very sensational Ottoman harem dances, Turkish folklore dances from different regions of Anatolia, traditional and exotic belly dances magnificently performed by professional dancers.

Rhythm of the Dance Show (Turkish Dance) in Istanbul (Where? Online Tickets)

* You’ll be mesmerized with the very energetic and moving dances with modern choreography.

* You’ll enjoy the rhythm of the dances with excellent costumes, as well as fire shows with 360 degree special visual effects.

Rhythm of the Dance Show (Turkish Dance) in Istanbul (Where? Online Tickets)

Where to Watch the Rhythm of the Dance Show in Istanbul?

The Hodjapasha Culture Center– Located in Sirkeci-Eminonu, close to the Sirkeci train station and set in a restored 550-year-old Ottoman Turkish bath, it is the most tourist taking venue for Whirling Dervishes Performance.

Calendar of the Show

The Rhythm of the Dance Show takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 20:30. The shows goes for 65 minutes.

Video Tour

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