2019 Taxi Fares from New Istanbul Airport to Istanbul City Center

Here, you can find all the necessary information about how much it will cost you to get to your hotel or place from the New Istanbul Airport (IST) to major districts and neighborhoods of Istanbul. We calculated the prices via the valid Istanbul taxi fares (last update made in August 2019 by the authorities, after 22 months from the previous one) and distances with the most convenient and fast rides.

2019 Taxi Fares from New Istanbul Airport to Istanbul City Center

Some Practical Information

Up-to-date taxi fares in Istanbul are below.

  • The switch on price is 5 TL, so you should see 5 TL when you enter the taxi and the driver activates the taxi-meter.
  • The per kilometer price is 3,1 TL.
  • The waiting per minute price is 0,45 TL. This can be due to heavy traffic or your request of waiting for someone or something.
  • The Hop-on hop-off (stopover) price from 10 TL to 13 TL. This is to avoid people taking taxi for very very short distances.
  • There is no day and night difference.
  • If you would take a taxi to the Asian side, the taxi has to pay a toll and you will be charged for it. It can be bridges on the Bosphorus, tunnel underwater or some highways. And you are not responsible for the return fees of the taxi.
  • You can calculate the approximate taxi fare for your journey with the above rates.
  • You can pay by credit card in any taxis in Istanbul.

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2019 Taxi Fares from New Istanbul Airport (IST) (and vice versa)

  • to Sultanahmet (48,9 km) – 156,5 TL
  • to Galata/Karakoy (43 km) – 140 TL
  • to Eminonu/Sirkeci (45,2 km) – 145 TL
  • to Fener/Balat (46,8 km) – 150 TL
  • to Taksim (40 km) – 130 TL
  • to Nisantasi (43,8 km) – 140 TL
  • to Sisli (40 km) – 130 TL
  • to Maslak (40,5 km) – 132 TL
  • to Levent (42 km) – 138 TL
  • to Mecidiyekoy (37 km) – 120 TL
  • to Besiktas (39 km) – 130 TL
  • to Ortakoy (43,7 km) – 140 TL
  • to Sariyer (43 km) – 140 TL
  • to Bakirkoy (46 km) – 150 TL
  • to Kadikoy (56 km) – 180 TL (plus toll fee)
  • to Uskudar (46 km) – 150 TL (plus toll fee)
  • to Sabiha Gokcen Airport (76 km) – 240 TL (plus toll fee)

Bridge Toll for taxis & automobiles

  • 1st and 2nd bridge – 8,75 TL
  • 3rd bridge – 19,15 TL

Avrasya (Eurasia) tunnel fee for taxis & automobiles

New Istanbul Airport Private Taxi/Shuttle Transfer

2019 Taxi Fares from New Istanbul Airport to Istanbul City Center

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